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F72.33: Unlicensed Daycare Facility: A Playset for Flammable Hospital

Ever heard of Flammable Hospital ? It's an underground  Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG rules mod/setting booklet about shenanigans at a hospital that is constantly on fire. The aesthetic harkens back to the Xerox & mimeograph days of underground zine distribution. It's definitely NSFW & batshit crazy gonzo. It requires a seasoned GM who is used to winging it because Flammable Hospital isn't playable on its own. The booklet is nothing but flavorful random tables you use to create a nonsensical adventure on the fly. It's great fun to play over video chat. And it's hard as heck to get your hands on a copy. I haven't even seen scans of this bad boy on the 'chans & torrent sites. But I happen to have a hard copy, given to me by a close confidant from the G+ days. There are precious few supplements to this supplement floating around the blogosphere. Try to track down a copy of Abuse of Antacids if you can; it is well worth the trouble. Following the DIY