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Ghostbusters RPG - Legit Downloads & GBFans Scanned Modules + Sniderman's Fan Modules

So I'm on a Ghostbusters kick right now.

First, you can find scanned PDF copies of the original West End Games Ghostbusters RPG here:

Modules for the first edition of the game AND a shitty scan of the second edition of the game (called Ghostbusters International) along with some more supplements can be found here:

For alternate scans of the above rulebooks here, along with better scans of the Ghost Toasties and Hot Rods of the Gods modules, check out this link:

Also, you can buy Ghost dice and some more GBRPG goodies here:

Second, there are some online-only galleries of additional scenarios here:

Ghosbusters RPG Module

Ghostbusters International Modules…