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Scavenging Free D&D 4e Stuff from WotC's Site -- UPDATED!

So the new edition of D&D is going to come out next month, which got me to wondering how long WotC will keep all their free 4e stuff online. A lot of the old 3.0 & 3.5 downloads have disappeared from their site, and they also totally deleted the "old edition downloads" now that is available. To that end, I wondered how much 4e stuff was still available for free on WotC's site. Here's what I found, with direct links to download from their servers. UPDATED ON 2014-06-25: I've sorted the lists a bit and added some extra stuff I've found. NOTE ON 2014-06-26: I haven't linked to any of the player character materials: paragon paths, playtests, templates, etc. I think these are ridiculous. Tabletop RPGs are not computer RPGs and the whole "how to build a character" crap leads to munchkiny min/maxing that wastes time and kills fun, not monsters. NOTE ON 2014-06-29: I did a bit more digging using the Internet Archive Wayba