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A Surprising Expanded Petty Gods Update

Richard LeBlanc posted this morning that finally responded to his inquiries about why Expanded Petty Gods was yanked and his account closed without warning. I encourage you to go read his post and be as flabbergasted as I was at what happened. The TL;DR is that Expanded Petty Gods will soon be available again after Richard sets up a separate account for the ORC imprint, which is the "official" publisher of the book. Still, I would be wary of using if I were you, given that it was damn near impossible for Richard to get ahold of an actual human being to resolve this issue.

A Disappointing Update on Expanded Petty Gods

Richard LeBlanc over at Save vs. Dragon posted this morning that someone lodged a copyright complaint with in regards to Expanded Petty Gods . And deleted his account, because of course they did. The project was distributed as a gift to the community and was made available as a free PDF or at-cost in print from & DriveThruRPG; it made for a hefty and gorgeous hardback. But now, as a preemptive measure, Richard has pulled EPG from DriveThruRPG. As a result, there is no longer an official channel to download the PDF or order print copies.  While I am saddened that such a tremendous community project is no longer available in print, there are plenty of PDF copies floating around the internet. I'm not going to point you to those places, though; let's just say Google is your friend. And to whomever it was that lodged the copyright complaint, I hope you are happy with yourself for depriving the DIY gaming community of one of the most massive projects