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Gorgonmilk's d20 Table of Weird Drafts

I finally compiled gorgonmilk's d20 Table of Weird Drafts community project into a PDF. The project itself was finished back in January, but at some point, the big G switched to Wordpress from Blogger, then switched back and deleted the Wordpress site. I thought I had lost the entries that finished off the table, but I found the saved HTML file over the weekend. I finished this up last night after grading a stack of papers because I needed to clear my head. And here it is via my Dropbox: d20 Table of Weird Drafts You can also grab it from the side bar to the right, and from the downloads page.

New Magic Item: Ring of Daisies

New Minor Magic Item: Ring of Daisies Crafted by the elder wizard Gobodkin, this small copper ring is decoratively engraved with a garland of daisies. The ring is endowed with a mild dweomer which makes the wearer smell fresh and clean at all times, regardless of how filthy the wearer's clothing or personal hygiene. The ring will magically expand or contract to fit and can only be removed by writing the word "eateses" in dwarvish with the hand wearing the ring. It was intended as a wedding gift for Gobodkin's niece Helma Samothracia upon her betrothal to Tros Pyratkin, Admiral of King Caswallon's fleet. Upon Helma's accidental death during an archery competition prior to the wedding ceremony, Gobodkin took to wearing the ring himself and ceased bathing altogether, many say because his grief was so great. The ring was last seen in possession of his apprentice, Merwin the Magnanimous, to whom the ring passed upon Gobodkin's untimely death by troll-dust

One Page Dungeon Contest 2012 Entry

I've been creatively drained this month, as teaching and essay grading have taken up most of my time. But last night, during some down time, was purging old files on my hard drive and re-discovered the folder full of geomorphs from Risus Monkey and I was inspired. I pulled together the rough draft of this gonzo encounter in about two hours last night and spent about an hour tidying it up before sending it in to this year's One Page Dungeon Contest . You can download the PDF from my Dropbox by hitting the link below: LAZZER BEARS!?! FOR TEH WIN EDIT: I had left the label for area 1c off the map. It's fixed now. You might want to download a fresh copy.

Beetle Fire: Haiku

I've created a PDF of all the haiku I wrote for National Haiku Month this year. You can grab the compendium from my Dropbox . It looks terrible in the Dropbox viewer, so be sure to hit the download link on the page. It looks fine in Acrobat Reader, Preview, and Skim, so I'm thinking the problem is on Dropbox's conversion widget.

Campaign Builder's Guides--Found At Last!

Maybe you remember this post way back here , where I said I was looking for back issues of the Campaign Builder's Guide? Well, I've found them. I joined the forum over at, and posted a request for the files, and a user by the name of Túrin came through. So, without further ado, I give you the CBGuides ! Also, this post marks a transition for my personal zine archives. I've figured out how to share directories of files via Dropbox , so future zine archives I create will be hosted via Dropbox for ease of management. Please consider joining Dropbox via my affiliate link over in the right column or email me for an invite. Right now Dropbox is running a new promotion which gives an extra 500MB of space to new users who sign up via an invite. This means you would get 2.5GB of space rather than the regular 2GB--and I get extra space for free for referring you. This way, I can keep these great resources online. If you’d like an invitation to Dropbox , send me

d30 Table of Slightly Useful Mundane Items

Over on Dragonsfoot there's a community project thread compiling a list of Items Semi-Mundane, perhaps slightly useful . A DF user by the handle jobatett has compiled the full thread, along with some other tables, as part of a PDF, which you can find at the bottom of his download page . I contributed a good batch of things, and then I saw that they totaled up to 30. So here is a d30 table consisting of only my contributions. The following is declared Open Game Content : d30 Table of Slightly Useful Semi-Mundane Items 1. A small bag containing 72 mice skulls. 2. A stick of black chalk. 3. A half-eaten sausage covered in fuzzy mould. 4. A ceramic jar filled with 63 pickled eggs (and the pickling brine). 5. A fingerless four-fingered leather glove, left handed. 6. A pouch containing 181 pieces of shredded parchment. If pieced together (a task that might take many hours), the PC will be able to read the following message "Thanks for the lovely time last fortn

New Magic Item: Deck of Not a Lot of Things

The following is declared Open Game Content : The Deck of Not a Lot of Things is a rather pitiful magic item. It appears as a deck of playing cards consisting of two copies of each of the 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace cards of four suits (Cups, Crowns, Staves, Anchors) and two Jokers, for 50 cards per deck. The cards themselves always show signs of age and neglect: some have bent corners, some have notes written on their backs, some are defaced with lewd doodles, etc. At least 2 cards are usually missing from every deck, and are replaced with non-magical cards from standard suits. The character gaining The Deck of Not a Lot of Things may draw up to five cards, but must announce how many cards will be drawn prior to drawing the first card. As soon as one of the cards is drawn from the deck, its magic is bestowed upon the person who drew it, for better or worse. The cards & their effects are as follows: Anchors (black) 9 - Character gains a boat anchor. 10 - Charac

Dropbox Invites

Dropbox is running a new promotion, offering an extra 500MB of space to new users who sign up via an invite. This means new users would get 2.5GB of space rather than the regular 2GB--and the person sending the invite gets an extra 500MB, too. Since I use Dropbox to host many of the files linked to on this site, this is a win for everyone. If you’d like an invitation to Dropbox , send me an e-mail by clicking "view my complete profile" over on the left. If you’re reading in a reader, click on through to visit the blog. I'd really like to get as much free space as possible to I can consolidate the zine archives I've set up for many of the titles on the zine page . So, this is a win-win all the way around if you sign up via an invite.

Conan Vs. Cthulhu Dice Hack

I saw Greg's new call for Howard-inspired Lovecraftian stuff. So I made this . It hasn't been playtested. So please be my playtesters and tell me how it goes.