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Scavenging Free d20 Material from

Back in 2012 , I pointed out that those interested could use a directed Google search to turn up some interesting freebies on This time, I've categorized it for you, with direct links, no store account needed: Enjoy! Beginner's Box Stuff Beginner Box Character Sheet Beginner Box Pregenerated Characters Kyra Character Sheet Walkthru Monsters D0: Hollows Last Hope - Gamemastery Module D0: Hollows Last Hope (zip) D0: Hollows Last Hope Pregens Dragon Magazine Supplements Issue 309 Gith Astral Ships (zipped) Gith Brig Bottom Gith Brig Gith Brig Top Gith Raider Lower Gith Raider Middle Gith Raider Top Gith Skiff Issue 344 DR344 Supplement Issue 349 DR349 Supplement Dungeon Magazine Supplements Issue 097 Issue 94 Web Enhancement Issue 098 Issue 98 Web Enhancement (zipped) Issue 100 Issue 100 Web Enhancement Issue 114 DA144 Online Supplement DA114 Online Supplement (print) Issue 115 DA115 Online Supplement