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Check Out Quill: A Letter-Writing Roleplaying Game for a Single Player

Have you seen  +Scott Malthouse 's solo RPG game Quill ? In essence, it is a letter writing game, where you take on the role of a character trying to convince a distant NPC to undertake some action, and you score points based on attribute rolls and how many specific words supplied in each scenario you include in the letter.  Here's how Scott puts it in the intro to the game: In a typical game of Quill the aim is to impress your recipient into responding favourably to  your letter. You will accomplish this through deft use of language and presentation, rolling dice to determine whether or not you succeed in using the right words, the best descriptors and the most beautiful penmanship. Once you have completed your letter – one which you will actually physically write yourself – you will count up your total score and discover how your letter has been received. It's a neat little game that is both a creative writing exercise and a clever way to create plot seeds or adv

Reverse Mask of the Jale God

illustration by Greg Gorgonmilk The Reverse-Mask of the Jale God This unique artifact is said to be a perfect  reverse cast of the face of the Jale God's most-used human avatar from a lost aeon. Various rumors conflate the origin and powers of the Mask, but one thing the stories all agree on: the Mask warps the wearer's mind in unpredictable ways. Origin Rumors 1.  The Jale God so loved his human avatar that when she died, he captured her face to adorn the wall in his innermost bedchamber, where it is said she spent her last days attended by the Jale God's retinue. The Jale God is said to have only done this twice before. 2. Once, the Jale God ruled a kingdom now lost to memory. Drunk on lime wine, he allowed a sculptor to mold his face to create a bronze cast to adorn his throne room. When presented with the finished cast, he so despised it that he had the sculptor burned alive in a furnace with the bronze mask strapped to his face. When the ashes c