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Lasers & Feelings & Assorted L&F Mods

THIS LIST IS NO LONGER UPDATED AS OF 2022-10-18 I have a soft spot in my heart for Lasers & Feelings . I use it in my Digital Narratives class to introduce narrative design to my cRPG-loving students who have never played an analog RPG before, and they grasp it right away. I didn't think anyone had compiled a list of all available Lasers & Feelings mods that are out there, so I decided to do it myself. I have since learned that there is another list over at that started in January 2018 that is organized by theme.  This list, however, is straight-up alphabetical because I am lazy. These are English-language only because that's the only language I speak & read, too.  So, here we go: The Original Lasers & Feelings fan-made character sheet another fan-made character sheet fan-made  Lasers & Feelings supplemental fan-made character portraits for con games the song that inspired the game The Hacks & Mods Aces Ahoy Action C

Tunnels & Trolls For Free Via Old Game Manuals

Heydare! It's been awhile. I've been over on G+ mostly, neglecting this blog. But here's something I stumbled across: Tunnels & Trolls: Crusaders of Khazan PC Game Manuals  at the Computer Game Museum : Game Manual Ref Card  (contains errata for game manual) Clue Book You could run a whole game of T&T right from these, as they seem to be based on the 1979 5th edition rules. Be sure to download the clue book for maps, encounters, magic items, and a bestiary!