F72.33: Unlicensed Daycare Facility: A Playset for Flammable Hospital

Ever heard of Flammable Hospital? It's an underground Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG rules mod/setting booklet about shenanigans at a hospital that is constantly on fire.

The aesthetic harkens back to the Xerox & mimeograph days of underground zine distribution. It's definitely NSFW & batshit crazy gonzo. It requires a seasoned GM who is used to winging it because Flammable Hospital isn't playable on its own. The booklet is nothing but flavorful random tables you use to create a nonsensical adventure on the fly. It's great fun to play over video chat.

And it's hard as heck to get your hands on a copy. I haven't even seen scans of this bad boy on the 'chans & torrent sites. But I happen to have a hard copy, given to me by a close confidant from the G+ days.

There are precious few supplements to this supplement floating around the blogosphere. Try to track down a copy of Abuse of Antacids if you can; it is well worth the trouble.

Following the DIY ethos of "if you can't find it, create it," I came up with the idea of a daycare facility where employees of Flammable Hospital drop off their kids on the way to work. The problem is that the facility is unlicensed and possibly even dangerous, not that the FH employees know that (or care, if they do).

Inspired by my 1970 childhood days of being babysat by neighbor ladies who everybody called Mamaw or Aunt Betty (regardless of their real names) and attending shady Baptist church vacation bible schools staffed by undertrained teenage counselors, I started fleshing out this project on Discord and was joined by Peter Webb.

The rough concept is that players are in charge of an unlicensed daycare facility and have to deal with, well, a ton of shit ripped from local newspaper reports about unlicensed daycare facilities.

Trigger warning: child neglect & juvenile humor, including poop jokes.

You can grab a copy for free below, or if you want to toss us a buck, it is PWYW on itch.io.