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Hot Tracks from Voyag3r

Go listen to these now! These are synth-heavy, 80s-inspired, B-movie tracks of awesome goodness!

If you like what you hear, buy the albums direct from the label at

Victory In The Battle Chamber by Voyag3r

Doom Fortress by Voyag3r

Random Dungeon Generator Exercise: Heart of the Missing Shroom Wizard's Lair

Found the picture through a Google search. Generated the encounters using Wizardawn's excellent Dungeon Builder using the options for Swords & Wizardry. Didn't even read it, but just mashed them together below. Enjoy.

Heart of the Missing Shroom Wizard's Lair
An Adventure For 5 Level 7 Characters
1 - The area smells pungent and has a strong downdraft. There is small brass carving knife, 7 bloody bandages, corncob pipe, glass magnifying lens, soiled purple rag, torn blue veil...scattered around the room. There is a brazier by the northern wall. There is a brass chandelier on the southwest end of the ceiling. There is a walnut barrel by the eastern wall.
BADGER, GIANT  [HD: 3  | AC: 4 [15]  | ATK: 2 claws (1d3), bite (1d6)  | SV: 14  | SPC: None  | MV: 6  | AL: Neutrality  | THAC: 16 | LV/XP: 3/60  ]
 -- There is 1 in this area [HIT POINTS: 13]
A LEATHER POUCH CONTAINING: 1,023sp / 104,540cp  ( Located inside the wal…

Singing Gelatinous Blob

Lady is a tramp from Dvein on Vimeo.

Chorus from Dvein on Vimeo.
Singing Gelatinous Blob
HD 4
AC 8 (11)
Atk 2 (1d6/2d6)
Move 6
Save 13
CL/XP 5/240
Special: Paralysis; hypnotic song; immune to lightning and cold

Wizard-spawned kin of gelatinous cubes, singing gelatinous blobs are skin-colored, mouthed blobs of gelatinous flesh that float through abandoned castles, dungeons, and other subterranean passages, keening and singing nonsensical songs while engulfing debris and carrion to digest. Anyone who hears their hypnotic song suffers 1d6 psionic damage and must make a saving throw or become hypnotically induced to walk into the blob while babbling about "merging into oneness"; a PC so hypnotized will actively resist efforts to restrain him. The entire substance of the blob is acidic. If the blob hits successfully, the victim must make a saving throw or become paralyzed (6 turns) for the blob to devour. Most singing gelatinous blobs contain various metallic treasures or gems that th…