Friday, December 9, 2011

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm a Winner!

. . . of NaNoWriMo, that is.

Using a random string generator called JanusNode, I clobbered together a 52,185 word opus that makes no sense whatsoever. In fact, it isn't really a "novel" at all. But it's a book. A strange book, divided into sections based on The Hero's Journey. But it's designed to be nothing more than language without meaning. Think of it as words vomited on a page.

In fact, before downloading, make a Save vs. Insanity.

Seriously. Don't even download this if you are thinking that things need to make sense.

Gosh it feels good to be a Winner. But I'd rather be an Achiever.


Friday, November 25, 2011

Attention Folks Who Use the Google "Friend Connect" Widget

I just read that Google is shutting down several of its non-core services, and one of those is Friend Connect -- the little "Join this Site" widget that many of us use to keep track of RPG/OSR blogs. It seems Google is trying to funnel even more users to Google+. I'm not going to be one of them. When Google kills Friend Connect, I'll follow your blog via good old RSS--even though Google made Google Reader as ugly as hell, too.

Update to The Goblin Market PDF

I've tweaked some punctuation, spelling, and formatting errors in The Goblin Market pdf. The file is at the same link:

The Goblin Market PDF

Monday, November 21, 2011

Old School Heretic's Motivational Dysfunctions

Looks like today is a 2-fer!

Here is another PDF, this time from Old School Heretic:

Old School Heretic's Motivational Dysfunctions

The Goblin Market

Back in August, Greg over at Gorgonmilk sponsored another community project that quickly spiraled into realms of fantastic weirdness: Stuff You Might Find at the Goblin Market.

This soon became a series of three treasure tables. Herewith, in handy PDF format, is the result of those posts:

The Goblin Market

Friday, November 11, 2011

Iron Chef Adventure Challenge!

The gauntlet was thrown by Mike Monaco over at Swords & Dorkery: design an encounter/adventure/scenario using at least half of the cards in a pack of TSR 1992 AD&D Collector Cards. He managed to round up some folks to contribute prizes, and Mike was even kind enough to mail contestants a pack of cards from his own stash at his own expense.

Once I opened the card pack and saw what I had to work with, I grabbed this map by Tim Hartin over at Paratime Design and got to work. Well, not really. I let the cards and map and preliminary notes sit on my desk for almost a month while I doodled out ideas on a notepad. And then this past Monday (which happened to be my 41st birthday), I decided to chuck all my brainstorming and pre-writing and mindless mulling and just start writing and see what happened.

In short, I pulled this out of my ass at the last minute.

So, what did Mike get from me for his $1.71 mailing costs?

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you:

Everyone's Grumpy Under That Hill . . . And a River Runs Through It.

I managed to use all 16 cards to create a fairly incongruent, slightly gonzo mini-module that would make my 13-year-old self proud and entirely undercuts everything I know (and teach) about good game design and encounter writing. How low did I go? Here's a hint: I even included a room full of rutting Flail Snails.

This has not been play tested (or intensely proofread). But I am tempted to run some of my Digital Narratives students through it just to see what would happen.

I'd be happy to hear your feedback in the comments below. Have at it, you vultures.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Links Will Be Broken

In the coming weeks, links to many of the files I've linked to on Rended Press will be broken. I have been using my faculty web space to host many of these files, and the campus server is being retired in favor of a different web hosting platform. I've decided to move all the material I have had a hand in creating to my Dropbox account or Google Sites space for easier management.

In the meantime, if you try to download something from the Downloads page and can't, leave a comment on the Downloads page I'll send it out to you via email.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Response to the Mudslinging from the Feltothraxis Camp

This fear-mongering by some Feltothraxis supporters must stop!

As true dungeon-dwellers know, all dungeon denizens are important and valued members of the underground economy.

In truth, Sully HAS consorted with Gelatinous Cubes and Rust Monsters--and he's damned proud to call these hard-working citizens of these fine catacombs employees, neighbors, and yes, even friends.

Let the record show that Caroline G. Cube is employed by Sully to clean his lair on a semi-annual basis, and if you check with The Mad Archmage's tax collector, you will find that all the proper paperwork and tax contributions are in order.

Sully is particularly pained that those in the Feltothraxis camp are playing the Rust Monster card. Sully's best friend since his hatchling days is a Rust Monster, although Sully reports that he goes to great lengths to visit Harold on neutral ground (usually in an underground temple of one of the Orcus cults) lest his own hoard be turned to rust.

Mister Feltothraxis, this whisper campaign must end! We cannot afford to split the party any further unless it results in tasty, tasty halfling pie.

In this golden age, in this renaissance of yesteryears, we must look back toward the future to find our way from the past into a better present tomorrow!


Vote For Sully!

Vote for Sully!

Tenkar is running a "name my dragon puppet" contest.

Please head over and vote for Sully!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gorgonmilk Goblin Market

The latest community project at Gorgonmilk is complete! Come visit The Goblin Market!

I'll be turning this into a PDF in the coming weeks.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

IKEA Product Names as Character Names

The previous post demands a bit of explanation.

Earlier this week I stumbled across this neat minimalist RPG called Dwarven Glory. One of the posts regarding character generation calls for names to be pulled at random from the IKEA catalog.

After a bit of Googling, I discovered that some nice gent had scraped the IKEA website to create a CSV file containing all the product names and product descriptions posted on the IKEA website.

The problem is that the CSV file twisted up the accented characters, had too many duplicates, and was typed in all caps. Ugh.

So, I put my limited Excel skills to use, and produced a text file containing 1,451 unique product names.

Use it as you see fit (right click and "Save Linked File As..." to download).

1,451 Names for Your Dwarf

  1. Absorb
  2. Admete
  3. Admete Rund
  4. Ädmjuk
  5. Ådum
  6. Agam
  7. Agen
  8. Agnaryd
  9. Agne
  10. Aina
  11. Akurum
  12. Akurum Rationell
  13. Akut
  14. Aläng
  15. Alarm
  16. Alex
  17. Alg
  18. Alkalisk
  19. Allamåla
  20. Älmhult
  21. Alseda
  22. Alster
  23. Alsvik
  24. Alve
  25. Alvine
  26. Alvine Pärla
  27. Alvine Tråd
  28. Amalia
  29. Ammerä
  30. Amorf Frost
  31. Ämten
  32. Andrea
  33. Andrea Satin
  34. Andrup
  35. Andy
  36. Aneboda
  37. Ånes
  38. Anita
  39. Ånn
  40. Annamoa
  41. Anno Amorf
  42. Anno Inez
  43. Anno Ljuv
  44. Anno Sanela
  45. Anno Strå
  46. Anno Tupplur
  47. Anno Unni
  48. Anno Vacker
  49. Annons
  50. Anordna Lyx
  51. Anordna Mest
  52. Anrik
  53. Ansluta
  54. Anten
  55. Antifoni
  56. Antik
  57. Antilop
  58. Antonius
  59. Apa
  60. Apelskär
  61. Äppelvinäger Med Lingon
  62. Äppen
  63. Äpplarä
  64. Äresund
  65. Arholma
  66. Årlig
  67. Arrak
  68. Årstid
  69. Arv
  70. Arvinn
  71. Åryd
  72. Åsele
  73. Asker
  74. Aspekt
  75. Aspelund
  76. Aspvik
  77. Ästerbymo
  78. Åsunden
  79. Atlant
  80. Ätran
  81. Attest
  82. Attityd
  83. Bådalen
  84. Bagis
  85. Bäja
  86. Balser
  87. Bälsnäs
  88. Bärbar
  89. Baren
  90. Bärje
  91. Barnslig
  92. Barnslig Ringdans
  93. Barometer
  94. Basisk
  95. Bästis
  96. Batik
  97. Beata
  98. Beata Blad
  99. Beata Orkide
  100. Beddinge
  101. Behandla
  102. Behävd
  103. Bekväm
  104. Benno
  105. Berit
  106. Berlevåg
  107. Bernhard
  108. Berta Rand
  109. Berta Ruta
  110. Bertil
  111. Beryll
  112. Beskåda
  113. Bestå
  114. Bestå Ådal Tv
  115. Bestå Boås Tv
  116. Bestå Burs
  117. Bestå Burs Tv
  118. Bestå Framstå Inreda
  119. Bestå Jägra Tv
  120. Bestå Tv
  121. Bevara
  122. Bibbi Snurr
  123. Bigarrå
  124. Bilar
  125. Bild
  126. Billsta
  127. Billy
  128. Bintje
  129. Birgit
  130. Birgit Lantlig
  131. Birgit Spets
  132. Birkeland
  133. Bissa
  134. Bitig
  135. Bjärkefall
  136. Bjärken
  137. Bjärkudden
  138. Bjärkudden Bertil
  139. Bjärnum
  140. Bjoa
  141. Bjuda
  142. Bjurän
  143. Bjursta
  144. Bladet
  145. Bladhult
  146. Bladis
  147. Blåmes
  148. Blanda
  149. Blanda Blank
  150. Blanken
  151. Blåsippa
  152. Blaska
  153. Blecka
  154. Blixt
  155. Blommig
  156. Blomster
  157. Blossande
  158. Boalt Cd
  159. Boalt Dvd
  160. Boasjä
  161. Boholmen
  162. Bojne
  163. Boliden
  164. Bolmen
  165. Bomull
  166. Bondis
  167. Bonett
  168. Bonsai Carmona
  169. Boren
  170. Borrby
  171. Borris
  172. Bosse
  173. Botne
  174. Bräda
  175. Brallis
  176. Branäs
  177. Bravera
  178. Bravur
  179. Bredgrund
  180. Bredskär
  181. Brimnes
  182. Britten Därr
  183. Britten Hus
  184. Britten Nummer
  185. Britten Stuga
  186. Broder
  187. Brunkrissla
  188. Brunn
  189. Bryggkaffe Märkrost
  190. Bryggkaffe Mellanrost
  191. Bryne
  192. Bsorb
  193. Bullar
  194. Bullaren
  195. Bumerang
  196. Burken
  197. Bursjän
  198. Bygel
  199. Bygga
  200. Byholma
  201. Calypso
  202. Capita
  203. Cecilia
  204. Celeber
  205. Centrera Lykta
  206. Charlotta Block
  207. Charlotta Himmel
  208. Charlotta Märke
  209. Charlotta Teckning
  210. Charlotta Vild
  211. Charm
  212. Charmär
  213. Charmig
  214. Chosigt
  215. Christel
  216. Chrysalidocarpus Lutescens
  217. Cilla
  218. Clips
  219. Cylinder
  220. Daglilja
  221. Daim Mini
  222. Dalfred
  223. Dämpa
  224. Dänka
  225. Data
  226. Dåtid
  227. Dave
  228. Degernes
  229. Deka
  230. Dekad
  231. Delikat
  232. Dessert
  233. Detolf
  234. Dignitet
  235. Dilling
  236. Dimma
  237. Dimpa
  238. Dinera
  239. Dinera Dekal
  240. Diod
  241. Dioder
  242. Direkt
  243. Diska
  244. Diskret
  245. Distans
  246. Dito
  247. Ditte
  248. Division
  249. Djärv
  250. Docksta
  251. Dofta
  252. Dokument
  253. Dold
  254. Domsjä
  255. Dracaena
  256. Dracaena Marginata
  257. Dracaena Massangeana
  258. Dragan
  259. Dragär
  260. Dragon
  261. Drälla
  262. Dräm
  263. Drämmar
  264. Dräna
  265. Droppar
  266. Drops
  267. Duderä
  268. Duktig
  269. Dvala
  270. Edgar
  271. Edit
  272. Edland
  273. Edsvik
  274. Effektiv
  275. Egeby
  276. Egil
  277. Eide
  278. Ekarp
  279. Ekås
  280. Ekby
  281. Ekby Ästen
  282. Ekby Bjärnum
  283. Ekby Håll
  284. Ekby Hensvik
  285. Ekby Järpen
  286. Ekby Mossby
  287. Ekby Robert
  288. Ekby Ståtlig
  289. Ekby Stilig
  290. Ekby Tony
  291. Ekby Tryggve
  292. Ekby Valter
  293. Ekby Viktor
  294. Ekorre
  295. Ektorp
  296. Eldig
  297. Eldig Hob
  298. Elgå
  299. Elias
  300. Elisabet
  301. Ellakajsa
  302. Elly
  303. Elverdam
  304. Emsen
  305. Emu
  306. Energisk
  307. Engan
  308. Enje
  309. Ensemble
  310. Ensen
  311. Envis
  312. Epistel
  313. Erbium
  314. Erik
  315. Erikslund
  316. Erland
  317. Erling
  318. Erserud
  319. Erslev
  320. Espressokaffe
  321. Etty
  322. Evabritt
  323. Evert
  324. Exarby
  325. Exklusivt
  326. Expedit
  327. Fabian
  328. Fabler
  329. Fabler Kalas
  330. Fabler Kamrater
  331. Fabler Resa
  332. Fabrina
  333. Fado
  334. Famnig Hjärta
  335. Fångst
  336. Fansta
  337. Fantast
  338. Fantastisk
  339. Färgglad
  340. Färgrik
  341. Färgrik Trolsk
  342. Färhäja
  343. Färm
  344. Färnuft
  345. Färsiktig
  346. Färstå
  347. Färträfflig
  348. Fartyg
  349. Farum
  350. Färvar
  351. Fastbo
  352. Fattbar
  353. Favorit
  354. Fejä
  355. Fejka
  356. Felicia
  357. Fenomen
  358. Fibbe
  359. Ficus Microcarpa Ginseng
  360. Figgjo
  361. Fillsta
  362. Finlir
  363. Finlir Fladdra
  364. Finngrund
  365. Fiskevik
  366. Fixa
  367. Fjädrar
  368. Fjällsta
  369. Fjellse
  370. Fläckig
  371. Flaksa
  372. Flanär
  373. Fläng
  374. Flåren
  375. Flärt
  376. Fläta
  377. Flaten
  378. Flit
  379. Flokati
  380. Florä
  381. Florera
  382. Florera Mys
  383. Flukta
  384. Flygel
  385. Flyn Lill
  386. Flyt
  387. Flytta
  388. Fniss
  389. Folkvik Tv
  390. Format
  391. Forså
  392. Forsytia
  393. Foto
  394. Fräck
  395. Fräjen
  396. Frakta
  397. Framstå
  398. Framtid
  399. Franklin
  400. Freden
  401. Freden Hällviken
  402. Fredlig
  403. Fredrik
  404. Fredrika
  405. Fridfull
  406. Frost
  407. Fryken
  408. Fuga
  409. Fullen
  410. Fyllen
  411. Galant
  412. Galej
  413. Gämmaren
  414. Gångbar
  415. Gardenia Jasminoides
  416. Gåser
  417. Gåsgrund
  418. Gäspa
  419. Gatten
  420. Gedser
  421. Gemak
  422. Gilbert
  423. Gilda
  424. Gislev
  425. Gläda
  426. Glana
  427. Glänsa
  428. Glasärt Kulle
  429. Glasärt Streck
  430. Glasärt Träd
  431. Glättig
  432. Glenn
  433. Glimma
  434. Glira
  435. Glis
  436. Glitter
  437. Global
  438. Gnarp
  439. Gnistra
  440. Godis
  441. Godis Mix
  442. Godmorgon
  443. Goliat
  444. Gorm
  445. Gosa Aster
  446. Gosa Hassel
  447. Gosa Kärna
  448. Gosa Klätt
  449. Gosa Krissla
  450. Gosa Lilja
  451. Gosa Pinje
  452. Gosa Raps
  453. Gosa Slån
  454. Gosa Syren
  455. Gosa Tulpan
  456. Gosa Vädd
  457. Gosa Vide
  458. Gosa Vide Kärna
  459. Gosig
  460. Gränä
  461. Granås
  462. Granat
  463. Grapefrukt
  464. Gratinera
  465. Gravyr
  466. Gregor
  467. Grej
  468. Grevbäck
  469. Grilla
  470. Griller
  471. Grimen
  472. Grip
  473. Groggy
  474. Groland
  475. Grundtal
  476. Grundtal Bredviken
  477. Grundtal Norrviken
  478. Grunka
  479. Gubbskär
  480. Gullholmen
  481. Gulliver
  482. Gullunge
  483. Gunilla
  484. Gunvor
  485. Gurkärt
  486. Gustav
  487. Gyllen
  488. Gymnocalycium
  489. Gynnsam
  490. Håbol
  491. Hagalund
  492. Hake
  493. Hållä
  494. Hållare
  495. Hallaryd
  496. Hällviken
  497. Halogen
  498. Hälsa
  499. Halsted
  500. Hampen
  501. Hänefoss
  502. Hänga
  503. Hannes
  504. Hären
  505. Harola
  506. Harry
  507. Hästä
  508. Hästveda
  509. Hatten
  510. Håva
  511. Håva Anita
  512. Havbro
  513. Håvet
  514. Havtorn
  515. Havtorn Färm
  516. Heat
  517. Hedda
  518. Hederlig
  519. Hedra
  520. Heimdal
  521. Hejka
  522. Helmer
  523. Hemlis
  524. Hemma
  525. Hemmet
  526. Hemnes
  527. Hemnes Tv
  528. Hemsjä
  529. Henny
  530. Henriksdal
  531. Hensvik
  532. Herman
  533. Herräng
  534. Hessum
  535. Himmel
  536. Hippeastrum
  537. Hjuvik
  538. Hojta
  539. Hol
  540. Hopa
  541. Hopen
  542. Hovås
  543. Hoven
  544. Hovet
  545. Hovskär
  546. Hugo
  547. Hulda Vilse
  548. Hulingen
  549. Hultä
  550. Hultet
  551. Hurrig
  552. Huså
  553. Husän
  554. Husnes
  555. Husvik
  556. Hutten
  557. Hyllis
  558. Ideal
  559. Idealisk
  560. Idelig
  561. Idgrund
  562. Ikea Stockholm
  563. Ikea Stockholm Triangel
  564. Ikea Stockholm Tv
  565. Impuls
  566. Inbyn
  567. Indira
  568. Indo Gabbeh
  569. Info
  570. Ingemar
  571. Ingo
  572. Ingolf
  573. Inner
  574. Inreda
  575. Insats
  576. Iris
  577. Irja
  578. Irma
  579. Isdans
  580. Iskorn
  581. Istad
  582. Ivar
  583. Ivetofta
  584. Jäkel
  585. Jäll
  586. Jämka
  587. Janne
  588. Jansjä
  589. Januari
  590. Jaren
  591. Jättebra
  592. Jättefin
  593. Javnaker
  594. Jeff
  595. Jigga
  596. Joakim
  597. Johan
  598. Joker
  599. Jonas
  600. Jondal
  601. Jonisk
  602. Jonsberg
  603. Jonsbo
  604. Jonsbo Åsarp
  605. Jonsbo Bärby
  606. Jonsbo Egby
  607. Jonsbo Gryby
  608. Jonsbo Ilsbo
  609. Jonsbo Oräd
  610. Jorun
  611. Jorun Frä
  612. Jubla
  613. Jules
  614. Julius
  615. Justina
  616. Käge
  617. Kajsa
  618. Kajsa Blad
  619. Kajsa Rosor
  620. Kajsa Sten
  621. Kajsa Träd
  622. Kajsastina
  623. Kalas
  624. Kalaset
  625. Kallt
  626. Kamfer
  627. Kanelbullar
  628. Kanist
  629. Kapa
  630. Kåraboda
  631. Karby
  632. Kardemumma
  633. Karens
  634. Karit
  635. Karljohan
  636. Karlskrona
  637. Karlstad
  638. Karsten
  639. Kassett
  640. Kattrup
  641. Kattudden
  642. Kaustby
  643. Kavalkad
  644. Ketty
  645. Ketty Rand
  646. Ketty Värld
  647. Kex Ballerina
  648. Kex Singoalla
  649. Kibäk
  650. Kilby
  651. Kivik
  652. Kivsta
  653. Klack
  654. Kladd
  655. Kladd Prickar
  656. Kladd Randig
  657. Klappar
  658. Kläppe
  659. Klappsta
  660. Klaviatur
  661. Klavsta
  662. Klemens
  663. Klingsbo
  664. Klinthult
  665. Klippan
  666. Klippig
  667. Klistrig
  668. Klobo
  669. Klubbo
  670. Kludd
  671. Knäckebräd Leksands
  672. Knappa
  673. Knäs
  674. Knaster
  675. Knata
  676. Knipsa
  677. Knodd
  678. Knoppa
  679. Knubbig
  680. Knuff
  681. Knutstorp
  682. Knyck
  683. Koja
  684. Koldby
  685. Kolja
  686. Kolon
  687. Komisk
  688. Kompisar
  689. Komplement
  690. Koncis
  691. Konsmo
  692. Konvalj
  693. Koppang
  694. Koppla
  695. Korall Anemon
  696. Korpo
  697. Korrekt
  698. Korsfjord
  699. Kort
  700. Kosing
  701. Kottebo
  702. Krabb
  703. Kraftig
  704. Krama
  705. Krämare
  706. Kramfors
  707. Kristaller
  708. Kritter
  709. Kroby
  710. Krog
  711. Kroken
  712. Krokvik
  713. Krus
  714. Kryp
  715. Kryssbo
  716. Kulla
  717. Kullen
  718. Kura
  719. Kusiner
  720. Kuvert
  721. Kvart
  722. Kvarta
  723. Kvartal
  724. Kviby
  725. Kvintett
  726. Kvissel
  727. Kvot
  728. Läbbo
  729. Lack
  730. Läckä
  731. Ladda
  732. Lädder
  733. Lagan
  734. Lågis
  735. Lagra
  736. Laiva
  737. Laiva Tv
  738. Läja
  739. Läkt
  740. Lampan
  741. Lämplig
  742. Lämsk
  743. Landet
  744. Långasjä
  745. Lanni
  746. Lansa
  747. Länsboda
  748. Lärd
  749. Låsby
  750. Lätt
  751. Lättsam
  752. Läva
  753. Lävås
  754. Laver
  755. Ledet
  756. Leding
  757. Leende
  758. Legitim
  759. Legym
  760. Leirvik
  761. Leka
  762. Lekfull Land
  763. Lekfull Stad
  764. Lekman
  765. Lekplats
  766. Leksvik
  767. Len
  768. Len Stjärna
  769. Lena
  770. Lenda
  771. Leran
  772. Lerberg
  773. Lerberg Cd Dvd
  774. Lerdal
  775. Lersta
  776. Levanger
  777. Lialotta
  778. Liatorp
  779. Lidan
  780. Lill
  781. Lillabo
  782. Lillången
  783. Lillesand
  784. Lillholmen
  785. Limmaren
  786. Lindmon
  787. Lindsdal
  788. Lindved
  789. Lingo
  790. Linnarp
  791. Linus
  792. Liselott
  793. Livfull
  794. Ljusås Salbo
  795. Ljusås Usta
  796. Ljusås Uvås
  797. Ljusås Ysby
  798. Ljusdal
  799. Ljusnan
  800. Lock
  801. Logga
  802. Lossnen
  803. Lots
  804. Loviken
  805. Ludde
  806. Ludvig
  807. Luftig
  808. Luftig Hoo
  809. Lugn
  810. Lummig
  811. Lummig Lindmon
  812. Luns
  813. Lunta
  814. Lupin
  815. Lustifik
  816. Lusy
  817. Lusy Kloss
  818. Lusy Väv
  819. Lycka
  820. Lyckhem
  821. Lycksele
  822. Lycksele Håvet
  823. Lycksele Lävås
  824. Lycksele Murbo
  825. Lydum
  826. Lyft
  827. Lykta
  828. Lyster
  829. Mackis
  830. Magasin
  831. Maggan
  832. Magnesium
  833. Majby
  834. Majken
  835. Majvor
  836. Måla
  837. Mälarä
  838. Mälla
  839. Malm
  840. Malma
  841. Malou
  842. Malte
  843. Mammut
  844. Mandal
  845. Mandel
  846. Månljus
  847. Månstad
  848. Maren
  849. Marginal
  850. Marieberg
  851. Märit
  852. Marius
  853. Markland
  854. Märkt
  855. Markus
  856. Märrum
  857. Martin
  858. Måsnan
  859. Mata
  860. Matilda
  861. Matteus
  862. Måttlig
  863. Mavas
  864. Medalj
  865. Melbu
  866. Meldal
  867. Melltorp
  868. Melodi
  869. Merete
  870. Metall Dutt
  871. Metall Epok
  872. Metrik
  873. Micke
  874. Mien
  875. Mil
  876. Minde
  877. Minna
  878. Minnen
  879. Mixa
  880. Mixtur
  881. Mjäd
  882. Mjällby
  883. Mjänäs
  884. Molger
  885. Molnig
  886. Monalis
  887. Mongstad
  888. Moses
  889. Mosjä Tv
  890. Motorp
  891. Motto
  892. Muddus
  893. Mula
  894. Mulig
  895. Murbo
  896. Musik
  897. Mussla
  898. Mydal
  899. Myken
  900. Mysa Gräs
  901. Mysa Ljung
  902. Mysa Ränn
  903. Mysa Strå
  904. Mysa Vete
  905. Näckten
  906. Nandor
  907. Närhet
  908. Näsby
  909. Nässjä
  910. Nästved
  911. Näsum
  912. Nätt
  913. Nedda
  914. Neglinge
  915. Nektarin
  916. Nidelva
  917. Nils
  918. Nisse
  919. Nivå
  920. Njuta
  921. Noga
  922. Nojs
  923. Nominell
  924. Non
  925. Norbo
  926. Nordanä
  927. Norddal
  928. Norden
  929. Nordmyra
  930. Noresund
  931. Norna
  932. Norrära
  933. Norreskog
  934. Norrnäs
  935. Norrsken
  936. Norrsken Decennium
  937. Norrsken Dygn
  938. Norrsken Stratosfär
  939. Norrsten
  940. Norrtorp
  941. Norvald
  942. Nostalgisk
  943. Not
  944. Numerär
  945. Nutid
  946. Nutid Hdn
  947. Nyfors
  948. Nyponros
  949. Nysnä
  950. Nysted
  951. Nyter
  952. Nyttig
  953. Nyttig Fil
  954. Nyttja
  955. Observatär
  956. Odda
  957. Oddvar
  958. Ofelia
  959. Ofelia Vass
  960. Olle
  961. Olunda
  962. Omar
  963. Omsorg
  964. Omtyckt
  965. Optimal
  966. Orchidaceae
  967. Ordentlig
  968. Ordning
  969. Ore
  970. Orgel
  971. Orgel Vreten
  972. Orrlät
  973. Ottava
  974. Ovanlig
  975. Oxel
  976. Oxskär
  977. Pålitlig
  978. Papaja
  979. Papaver
  980. Papaver Oval
  981. Papaver Våg
  982. Paragraf
  983. Patrik
  984. Patrull
  985. Patrull Fast
  986. Patrull Smidig
  987. Pax
  988. Pello
  989. Pepparkakor Annas
  990. Periskop
  991. Persika
  992. Persisk
  993. Persisk Gabbeh
  994. Persisk Hamadan
  995. Persisk Kelim
  996. Persisk Kelim Gashgai
  997. Phalaenopsis
  998. Pilatorp
  999. Piro
  1000. Pjäs
  1001. Pjätteryd
  1002. Plan
  1003. Plank
  1004. Plastis
  1005. Platta
  1006. Pliktig
  1007. Pluggis
  1008. Poäng
  1009. Pokal
  1010. Polarvide
  1011. Pomp
  1012. Portis
  1013. Potatismos
  1014. Povel
  1015. Prägel
  1016. Präjs
  1017. Praktfull
  1018. Praktfull Pro
  1019. Präktig
  1020. Pränt
  1021. Premiär
  1022. Pressa
  1023. Prestera
  1024. Prickig
  1025. Produkt
  1026. Prompt
  1027. Proper
  1028. Pruta
  1029. Pugg
  1030. Pult
  1031. Punkt
  1032. Punktlig
  1033. Pyra
  1034. Pyssla
  1035. Råån
  1036. Rabalder
  1037. Rådig
  1038. Radium
  1039. Ragna
  1040. Räja
  1041. Rajtan
  1042. Raket
  1043. Ram
  1044. Ramskär
  1045. Ramvik
  1046. Ränås
  1047. Rännbär
  1048. Rännskär
  1049. Ränta
  1050. Rära
  1051. Raritet
  1052. Rast
  1053. Rationell
  1054. Rättvik
  1055. Ravenea
  1056. Rebbenes
  1057. Reda
  1058. Redalen
  1059. Regolit
  1060. Reko
  1061. Rektangel
  1062. Renate
  1063. Renate Flora
  1064. Renlig
  1065. Rens
  1066. Resurs
  1067. Reträtt
  1068. Retur
  1069. Ribba
  1070. Rickard
  1071. Rigel
  1072. Rigga
  1073. Riklig
  1074. Riktig
  1075. Riktig Ägla
  1076. Rill
  1077. Ringskär
  1078. Ringum
  1079. Risär
  1080. Risten
  1081. Ritva
  1082. Rival
  1083. Rofylld
  1084. Roger
  1085. Romantisk
  1086. Rondo
  1087. Rostad Läk
  1088. Rotera
  1089. Rudolf
  1090. Rufsig
  1091. Rugga
  1092. Rull
  1093. Rundel
  1094. Rusch
  1095. Rusig
  1096. Rustik
  1097. Rutbo
  1098. Ruter
  1099. Rutger Jules
  1100. Rykene
  1101. Sagosten
  1102. Salmi
  1103. Salong
  1104. Saltgrund
  1105. Saltskär
  1106. Samla
  1107. Samtid
  1108. Sända
  1109. Sända Brasa
  1110. Sända Skimra
  1111. Sändrum
  1112. Sanela
  1113. Sansad
  1114. Saralisa
  1115. Sarita
  1116. Särli
  1117. Särum
  1118. Säter
  1119. Sävern
  1120. Saxnäs
  1121. Schlumbergera
  1122. Sebastian
  1123. Sedlig
  1124. Sekin
  1125. Semvik
  1126. Senior
  1127. Signe
  1128. Signum
  1129. Sigrid
  1130. Sindal
  1131. Sirlig
  1132. Sjävik
  1133. Skala
  1134. Skålig
  1135. Skänka
  1136. Skär
  1137. Skimmer
  1138. Skimra
  1139. Skir
  1140. Skoj
  1141. Skojig
  1142. Skorpor Fullkorn
  1143. Skorpor Kardemumma
  1144. Skrapa
  1145. Skribent
  1146. Skruvsta
  1147. Skubb
  1148. Skuggig
  1149. Skuggig Enje
  1150. Skutta
  1151. Skydd
  1152. Skydda
  1153. Slabang
  1154. Slätten
  1155. Slätthult
  1156. Slipad
  1157. Slitbar
  1158. Slom
  1159. Slugger
  1160. Slugis
  1161. Sluka
  1162. Slumra
  1163. Smådal
  1164. Smådal Tv
  1165. Smaka
  1166. Smärt
  1167. Smarta
  1168. Smarta Nytta
  1169. Smaska
  1170. Smedsta
  1171. Smidd
  1172. Smila Bagge
  1173. Smila Blomma
  1174. Smila Måne
  1175. Smila Sol
  1176. Smila Stjärna
  1177. Smycka
  1178. Snäa
  1179. Snäa Flinga
  1180. Snäa Himmelsk
  1181. Snäa Medaljong
  1182. Snäa Rutan
  1183. Snäa Stjärna
  1184. Snäig
  1185. Snålis
  1186. Snår
  1187. Snärik
  1188. Snärtig
  1189. Snävita
  1190. Sniglar
  1191. Snille
  1192. Snitsig
  1193. Snitta
  1194. Snodd
  1195. Snudda
  1196. Socker
  1197. Sockerärt
  1198. Soda
  1199. Sofia
  1200. Solmyra
  1201. Solsta
  1202. Solsta Olarp
  1203. Solsta Pällbo
  1204. Solstråle
  1205. Solvar
  1206. Solveig
  1207. Somnat
  1208. Somrig
  1209. Songe
  1210. Sorgläs
  1211. Sortera
  1212. Sorti
  1213. Späka
  1214. Spalt
  1215. Spänn
  1216. Sparka
  1217. Spärra
  1218. Sparsam
  1219. Spathiphyllum
  1220. Speja
  1221. Spoling
  1222. Spontan
  1223. Spraka
  1224. Sprallig
  1225. Spritta
  1226. Stabil
  1227. Stackig
  1228. Ställ
  1229. Stam
  1230. Stäm
  1231. Stapel
  1232. Startbox Plus
  1233. Stave
  1234. Stefan
  1235. Stek
  1236. Steka
  1237. Stenstorp
  1238. Sticka
  1239. Stil
  1240. Stjälk
  1241. Stock
  1242. Stoff
  1243. Stolmen
  1244. Stopp
  1245. Stopp Filt
  1246. Storå
  1247. Stornäs
  1248. Strålande
  1249. Strängnäs
  1250. Strängsmåla
  1251. Stranne
  1252. Strässel
  1253. Strecket
  1254. Strib
  1255. Strikt
  1256. Strind
  1257. Stuga
  1258. Stuva
  1259. Stycke
  1260. Succulent
  1261. Sultan
  1262. Sultan Alsarp
  1263. Sultan Åram
  1264. Sultan Atna
  1265. Sultan Elsfjord
  1266. Sultan Engenes
  1267. Sultan Erfjord
  1268. Sultan Fåvang
  1269. Sultan Fidjetun
  1270. Sultan Finnvik
  1271. Sultan Fjordgard
  1272. Sultan Flokenes
  1273. Sultan Florvåg
  1274. Sultan Fonnes
  1275. Sultan Fossing
  1276. Sultan Hagavik
  1277. Sultan Hamnvik
  1278. Sultan Hanestad
  1279. Sultan Harestua
  1280. Sultan Hjartdal
  1281. Sultan Hjelmås
  1282. Sultan Huglo
  1283. Sultan Lade
  1284. Sultan Langhus
  1285. Sultan Laukvik
  1286. Sultan Laxeby
  1287. Sultan Lerbäck
  1288. Sultan Lonevåg
  1289. Sultan Luräy
  1290. Sultan Tafjord
  1291. Sultan Tårsta
  1292. Sultan Tjäme
  1293. Sultan Tolg
  1294. Sultan Tveit
  1295. Summera
  1296. Sunnan
  1297. Superfin
  1298. Suverän
  1299. Svajs
  1300. Svala
  1301. Svalbo
  1302. Svalka
  1303. Sveje
  1304. Svep
  1305. Svind Tv
  1306. Svinga
  1307. Svit
  1308. Sy
  1309. Syntes Konst
  1310. Tacksam
  1311. Tag
  1312. Tajma
  1313. Tajt
  1314. Täljare
  1315. Tallvik
  1316. Tända
  1317. Tanja Brodyr
  1318. Tärnan
  1319. Tårnby
  1320. Tårta Mandel
  1321. Tassa Natt
  1322. Tekla
  1323. Terje
  1324. Termosfär
  1325. Tertial
  1326. Textur
  1327. Thisted
  1328. Tidig
  1329. Tindra
  1330. Tirup
  1331. Titta Djur
  1332. Titta Folk
  1333. Tjusig
  1334. Tobias
  1335. Tobo Tv
  1336. Toftbo
  1337. Toga
  1338. Tokig
  1339. Tolga
  1340. Tolsby
  1341. Torbjärn
  1342. Torka
  1343. Torsby
  1344. Tostarp
  1345. Tott
  1346. Trådig
  1347. Trål
  1348. Trampa
  1349. Tranby
  1350. Tratt
  1351. Trensum
  1352. Trilling
  1353. Tripp
  1354. Trivsam
  1355. Trofast
  1356. Trojka
  1357. Trolig
  1358. Trollfjorden
  1359. Trollsta
  1360. Tromsä
  1361. Tromsnes
  1362. Trondheim
  1363. Trones
  1364. Tropisk
  1365. Tross
  1366. Trygg
  1367. Tryta
  1368. Tullsta
  1369. Tulseboda
  1370. Tundra
  1371. Tupplur
  1372. Tvåblad
  1373. Tvåblad Cirkel
  1374. Tvåblad Rund
  1375. Tvilling
  1376. Tyda
  1377. Tygläsa
  1378. Tyläsand
  1379. Tysnes
  1380. Tyst
  1381. Uldum
  1382. Ullakajsa
  1383. Ulsberg
  1384. Ung Drill
  1385. Unni
  1386. Uppenbar
  1387. Uppleva Ormo
  1388. Upptäcka
  1389. Urban
  1390. Utby
  1391. Utmärkt
  1392. Utsira
  1393. Vågen
  1394. Vågen Enje
  1395. Väggis
  1396. Väghult
  1397. Vaken
  1398. Valby
  1399. Valby Ruta
  1400. Vållä
  1401. Vallvik
  1402. Vallvik Tv
  1403. Vänlig
  1404. Vänna
  1405. Vanvik
  1406. Värde
  1407. Värme
  1408. Varsam
  1409. Varse
  1410. Vasen
  1411. Väte
  1412. Vejen
  1413. Vejmon
  1414. Verklig
  1415. Verksam
  1416. Vessla
  1417. Vika
  1418. Vika Amon Vika Curry
  1419. Vikare
  1420. Vikis
  1421. Vila
  1422. Vildbär
  1423. Vildris
  1424. Vilmie
  1425. Vilshult
  1426. Vinde
  1427. Vinna
  1428. Vinstra
  1429. Vippa
  1430. Viren
  1431. Virka
  1432. Virre
  1433. Virserum
  1434. Visen
  1435. Vitamin
  1436. Vitaminer
  1437. Vitskär
  1438. Vitten
  1439. Vivan
  1440. Volmar
  1441. Volym
  1442. Vreta
  1443. Vurm
  1444. Vyssa
  1445. Wilma
  1446. Yngaren
  1447. Yngsjä
  1448. Yster
  1449. Yucca Elephantipes
  1450. Zita
  1451. Zita Rand

Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Fanzine for Stars Without Number

Golan2072 over on the Dragonsfoot Forums has announced a new fanzine for Stars Without Number & Classic Traveller. Here's a link to the first issue. I've created an archive on my Google Sites section for it, and as soon as I find a link to the primary website, I'll add it to the list of zines on the zine page.

Download Infinite Stars #1 here.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Somewhat Awkward Attempt at Explaining My Take on the Old School Approach to Tabletop RPGs

What follows is part of an emailed response to an inquiry about whether old school player would actually use the Dungeon Funk Table in actual play. Of course, I said we would, and here is my attempt to explain why. After I emailed it, I thought it might make for good comment fodder.

So, here it is:

Old school gameplay works only if all involved understand that we are in a session/campaign that will pose challenges that require non-mathematical thinking and problem solving, not just min/maxing numbers on a character sheet to try to "win" combats/encounters. That is "new school" playing—playing which attempts to defend the character sheet against DM-inflicted change at all costs.

Very simply, First Person Shooters and Computer Role Playing Games have changed what players expect from pen-and-paper RPGs. In a CRPG or FPS, the focus of the game is the Character—we are asked to assume a role of a Character, to take on an avatar, and become immersed in the game world in order to connect emotionally with the game narrative. We become more personally invested in the game because we start to care about the role we have assumed in the game world as the Character. Gamers entering the post-1990 gaming landscape now expect that their first priority is to monitor character stats to avoid character death so that they can "win" the game. Or, in a MMORPG like WoW, they expect to shepherd their character through a life-cycle to become as powerful as possible in the game world. The thrill of the game is an increase in the character's power, and we ourselves feel powerful when our in-game character prevails and becomes more powerful.

But what if we view PCs as Icons instead of Characters? Icons have no backstory—think of the playing pieces in Monopoly. No one creates a backstory about how the race car is a retired Gran Prix winner, or develops a complicated story of the breeding lines for their little silver doggy. We merely sit down, pick a piece, and play the game--the icons represent us, the players. Parcheesi, Sorry, Candy Land, Settlers of Catan, Chess—we don't get too emotionally invested with the game pieces because we don't make an emotional connection with the pieces.

The trick to playing old-school style is to think of your PC as an Icon rather than a Character. Disconnect the emotional attachment and investment in the character sheet, and you open up more avenues for gameplay, and you become more willing to take risks. That's why some old school players find minis so important to gameplay—they remind us that we are not our characters, that the game is about strategy in the face of obstacles.

The conflict, of course, is that tabletop RPGs are designed to make us care about our PCs as more than Icons to help us immerse ourselves in the escapist fantasty of the game world. That's why we play them in the first place—to have fun and escape the humdrum of our lives. We could have the same escapism through reading a book, but RPGs invite us to take part in the fictional realms of the imagination. But why should I be so emotionally invested in a character in a game I play only once a month for four or five hours, if that? The psychological connection and emotional release in a tabletop RPG isn't as immediate as in a FPS or CRPG.

So, there are different ways to have fun, to enjoy the escapism that games like tabletop RPGs offer. The goal of old school play is to enjoy the game as a series of challenges and puzzles (both traditional puzzles and the socio-political puzzles of the game world), not to make our character the most badass character possible.

That's not to say that making your character the most badass character possible is a bad thing. It's just a different goal, and a different style of gameplay, one more suited to the world of video games but that 4e style play attempts to emulate quite well.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Is it me, or is this guy the same guy as this guy?

Because that would explain a lot.

Yup. Same guy. Here's a long, profilish article which seems rather dismissive of what Zak has achieved in his industry, but also sheds some interesting insight on Zak's work. For what it's worth, the article is a bit longwinded and academic in tone and style, and comes off a bit dismissive of Zak and what led him into what provides his livelihood.

Quite frankly, Zak's work in the RPG blogosphere has been nothing short of mind-blowing (no pun intended).

Oh, and for what it's worth, you can buy Vornheim here and Zak's non-rpg books at Amazon.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dungeon Funk PDF

Waaaaaaay back in February of this year, Greg over at Gorgonmilk hosted a community project, which became known as the Dungeon Funk Table.

I finally got around to finishing the conversion of that table to a PDF document, as I said I would.

And here it is:

Gorgonmilk's Dungeon Funk Table

May your dungeon be full of funk evermore.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Coming Soon: A Hamsterish Hoard of Monsters!

And by coming soon, I mean sometime before the end of the year!

I have been given tiachara's blessing to move ahead with a compilation of all the monsters she's posted at A Hamsterish Hoard of Dungeons & Dragons.

I need to comb through her website to make sure I have included all the monsters, but I have already assembled a 163-page tome of her creations, arranged in alphabetical order, one monster per page.

I still need to edit and proofread the document, as right now it is in a raw copy-and-paste state.

My plan is to assemble easy reference tables of monsters by level, terrain type, and XP. Then I'll add a table of contents and release it as a FREE PDF for easy reference.

The compilation will be stated for use with BEMCI/RC rules, but any DM worth his or her salt will find it easy to convert to other systems.

Bear in mind that I'm starting a new semester this week and that work on this little beastie take place around my teaching and paper grading. I've already made significant headway in assembling everything, but the real work is in the finer details of line-by-line proofreading.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Fight On! Random Table Contest Winners Announced

The winners of the Fight On! Random Table Contest have been announced over at ODD74 forums.

One of my entries, 30 Close Combat Concentration Breakers, was awarded an Honorable Mention.

And my entry What's In That Hole was awarded a Special Honorable Mention; apparently, this table received a 2nd place vote from a judge, which is a nice recognition. Thanks, whoever voted for me!

I sure hope they compile all the tables in to a PDF; I'm certainly intrigued by some of those table titles!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Daddy Grognard's Bugbear Adventure

Daddy Grognard is trucking right along in his "An Adventure for Every Monster" series. He's up to Bugbear now. I love bugbears. I loved his adventure. I converted it to PDF and sent it to him. He's going to post it on his site, but in the meantime, you can also grab a copy of it here. All copyrights to Daddy Grognard, 'natch.

EDIT: I fogot to give credit to Dyson Logos for the map. This was totally my error. So, all copyrights to the map to Dyson Logos, m'kay?

Dyson, you know I love you, man.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Four Color Love?

Okay, I know about Marvel Superheroes, the original superhero RPG that used percentile dice and a color-coded chart as the primary game mechanics (edit: which I just learned is known as the FASERIP system). TSR's Conan games (not to be confused with the Conan modules for AD&D) also used this system, as did Gamma World 3e.
But what about the retro-clones that use the four-color system? The obvious one is ZeFRS, which is a direct retro-clone of the original TSR color-coded resolution system.
Another well known 4C clone is 4C System (also available at Seraphim Guard Games).
And now it appears that Fearless Flint Games is doing some sort of adaptation of the 4C System rules. The core rulebook posted on this site seems to be the same as the one from Lulu and/or Seraphim Guard, albeit with a new cover. I haven't taken a good look at the contents yet to see if there are any changes to the ruleset, though.
So, what other four-color-based RPGs are out there? List and link in the comments please, and I'll try to add them to the post.
(4C System is not to be confused with Four Color Superhero by Cynthia Celeste Miller, which takes the 1940s pulp era as its campaign setting and uses a d12 mechanic.)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Links to the Old School Zine list

I've done some updating to the Old School Zine list. I recently stumbled across Project: Stone Jambalaya, a fanzine from the Gamma World Yahoo! Group. The zine features a lot of 1e/2e Gamma World stuff, although it supports all editions.

I also added links to Rule One, a Glorantha-focused zine, focused on the campaign world more than a specific ruleset (although it leans towards RuneQuest, for obvious reasons).

I've also added some other comments and such to links that seem to be in flux; be sure to bookmark the zine page and check back every once and a while.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

6 Ways to Bring Civility Online @ The Art of Manliness

Hey! OSR! Go read this, paying special attention to point number three.

Being a Gentleman in the Age of the Internet

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Resurrection Update

Seems that Christian is back.

That's why I envy those who live near the ocean: the sea puts everything in perspective.

Roll on, Christian, roll on.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Please Don't Feed the Troll

Trolls. Ugh. I hate trolls. Once lost a mule and two dwarfs to a couple of trolls.

As any gamer knows, the way to finish off a troll for good is with fire or acid.

But on the web, flame wars can't seem to kill one particular OSR troll.

Which brings to me ask: anyone know how a website acid attack works?

(For those not in the know, Christian, one of the nicest and most introspective members of the OSR blogosphere, has been trashed by the troll behind YDIS [who I will not favor with a link].)

EDIT: It seems Christian has either deleted his blog, or hidden it from public view. This isn't the first time Christian has decided to take his blog offline after a web kerfluffle. While it is certainly within his rights to do so, we have now lost a wealth of information and resources: copies of Iridia zine, the Freecity of Haldane files, great encounters and maps (the most recent of which was a series of encounters along the Shores of Lake Quag), etc. While many of us might decry his decision to take his ball and go home, how do we expect people to react when they are bullied by anonymous assholes?

That YDIS guy is a coward of the highest degree, spraying hatred from behind a wall of anonymity.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What is up with Blogger Stats?

Hi! I've been away for awhile. I haven't posted since the beginning of May. And you'd think that a blog that hasn't been updated in almost a month and half wouldn't be getting a lot of page views. But guess what?

Look down in the lower left corner of this blog page. Scroll down if you need to--I'll wait!.

Okay, back now?

What did you notice?

Maybe that there is a 5,000 page view discrepancy between and Blogger Stats?


Anybody else notice their stats screwed up?

Monday, May 9, 2011

On the Lack of Posts

My apologies for the lack of updates. The end of the semester is kicking my butt right now; I am essentially a grading machine for the next two weeks. Regular programming will resume at some point in the near future.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Z is for . . .

Whose brains these are I just don't know.
Her body's in the tunnel, though;
She will not see me stooping here
To eat her brains before I go.

My staggering gait you might find queer,
To shuffle-step when you're so near
Between the exit and the dark,
The darkest tunnel under here.

My skin, it flakes, my voice—a bark,
My bite leaves just a little mark;
I'm the worst thing you'd ever meet
In this black place beneath the park.

The tunnel is gloomy and smells of peat
And I have chains upon my feet,
And brains to devour before I sleep,
And brains to devour before I sleep.

*after Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, by Robert Frost

Friday, April 29, 2011

Know What I Hate?

I hate it when people complain that people don't comment on their blogs, and then they delete a comment you leave on their blogs.

Stay classy, you.

I may have jumped the gun on this one. I've noticed that the last few comments I've left on blogs have disappeared, so it might just be Blogger, not the blog owner. Even so, I still hate it.

In Response to a Comment by -C on Mythmere's Blog, Which Was a Response to My Comment

The following post is a response to a comment by -C of Hack & Slash (a great blog with some fantastic ideas) on this blog post at Mythmere's blog regarding what makes an OSR blog popular. The discussion in the comments veered towards whether bloggers should give away their creations or charge for them:

Only you can decide if it's a mistake to give your material away for free. I'm not saying it was a mistake to give away material, or that it's a mistake to charge for it. Only you can decide the fair market value of your ideas and the time and effort you invest in realizing those ideas in physical form.

That said, though, no one pays attention to a license that isn't in some ways restrictive. Making folks pay for content is a good method to get what you want--the money IS the comment, as you pointed out. Offer a free snippet on the blog, request payment for the whole shebang. Everybody wins. That's not a popularity contest, it's just good business sense.

Charging for something is selling. Giving something away for free is sharing. Those who chose to give stuff away for free (and I am one of those) should realize that "free" usually means no obligation whatsoever. None. Nada. Zip.

Any non-enforceable license is not a license. The "leave a comment license" is not a free license--you are requesting payment in the form of comment. But you have no way to enforce the payment. How can you enforce the terms of the license when you do not restrict access to the content you are licensing? In short, you can't. Yes, it is a very small fee, one that doesn't demand much from the user and shouldn't be that big of a deal for the end-user to fulfill. But because it is so small, it is not seen as worth doing; if the cost is a comment, it's damn near close to being free anyway, so why even leave a comment, even if it is the "right thing to do"? In short, you can't enforce moral behavior without a requiring something more than the guilt of not leaving a comment.

What you can do instead is what Geoffrey did with Carcosa, what Doug did with Savage Swords of Athanor, what James did with World of Onn, what Matt has done with S&W: use the social media platform of the Web (blogs, forums, etc.) to give people just enough to tease them into a purchase. Sometimes that means giving away the PDF to drive traffic to higher-priced print product. Sometimes that means giving away a "lite" version of a product (NOD & Pars Fortuna Basic, S&W Whitebox, etc.) in PDF in the hope of driving traffic to a more complete version of the PDF or a print product.

Essentially, blogs are terrible places to get detailed feedback on a product or release. Forums are better--because you can keep track of threads & discussions in one central location--but better yet is intense peer review among a small cadre of playtesters, either via email, wiki, etc. Having a cadre of reviewers and testers before release is a much better feedback method.

For example, I'm heavily involved in peer reviewing a textbook for the college composition market right now (I have an NDA, so I can't disclose the publisher or the project details). The editor emails us chapters in progress, and we provide feedback via an online survey site where specific questions are asked of us and we have to type detailed comments in addition to simply giving scaled ratings. The whole process of reading, commenting, and providing feedback on a chapter takes about a week to complete. Then, we are sent a new chapter. And sometimes we are sent a revision of a chapter we have already worked on.

In short, review, commentary, analysis, and feedback are all part of a slow process. And it SHOULD be a slow process.

So, here's an idea. I don't know if it'll work or not. Post your release, for free or for sale. Draw attention to it. Then, let it go a few weeks. Then come back and ask folks who visit the blog what they think about what you posted and ask for specific comment. Ask questions about the kinds of feedback you want. We tend to post something to a blog and then forget to draw attention to it again (there are exceptions, of course, like Greg over at Errant and George Strayton working on his L&L project).

In other words, detail for us the kinds of feedback you want. If all you want is a pat on the back and an "atta-boy!", then I think you'll get it. If you ask a specific question— i.e., "How does how I explain the dice rolling mechanic to determine initiative in unarmed combat affect the time it takes to complete the combat round?"—then you are more likely to get substantive comments you can use to revise or improve what you have released.

The question is quite simple: is your blog a personal platform, a development platform, or a marketing platform? Or a combination of two of the above? Or a combination of all three? And if a combo, then how much of each? Then and only then can you decide if, how, and what to charge for what you write, post, and develop.

As for me, I'm going to keep giving things away for free. The moment I start collecting money, I turn into a business, and then the IRS starts getting involved and I don't want to deal with that. I'm a hobbyist, and I like staying a hobbyist, and my doing projects with other like-minded hobbyists is my way of "giving back" to the community that I have gotten so much out of it.

I do not begrudge those who want to get something in return for their time and efforts. Only they can be the judge of what is fair and equitable compensation, or even if they want to be compensated at all.

I willingly support those who have a consistent track record of churning out good stuff. I don't make much of a distinction between "professional" and "hobbyists" anyway--our corner of the RPG scene is too small for that, and technology allows most hobbyists to churn out professional quality work if they decide to put the time and effort into it. And yes, those folks should be the ones deciding how they like to be rewarded--whether it is cash or download count or atta-boys. Or all three.

And thus, I come back to my original comment: do good work. The rest will follow.

Y is for . . .

Yellow Mold
It glimmers and it shimmers
And it looks like golden dust
But this fungus is poisonous
So steer clear of it you must;

It lingers on set tables,
It clings to silver plates,
Its spores will eat away your guts
Or acid-burn your face.

Fire will destroy it
Or so I've been been told—
But whatever you do in a dungeon,
Don't eat the Yellow Mold.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

X is for . . .

X is for X,
the unknowable unknown
we know we know is still unknown,
yet for all we know of the known unknowns,
the unknown unknowns are not known
to be known by those who know unknowns the best.

X is for X and yet not for X
because X is now known to be known,
so if it is X and also not X,
then it's really no place that is known.

And if we know it's unknown then we know what is known,
not unknown as some people might claim;
So known or unknown, knowning what we know
Is really just one and the same—

So perhaps it is true that X does mark a spot,
But not on the material plane.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

W is for . . .

Wall of Fire*
Death can be a burning thing
That deals a fiery sting.
Things look pretty dire,
When you fall into a wall of fire.

I fell into a flaming wall of fire
I went ahhh, owww, arrggh, and the fire went higher;
And it burns, burns, burns, this wall of fire,
This wall of fire.

I fell into a flaming wall of fire
I went ahhh, owww, arrggh, and the fire went higher;
And it burns, burns, burns, this wall of fire,
This wall of fire.

The taste of death is sweet
When sorcerers like us meet;
Your life was on the wire
Then you cast wall of fire.

I fell into a flaming wall of fire
I went ahhh, owww, arrggh, and the fire went higher;
And it burns, burns, burns, this wall of fire
This wall of fire.

I fell into a flaming wall of fire
I went ahhh, owww, arrggh, and the fire went higher;
And it burns, burns, burns, this wall of fire
This wall of fire.

And it burns, burns, burns,
this wall of fire
this wall of fire
this wall of fire.

*apologies to Johnny Cash

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

V is for . . .

There is no right way to play our great game;
The rules are are not rules, only guides.
You may change them and twist them,
Subvert, or discard them; only the DM can decide.

Houserules are just laws of the worlds we create
When we sit down at table to play;
All that it takes to change that world's fate
Is whatever the DM might say.

Elves can advance like split fighter-mages,
Turn undead, a first level spell;
You could split up the take or trade out your treasure
Or say screw it, each man for himself.

Some say houserules change the work that's been done
To keep the game balanced and fair;
But grognards say phooey to thinking like that;
This is old school, not Legends & Lairs.

Despite the trend to twist and to rend
The game into a cheap MMORPG;
We'll keep on gaming the way we've been gaming:
The game isn't dying, it breathes!

Variant rules are the soul of old school,
We vary the game as we like;
Now draw your sword, you scummy young fool
While I roll the the big purple die!

Monday, April 25, 2011

U is for . . .

The undead I dread aren't the wights I might fight
Or the ghoul who might drool when he's bled.
The banshee ain't fancy and doesn't romance me—
Skeletons & shadows the same; I've never lost faith
Facing down wraiths, and spectres cry at my god's name.
Vampires spook me but I know can't harm me
Though true ones don't sparkle (for shame!),
Zombies just shuffle unless they must hustle—
Yet fast ones fall quicker than rain
(The slow ones are scary, but easy to parry
And they really just want to eat brains).
No, the bastard I dread out of all the undead,
The one that always does the trick—
Is that miserable corpse—Oh, that terrible corpse!—
The Horned King himself, the Lord Lich!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

T is for . . .

Eeeny meeny miny moe,
Catch a Troll by his big toe.
Lop off an arm, just take a whack--
Don't be surprised when it grows back.
Chop off a leg, his nose, an ear,
And it comes back, just as you feared.
Decapitate his precious head,
And you'll find he's still not dead.
But torch his scrotum, burn his balls
And they'll not come back at all.
Only fire or an acid bath
Will kill a troll--just do the math.
He keeps on regenerating
Until his flesh's incinerating.
Then take his ashes, once he's charred,
Mix with seven parts of lard,
Form into lumps around a rope
Then scrub up nice with fresh Troll Soap™!

Friday, April 22, 2011

S is for . . .

Spade of Excavation
It's rumored that Xagyg the Crafty
(Or maybe Nosenera the Great)
Gave Smada Gierb Chnif
The terrible idea
To endeavor this spade to create.

With this spade in your hand you can clean out
A pegasus stall in an hour;
You can dig a quick ditch
With a flick of your wrist
Or dig under keep walls and watchtowers.

Why, I used it last week to escape the dark deep
Of that labyrinth known as Dyson's Delve;
It dug while I slept
And when I woke from sleep--
Well, that dungeon now has a level twelve!

My friend, you look very trustworthy--
And I know that this might sound insane
But I'll trade you this spade
Plus this Balm of Nightshade
If you bring me the Sword of Ducaine!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Magic Item: Case of Irony

The following is declared Open Game Content:

Case of Irony
This small leather case has a permanent variation of the Magic Mouth spell cast on it. It can deliver any message of twenty-five or fewer words long in any language known by the user and the message can be delivered over a period of 10 minutes.

The mouth cannot utter verbal components, use command words, or activate magical effects. It does, however, move according to the words articulated.

The mouth appears inside the case, and opening the case triggers the message to begin.

However, there is a 90% chance that the message stored in the Case of Irony becomes twisted to mean the opposite of what was intended by the person who stored the message. In these cases, the message is delivered in a humorously sardonic manner. Roll 1d4 to determine who the voice sounds like:
  1. Bill Hicks
  2. Mitch Hedberg
  3. Gilda Radner
  4. Richard Pryor

A Word About All These Blogging Awards . . .

I felt left out, so I gave myself this:

Feel free to award one to yourself. It's just as valuable as the other blogging awards I'm seeing pop up on OSR blogs.

EDIT: If you decide to post this on your blog, there's no need to link back to this post or this blog. Sometimes, a lot of link backs can make Google and/or Blogger think that a blog has been infected by a spambot. Therefore, I release the image contained in this post to the OSR community. Feel free to do with it what you will.

After all, it's a joke. Just like all the other blogging awards.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Blogging from A to Z Update

It appears I am several days ahead of the curve on the A to Z blogging challenge. I'm already up to R, but everybody else is on P.

Since I'm so far ahead, I'm going to give myself a bit of a break until I can be in sync with everyone else doing this blogging challenge. My next post, S, should appear on the Friday, April 22, right on schedule with everyone else.

This also gives me some time to come up with material for U through Z! X is giving me a headache, as there aren't any Xvarts in the Swords & Wizardry Whitebox. I'l think of something mildly silly and entertaining, I hope.

R is for . . .

Raise Dead
You might be rather gamey
If you've been in the grave for a week;
Your nose filled with mud,
Your flesh dripping with crud,
And your clothing—well, best not to speak.
When you've come back from hereafter,
Yes, you just might stink up the hall—
So if you've been resurrected,
Please sleep away from us all.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Q is for . . .

I am compelled to obey you,
To complete the task that you set.
I will travel from Rimthorp to Kantikintal
To bring back the Gem of Hoptet.

I will travel through seas and through deserts,
I will climb the most perilous climbs
I will hack through the jungle of darkest Arktet
To bring back this jewel of desire.

I have heard tales of death and dismemberment
Of those who have fought for this jewel,
Of magic so bleak that it's best not to speak
Of the curse that turns clerics to ghouls.

So I will set off on this journey,
Though this be against my free will
And when I come back, beware my next task:
Your own damn black heart to still.

*this is a fifth level Cleric spell / sixth level Magic-user spell under the S&W Whitebox rules

Saturday, April 16, 2011

P is for . . .

Purple Worm*

Purple Worm! Quick, run away!
The bastard swallows all its prey;
The stinger'll pierce right through your hide;
'Scuse me while I watch you die!

Purple Worms all around!
We're gonna die here undergound.
Are you happy or in misery?
Doesn't matter much, just don't bleed on me.

Help me! Help me!
Oh no, no . . . no!

Purple Worm right before my eyes—
Don't know if I will live or die;
Warm breeze blowing as I head towards death—
Damn thing has the worst halitosis.

No, help me! Aw yeah!
Oh no, no, oh help me!

*with apologies to The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Evidently. . .

I can't think through an idea very well. My 1d120 Table: What's in the Jar? has now been split into a series of sub-tables because I am a moron. Mad props to Restless for pointing this out.

d6+1 Table: What's in the Box?

The following is declared Open Game Content:

d6+1 Table: What's in the Box?*
The hearty adventurers have found a box. What's in it? Roll 1d6. If an odd number is rolled, the adventurers also find item 7.

1. The ossicles of seventy-two mice.

2. A 3/4-inch diameter purple glowing orb. Inside the orb, colors seem to swirl and loop in a mesmerizing pattern. Held in the hand, the orb twitches and rocks with crackling, electric energy. When thrown, tossed, or flicked, the orb will return to the user's hand after it hits its intended target. Used as a bullet in a sling, it functions as a bullet +2. It is really a Shooter +6, most useful when used in a game of ringer.

3. Several pieces of chalk and charcoal, fashioned into thin sticks to serve as writing implements.

4. 327 dried nurdles.

5. Two scrolls of 1,875,273 names, writtin in miniscule script, with lots of crosouts and deletions. One scroll is titled "Demonic," the other "Angelic." Each adventurer's name is on one of the lists.

6. Someone's desiccated junk.

7. A monkey's paw which functions as a ring of three wishes. It's cursed.

Per Gratuitous Saxon Violence's request.

N is for . . .

Neutralize Poison
You've been bitten by snakes and by spiders
You look worse than what the cat dragged in;
You'll have to put faith
In a potion or scroll—
Unless you are true without sin.

Then your cleric can ask divine favor
(That's something to believe in)
To stop the quick spread
Of the venomous dread
That courses and flows through your veins.

Yes, this spell is your only hope now
To get yourself back, tippy-top:

You'll soon be back on your feet,

Drinking stout mead

And doing the unskinny bop.

Yes, we know that you just want action,
That you want nothing but a good time;
To be true, I think you've learned your lesson:
Every vampire rose has its thorns.

(inspired by this post at Rather Gamey.)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

d120 Table: What's in the Jar? --CORRECTED!

The following is declared Open Game Content:

d120 Table: What's in the Jar?
The hearty adventurers have stumbled into the pantry. All around them are jars and vessels filled with foodstuffs. But what's in them? Roll 1d100 and 1d20 (or, I guess, the easy method of 6d20), add the result, and choose from below

Roll 1d6. Given the result, roll 1d20 on the appropriate table:

  1. Apple Butter
  2. Apple Chutney
  3. Apple Juice
  4. Applesauce
  5. Artichoke Pickles
  6. Asian Pears
  7. Asparagus Pieces
  8. Asparagus Spears
  9. Baked Beans
  10. Berry Syrup
  11. Black Olives
  12. Bread and Butter Pickled Jicama
  13. Cantaloupe Pickles
  14. Cayenne Pepper Sauce
  15. Chayote and Jicama Slaw
  16. Chayote and Pear Relish
  17. Collard Greens
  18. Cranberries
  19. Cranberry Orange Chutney
  20. Cranberry Sauce

  1. Creamed Corn
  2. Cubed Beets
  3. Cubed Pumpkin
  4. Cubed Sweet Potatoes
  5. Cubed White Potatoes
  6. Cubed Winter Squash
  7. Diced Carrots
  8. Dill Pickle Relish
  9. Dill Pickles
  10. Dilled Beans
  11. Fall Garden Relish
  12. Fig Pickles
  13. Figs
  14. Fresh Dill Cucumber Relish
  15. Fruit Pureés
  16. Grape Juice
  17. Grapefruit Sections
  18. Grapes Whole
  19. Green Beans
  20. Green Mangoes

  1. Green Olives
  2. Green Peas
  3. Halved Apricots
  4. Halved Nectarines
  5. Halved Peaches
  6. Halved Pears
  7. Halved Plums
  8. Lemon Curd
  9. Mango Chutney
  10. Mango Sauce
  11. Marinated Peppers
  12. Marinated Whole Mushrooms
  13. Mayhaw Juice
  14. Mayhaw Syrup
  15. Mixed Fruit Cocktail
  16. Mixed Vegetables
  17. Mustard Greens
  18. Okra
  19. Orange Sections
  20. Papaya

  1. Peach Fruit Topping
  2. Pear Pickles
  3. Pear Relish
  4. Peppers
  5. Pickle Relish
  6. Pickled Asparagus
  7. Pickled Baby Carrots
  8. Pickled Beets
  9. Pickled Bell Peppers
  10. Pickled Bread-and-Butter Zucchini
  11. Pickled Brussel Sprouts
  12. Pickled Carrots
  13. Pickled Cauliflower
  14. Pickled Corn Relish
  15. Pickled Dill Okra
  16. Pickled Eggs
  17. Pickled Green Tomato Relish
  18. Pickled Horseradish Sauce
  19. Pickled Hot Peppers
  20. Pickled Mixed Vegetables

  1. Pickled Pearl Onions
  2. Pickled Pepper-Onion Relish
  3. Pickled Sweet Green Tomatoes
  4. Pickled Yellow Pepper Rings
  5. Pineapple
  6. Rummage Relish
  7. Sauerkraut
  8. Shelled Lima Beans
  9. Sliced Apples
  10. Sliced Apricots
  11. Sliced Beets
  12. Sliced Carrots
  13. Sliced Mushrooms
  14. Sliced Nectarines
  15. Sliced Peaches
  16. Spiced Apple Rings
  17. Spiced Apples Rings
  18. Spiced Crabapples
  19. Spiced Green Tomatoes
  20. Spiced Pears

  1. Spicy Jicama Relish
  2. Spinach
  3. Stewed Rhubarb
  4. Succotash
  5. Sweet Apple Relish
  6. Sweet Cherry Sweet Topping
  7. Tangy Tomatillo Relish
  8. Three-Bean Salad
  9. Tomato-Apple Chutney
  10. Watermelon Rind Pickles
  11. Wax Beans
  12. Whole Beets
  13. Whole Berries
  14. Whole Cherries
  15. Whole Kernel Corn
  16. Whole Mushrooms
  17. Whole Plums
  18. Whole Sweet Potatoes
  19. Whole White Potatoes
  20. Zucchini-Pineapple Slices

*mad props to The National Center for Home Food Preparation for the list of stuff that can be canned and/or jarred.

d50 Table: Bear With Me

 NOTE: This table has been updated and expanded upon! Check out this post to download the expanded table, plus many more!

The following is declared Open Game Content:

d50 Table: Bear With Me*
The hearty adventurers burst open the door. There, pacing around an otherwise apparently empty room, is a bear which, from cursory appearances, was previously chained to the floor. It's only a bear. But what kind of bear?

1. American Black Bear
2. Cinnamon Bear
3. Kermode Bear
4. Asiatic Black Bear
5. Baluchistan Bear
6. Formosan Black Bear
7. Pakistan Black Bear
8. Brown Bear
9. Atlas Bear
10. Bergman's Bear
11. Blue Bear
12. Eurasian Brown Bear
13. European Brown Bear
14. Gobi Bear
15. Grizzly Bear
16. Himalayan Brown Bear
17. Hokkaido Brown Bear
18. Kamchatka Brown Bear
19. Kodiak Bear
20. Marsican Brown Bear
21. Mexican Grizzly Bear
22. Siberian Brown Bear
23. Syrian Brown Bear
24. Giant Panda
25. Qinling Panda
26. Sloth Bear
27. Sri Lankan Sloth Bear
28. Sun Bear
29. Polar Bear
30. Ursid Hybrid
31. Grizzly-polar Bear Hybrid
32. Spectacled Bear
33. Agriotherium
34. Ailuropoda microta
35. Arctodus simus
36. Bear Dog
37. Cave Bear
38. Cephalogale
39. Dwarf Panda
40. Hemicyon
41. Hemicyonidae ("dog-bear")
42. Kolponomos
43. Kolponomos newportensis
44. MacFarlane's Bear
45. Parictis
46. Yogi Bear
47. Smokey the Bear
48. Corduroy
49. Snuggle
50. Sugar Bear

*tip of the hat to Wikipedia again.

Gold Star from Jeff!

Jeff wanted to give me a gold star for my previous post about I gave one to myself instead!

Print-to-PDF Any Post!

I was turned on to the Print-to-PDF feature of after reading a blog by the poet and professor Joseph Hutchinson of The Perpetual Birder . I've added this feature to the blog, so now you can print any post direct to PDF for easy saving!

It'd be great if this becomes a feature we see on more OSR blogs--there is so much goodness out there that I save for offline viewing as HTML that I'd love to have as PDFs instead.

d50 Table: Dungeon Ducks

 NOTE: This table has been updated and expanded upon! Check out this post to download the expanded table, plus many more!

The following is declared Open Game Content:

d50 Table: Dungeon Ducks
The hearty adventurers burst open the door. There, sitting in the middle of an otherwise apparently empty room, is a duck. Just a duck. Only a duck. But what kind of duck?

1. Abacot Ranger
2. Blanc d'Allier
3. Ancona Duck
4. Aylesbury Duck
5. Bali Duck
6. Black East Indian
7. Blue Swedish Duck
8. Buff Orpington Duck
9. Call Duck
10. Challans
11. Cayuga Duck
12. Chara Chemballi Duck
13. Crested Duck
14. Danish Duck
15. Duclair
16. Dutch Hookbill
17. East Indie Duck
18. Forest Duck
19. Gimbsheimer
20. Golden Cascade
21. Gressingham Duck
22. Huttengem Duck
23. Indian Runner Duck
24. Khaki Campbell
25. Magpie Duck
26. Majorcan Duck
27. Muscovy Duck
28. Orpington Duck
29. Pekin Duck
30. Rouen Duck
31. Saxony Duck
32. Semois
33. Silver Appleyard Duck
34. Silver Bantam Duck
35. Termonde Duck
36. Venetian Duck
37. Welsh Harlequin Duck
38. Wood Duck
39. Swedish Duck
40. Swedish Yellow Duck
41. Australian Spotted Duck
42. Barbary Duck
43. Cayuga Duck
45. Mulard Duck
46. Yellow Bath Duckie
47. Donald Duck
48. Daffy Duck
49. Darkwing Duck
50. Goose

*this is when Wikipedia comes in handy.

M is for . . .

Though the Manticore curses in common
And he blasphemes in great detail,
When attacking he hovers
So warriors, take cover
From his dangerous, poisonous tail.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


After posting the previous post, I noticed that I now have 40 followers myself! Thanks, guys, for coming along for the ride.

Now it's time to level up!

New Level: Thinker. Hmmm.....

Following vs. RSS

I've been transitioning over to the "Follower" widget in an effort to clean up my RSS feeds in Google Reader. Some of you might see you've gained me as "follower" but lost me as a feed reader. hope this doesn't screw up your blog stats too much.

L is for . . .

Give me a quart of vampire blood
And the well-simmered heart of a virgin,
The sexual glands of seven giant moths,
And a measure of fresh venom of wyvern—
I'll toss in two pinches of arsenic powder
And a pinch of my best belladonna;
I'll cast Magic Jar, Trap the Soul, Enchant Item:
Your life-force will flee to new sanctum—
I'll capture it here, in this phylactery
Made of amber & silver & bedlam.
And if you're not a lich by the end of the week,
Well, sorry, no refunds, no tantrums!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

J is for . . .

Jug of Alchemy*
As I was traveling, going over White Plume Mountain,
I saw the Watch Captain and his gold, he was counting;
I first produced my short sword and then produced my dagger—
I said "Stand and deliver or Orcus he may take ya."

Musha rain dum-a-doo dum-a-da,
Whack for my daddy-o,
Whack for my daddy-o,
There's alchemy in the jug-o!

I took all his money, and it was a pretty penny;
I took all his money, and I brought it home to Jenny.
She swore that she loved me, no, never would she leave me;
But Lloth take that harlot, for you know she tricked me easy.

Musha rain dum-a-doo dum-a-da,
Whack for my daddy-o,
Whack for my daddy-o,
There's alchemy in the jug-o!

I went to the tavern, all for to take a tumbler—
I drank a pint and then ten more, for sure it was a wonder!
And while I was a'drinking, Jenny told her daughters
To send word to the Watch Captain to be ready for my slaughter.

Musha rain dum-a-doo dum-a-da, ha, ya,
Whack for my daddy-o,
Whack for my daddy-o,
There's alchemy in the jug-o!

Being drunk and weary, I went to Jenny's chamber
Takin' my plunder with me, but I never knew the danger;
For about six or maybe seven, in walked the Watch Captain—
I jumped up, drew my dagger, and backstabbed for double damage!

Musha rain dum-a-doo dum-a-da, ha, ya,
Whack for my daddy-o,
Whack for my daddy-o,
There's alchemy in the jug-o!

If anyone can save me, it's my brother in the army—
If anyone can find his party in Waterdeep or Undermountain.
And if he'll come and save me, we'll go roving over Glantri,
And I swear he'll treat me better than me darling harlot Jenny.

Musha rain dum-a-doo dum-a-da, ha, ya,
Whack for my daddy-o,
Whack for my daddy-o,
There's alchemy in the jug-o!

Now some men like wild campaigning, and some like dungeon crawling;
Some men like to hear the sound of a trebuchet a-roarin';
But me, I like sleepin', 'specially in a fair maid's chamber—
But here I am in prison, here I am with a ball and chain, yeah . . .

Musha rain dum-a-doo dum-a-da, ha, ya,
Whack for my daddy-o.
Whack for my daddy-o,
There's alchemy in the jug-o!

*with apologies to Thin Lizzy & Metallica

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I is for . . .

Invisible Stalker
I’ve got an Invisible Stalker;
I keep it on a short leash.
It’s a cloud of mist from the Aerial Plane
And I’m finding it quite hard to teach.
I’ve trained it to heel and roll over,
It’s great when it begs and it fetches;
But how do you teach an invisible beast
To learn not to kill what it catches?

Friday, April 8, 2011

H is for . . .

She might be stacked like a champion,
She might be as pretty as hell,
You might be bewitched to believe her
When you're under her siren song spell;
But remember that she is part vulture,
So if you're intent on this match
(There's really no way to avoid it)
Be prepared for your kids to be hatched.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another Word About this A to Z Blogging Thing

Once I finish the whole A to Z thing, I'm going to take all these silly verses and compile them in a free PDF. I'll call it The Tome of Silly Verse or something like that. Suggest a better name if you think that one sucks.

All you artsy types, it'd be great if you want to contribute sketches or something. Especially for a cover. Obviously, since this is a freebie, I can't pay for art--maybe if you have something that you have the rights to that you care to recycle for this project, you could pass it along. Or, maybe you could point me to specific public domain pieces that could work.

I don't think I mentioned this before, but I'm taking the inspiration for the silly little verses I'm writing from the 2nd print edition of Brave Halfling's take on The Swords & Wizardry Whitebox Edition. You know, this one:

Sadly, this edition is no longer available for purchase, and S&W WB is into a new third edition with its original publisher, Mythmere Games. However, since I have a few copies of this 2nd edition, that's the one I'm rolling with.

G is for . . .

Grey Ooze
In the cool depths of Kalchis near the pools of no name
It quivers in darkness waiting for prey;
No mouth to feed it, no eyes to see,
It engulfs and devours, and leaves no debris.
Corrosion and death are all that it seeks
As it lashes out blindly 'gainst blade, claw, and beak.
Mindless and formless in the black of the void
Beware the grey death or your sword be destroyed.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I've never heard of Hârn or HârnMaster or HârnWorld. So imagine my surprise when this morning I discovered's downloads section. Talk about a gold mine of roleplaying goodness!

I've just poked around a bit and discovered the Hârn Pottage series--three PDFs full of bits and pieces that could be worked into any fantasy campaign.

There's also a Hârn fanzine, Thonahexus. I've added it to the Old School Zine list.

F is for . . .

Morlog the Great cast Fireball
In an enclosed space
And though the gnolls are dead and all,
He burned off his face.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Name It & Stat It Challenge 2!

An X-ray of a new species of stingray discovered in the Amazon.

Now, imagine the picture above isn't an X-ray of a stingray. No, imagine this glowing creature inhabits the darkest depths of the deepest, most vile dungeon ever created. What's its name, and how deadly is it?

Name it & stat it! Best stats & description wins a big box of no-prize, plus I'll edit the post to reflect the winning entry.

E is for . . .

Never trust an efreet
To perform a feat
If it's bound to do your bidding,
For soon you will find
Yourself in a bind,
Either dead or severely bleeding.

Monday, April 4, 2011

d6 Table: What’s That Camel Doing Down Here?

The following is declared Open Game Content:

d6 Table: What’s That Camel Doing Down Here?

You’re deep underground. Even your mule is smarter than you are, because it stayed on the surface. So WTF is a camel doing down here?

  1. It’s a space camel, baby. It knows no bounds.
  2. Looking for a light.
  3. Lost a bet to a ghoul and has to wander around underground for a week while the ghoul chills out at an oasis.
  4. On a quest to recover the Jade Hare.
  5. Can’t remember where he parked his bad motor scooter.
  6. Looking for love in all the wrong places.

D is for . . .

We spelunk the depths, we slay the orcs
We lust for the dragon's hoard
And all along we sing this song:
Fuck it, it's a dungeon!

We fight, we die, we spring some traps
& Grok the Halfling ain't coming back—
Crap, I think the mage miscast:
Fuck it, it's a dungeon!

The ways are dark and things go bump
(Is that Orcus or is it a flumph?);
Who really cares, this place is a dump—
Fuck it, it's a dungeon!

Do we stay, do we fight,
do we turn and take flight
In our deepest darkest despair?
Or do we blame ourselves
For trusting the elves
And this ripped map of Karnal Throk's Lair?

We carry a torch, a pole, and a rope
But it's gonna take more than a bucket of hope
To pull us through to our ultimate goal:
Fuck it, it's a dungeon!

I've lost my shield, my sword is bent,
Any treasure we find is already spent
To pay our bills and the inn keeper's rent:
Fuck it, into the dungeon!

Friday, April 1, 2011

A is for . . .

Anti-Magic Shell
Renvar the Deranged
Attacks the ice cream golem:
Anti-Magic Shell!

A Word about the A to Z Blogging Challenge

So, the folks in the OSR are doing some sort of A to Z Blogging Challenge for April. And April also happens to be National Poetry Month. Hmm.....I wonder. . . .

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Machete Slingshot!

Should this be stated as a bladed weapon, a bowed weapon, or a catapult?

Name It & Stat It Challenge 1!

  1. Jellyfish parasite Hyperia galba

  2. Skeleton shrimp Caprella septentrionalis

  3. Nereis virens head (Polychaeta)

I was reading my morning news feeds this morning and came across these photos by Alexander Semenov.

I suck at writing stats blocks and descriptions, so I'll leave those up to you! Leave your stats and description in the comments box, and I'll pick my favorite for each to post below each picture.