Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ashes of Athas -- FREE Living Dark Suns 4e Scenarios

Check this out:

According to the Dark Sun fan site The Burnt World of Athas, Baldman Games (which runs games at cons) has received permission from Wizards of the Coast to distribute Baldman's Dark Sun convention games (designed for 4th edition) to non-con attendees.

The catch? Baldman can't post them online for free download. And neither can you, if you get them in your grubby little hands.

You have to pony up an email address first, and then you'll receive the files via email over several days -- seven zip archives in all, plus links to a Dropbox account holding maps and pregens. They're yours for FREE, but you have to agree to keep them off the open web, filesharing services, the *chanz, and all the "ahoy there matey" sites.

Check out the details here, or this forum post at Baldman Games.

Just for the sake of info, the zip files are rather large, so if your email storage quota is tight, be forwarned (somewhere in the 8-to-20 megabyte range). I don't think this is too much of an issue for most folks, but if you are on a pokey 'net connection (like me), then you'd might like to know.

I don't play 4e, but I love to snag stuff for inspiration and adaptation. Since these are free, you might as well request them.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Scavenging Free d20 Material from

Back in 2012, I pointed out that those interested could use a directed Google search to turn up some interesting freebies on

This time, I've categorized it for you, with direct links, no store account needed:


Beginner's Box Stuff
Beginner Box Character Sheet
Beginner Box Pregenerated Characters
Kyra Character Sheet Walkthru

D0: Hollows Last Hope - Gamemastery Module
D0: Hollows Last Hope (zip)
D0: Hollows Last Hope Pregens

Dragon Magazine Supplements

Issue 309
Gith Astral Ships (zipped)
Gith Brig Bottom
Gith Brig
Gith Brig Top
Gith Raider Lower
Gith Raider Middle
Gith Raider Top
Gith Skiff

Issue 344
DR344 Supplement

Issue 349
DR349 Supplement

Dungeon Magazine Supplements

Issue 097
Issue 94 Web Enhancement

Issue 098
Issue 98 Web Enhancement

Issue 100
Issue 100 Web Enhancement

Issue 114
DA144 Online Supplement
DA114 Online Supplement (print)

Issue 115
DA115 Online Supplement
DA115 Online Supplement (print)

Issue 116
DA116 Online Supplement
DA116 Online Supplement (print)

Issue 117
DA117 Online Supplement
DA117 Online Supplement (print)

Issue 118
DA118 Online Supplement (zipped)
DA118 Online Supplement (print) (zipped)
Greyhawk Map Legend (zipped)

Issue 119
DA119 Online Supplement (zipped)
DA119 Online Supplement (print) (zipped)

Issue 120
DA120 Online Supplement (zipped)
DA120 Online Supplement (print) (zipped)

Issue 121
DA121 Online Supplement (zipped)
DA121 Online Supplement (zipped)

Issue 122
DA122 Online Supplement (zipped)
DA122 Online Supplement hi res (zipped)

Issue 123
DA123 Online Supplement (zipped)
DA123 Online Supplement hi res (zipped)

Issue 124
DA124 Online Supplement lo res (zipped)
DA123 Online Supplement hi res (zipped)

Issue 125
DA125 Online Supplement lo res (zipped)
DA125 Online Supplement hi res (zipped)

Issue 126
DA126 Online Supplement lo res
DA126 Online Supplement hi res

Issue 127
DA127 Online Supplement lo res
DA127 Online Supplement hi res

Issue 128
DA128 Online Supplement lo res
DA128 Online Supplement hi res

Issue 129
DA129 Online Supplement lo res
DA129 Online Supplement hi res

Issue 130
DA130 Online Supplement lo res
DA130 Online Supplement hi res

Issue 131
DA131 Online Supplement lo res
DA131 Online Supplement hi res

Issue 132
DA132 Online Supplement lo res
DA132 Online Supplement hi res

Issue 133
DA133 Online Supplement lo res
DA133 Online Supplement hi res

Issue 134
DA134 Online Supplement lo res
DA134 Online Supplement hi res

Issue 135
DA135 Online Supplement lo res
DA135 Online Supplement hi res

Issue 136
DA136 Online Supplement lo res
DA136 Online Supplement hi res

Issue 137
DA137 Online Supplement lo res
DA137 Online Supplement hi res

Issue 138
DA138 Online Supplement lo res
DA138 Online Supplement hi res

Issue 139
DA139 Online Supplement lo res
DA139 Online Supplement hi res

Issue 140
DA140 Online Supplement lo res
DA140 Online Supplement hi res

Issue 141
DA141 Online Supplement lo res
DA141 Online Supplement hi res

Issue 142
DA142 Online Supplement lo res
DA142 Online Supplement hi res

Issue 143
DA143 Online Supplement lo res
DA143 Online Supplement hi res

Issue 144
DA144 Online Supplement

Thassilon Intro excerpt
More Magic of Thassilon
Magnimar map
Racial Traits

Foes, Factions, NPCs & Monsters
Aspis Consortium
Winter Witch

Pregenerated Characters
Pathfinder Society APG Level 1 Pregens

Pathfinder Society Cleric Pregens
Pathfinder Society Fighter Pregens
Pathfinder Society Gunslinger Pregens
Pathfinder Society Ninja Pregens
Pathfinder Society Rogue Pregens
Pathfinder Society Samurai Pregens
Pathfinder Society Wizard Pregens

Pathfinder Society Level 1 Pregens
Pathfinder Society Level 4 Pregens
Pathfinder Society Level 7 Pregens
Pathfinder Society Pregens by Class
Pathfinder Society Pregens by Level

Pathfinder Society UC Level 1 Pregens
Pathfinder Society UC Level 4 Pregens
Pathfinder Society UC Level 7 Pregens
Pathfinder UC Pregens by Class
Pathfinder UC Pregens by Level

Pregenerated Characters for Pathfinder Module: We Be Goblins!

Savage Tide Campaign
Savage Tide Player's Guide lo res
Savage Tide Player's Guide hi res
Savage Tide Conversion Guide part 1
Savage Tide Conversion Guide part 2
Savage Tide Conversion Guide part 3
Savage Tide Conversion Guide part 4

Web Supplements
Age of Worms Overload (zipped)
Challenge of Champions Player Handouts
Curse of the Crimson Throne Player's Guide
Harrow Rulebook
Shattered Star: Curse of the Lady's Light Web Supplement
Shackled City Player Handouts

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Free Jungle-themed RPG Supplements

On the "man, how did I overlook this?" front . . .

Dustin Brandt stopped blogging over at Fire in the Jungle back in September 2013. Before he signed off, he reduced the price of three, 16-page jungle-themed sandbox adventure tools to $6.54 each. And he made the PDFs available for FREE.

He's using MagCloud, which used to be owned by Hewlett-Packard and is now owned by Blurb. You'll need a free account to download the PDFs. If you want print, you'll have to pony up the cash via credit card or PayPal. Shipping starts at $2.56 for U.S. First Class Mail. For less than $25, you can get three cool jungle adventures delivered in print to your door.

Fire in the Jungle

Across the Wide Dark Jungle

Jungle Castle Rock Apocalypse

Also, be sure to grab his free little fantasy rpg supplement, The Rise and Fall of Zamzer and its accompanying map, which is based on material he wrote back in high school and college.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

New 5e Basic D&D PDF Available for Download @WotC

I pre-ordered the Starter Set from Amazon, and got an email earlier this week with an estimated delivery date of the third week of July.

I followed the 5e playtest (I've got all the playtest packets somewhere on my hard drives), and so I have been curious what 5e will "officially" bring.

Today, we get our first glimpse.

Wizards of the Coast released the FREE Basic Dungeons & Dragons 5e rules this morning. You can grab them here. It's over 100 pages (110 to be exact).

Quick overview:
  • It is a complete game, as promised, with rules from character creation to spell lists. No monsters, as this is meant for players rather than DMs. The expectation is to use the monsters from the Starter Set and then shell out cash for a new Monster Manual sometime this year or next.
  • No cover or cover art. In fact, no art at all except for the back cover, which is an explanation of what comes next.
  • Interestingly, it marks itself as "Version 0.1", so I expect to see updates as promised by Mike Mearls. However, since it's already a hefty 100 pages, I'll be interested to see what they add.
  • The layout is incredibly easy on the eyes. No page embellishments, margin decorations, etc. The background IS parchment-colored, so it will eat up ink if printed. It would have been nice if they either used layers (to allow turning off colors for printing) or produced a black-and-white only version. (UPDATE: They posted a printer-friendly version a few hours after I made this post. )Still, this is extremely easy to read (Adobe Reader tells me the main fonts are Bookmania, Interstate-Light, ModestoText, MrsEaves, and ScalaSans) and I don't feel it necessary to increase the zoom to read it on-screen.
  • Races include Humans, Dwarves, Elves, & Halflings (take that Tieflings & Dragonborn!)
  • Classes include Cleric, Fighter, Rogue, & Wizard. Advancement tables extrapolate proficiency bonuses and spells out to 20th level, but curiously do not list the XP needed to advance. This lack needs to be rectified. Ah! There is a unified advancement table on page 10 that I missed. And the amount of XP needed to get from 1st to 2nd is only 300, from 2nd to 3rd is 900 and from 3rd to 4th 2,700, and from 4th to 5th 6,500. These seem incredibly low.
  • There's a whole chapter on fleshing out a character's background and personality with plenty of random tables.
  • The Equipment chapter lists 7 different equipment packs to quickly equip new characters. Nice addition.
  • An abacus is on the equipment list. I guess my rogue can take a specialization in math?
  • Potions of healing are listed on the equipment list. Uh. So they are a commodity now, eh?
  • There are rules for lifestyle expenses and a handy random trinket table.
  • Mechanics of play are covered in Chapters 7–10, which cover an in-depth explanation of how to do stuff in-game (ability score checks, saving throws, adventuring rules, combat, spellcasting).
  • Chapter 11 covers spells. Longest chapter in book (pages 82 to 104). A complete spell list from 1st to 9th level for both Cleric & Wizard, with descriptions of the spells. Spells are described in alphabetical order.
  • A nice appendix at the end describes various conditions that affect characters/creatures.

It IS a complete game from the player perspective. So much so that I wonder if Mearls's bosses will think he is crazy for giving this away. The other game material the WotC produces in support of this version of D&D needs to be damn compelling to induce a purchase. Between the Starter Set and the Basic D&D PDF, you might have all you ever need to play.

Even the lack of monsters isn't that big of a deal. I mean, really--do you think that adopting something like the Terratic Tome to the new edition will be that difficult if you need a monster manual?

I'll be really interested to see what the new Starter Set brings. Sitting on my shelf are the original 3e starter set ("The Dungeon & Dragons Adventure Game") and the 4e Red Box, so I will be able to do a fair comparison between the three.