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Community Project 2: The Young Green Dragon Over The Next Hill

The first community project, The Trouble With Troglodytes , is complete. While I take my time compiling, editing, and making a pretty, downloadable version for your reading pleasure, here is something else to keep you busy. In The Trouble With Troglodytes , the PCs learn that Breygataya's disappearance is a MacGuffin --she isn't in the dungeon at all. So where is she? According to The Book of Unpleasant Truth , she might be in the clutches of a green dragon over the next hill. So. . . You guys fill this thing out, and I'll compile it into a PDF when it's done. Note: I reserve the right to edit entries. Some guidelines: Use whatever retro-clone stat block you like for monsters & spells & magic items: Swords & Wizardry, Labyrinth Lord, OSRIC, or Dungeon Crawl Classics. Everything you post is considered to be Open Game Content, freely offered and free to be reused or remixed once the whole shebang is compiled. So, here we go: THE YOUNG GREEN DRAGON