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Ablution: A Dungeon Poem

This is in response to Patrick Stuart's dungeon poem post way back in February. What can I say? I'm slow. Better ones by better writers are posted here . Map by Dyson Logos. Original located  here . Ablution: A Dungeon Poem 1. Three darknesses sulk in sorrow telling tales that end in silence: one lies, one whispers, one speaks in tongues— the delicacy of livers draws them near. 2. An old man withers, scrawls notes on walls in words he does not know; here, bones go to die. 3. Taste each barrel & beware the order or despair; colors run, sounds unwind, flesh & bone in stone entwine. 4. What you build will fail: the only out is through yet within the pit the ghasts await your warm embrace. 5. Shallows lap upon rocks like dogs at sup & hunger to grind flesh between pebbled teeth; feed them & learn answers to questions witches dare not ask. 6. A tease, a taunt, a shimmering— a treasure for the taking if takers be so bold to dare the darkened waters & what the wat