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Random Dungeon Generator Exercise: Heart of the Missing Shroom Wizard's Lair

Found the picture through a Google search. Generated the encounters using Wizardawn's excellent Dungeon Builder using the options for Swords & Wizardry. Didn't even read it, but just mashed them together below. Enjoy. image source; click image to embiggen Heart of the Missing Shroom Wizard's Lair An Adventure For 5 Level 7 Characters 1 - The area smells pungent and has a strong downdraft. There is small brass carving knife, 7 bloody bandages, corncob pipe, glass magnifying lens, soiled purple rag, torn blue veil...scattered around the room. There is a brazier by the northern wall. There is a brass chandelier on the southwest end of the ceiling. There is a walnut barrel by the eastern wall. BADGER, GIANT  [HD: 3  | AC: 4 [15]  | ATK: 2 claws (1d3), bite (1d6)  | SV: 14  | SPC: None  | MV: 6  | AL: Neutrality  | THAC: 16 | LV/XP: 3/60  ]  -- There is 1 in this area [HIT POINTS: 13] THESE SPECIAL ITEMS ARE LOCATED IN VARIOUS SPOTS... A LEATHER POUCH