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Petty Gods: Revised & Expanded

Underworld Lore -- a mirror of the released issues

The Golden Scepter of the Trollfens & Other Miscellaneous Juvenilia
Convocation of Death (actually untitled; original document here)
The Catacombs of He Who Never Sleeps
Mini Module M1 - The Maze of Death
Mini Module M2 - The Priest of Evil
Habitition of the Stone Giant Lord (PDF) (original scans here)
Habitition of the Stone Giant Lord (CBZ) (original scans here)

Four Free Modules -- archived with permission from Mark Morrison

On the Ecology of the VĂ„rmen
Winter Has Shot Its Wad
An Unfortunate, Sensuous Sonnet (Quill scenario)
Bane of the Bone Wizard (Quill scenario)
Complication Deck
Hex Extrapolation Matrix OSR Pocket Monsters
Skirting the Edge of Political Correctness Die Drop Table
Hex Extrapolation Matrix Quick Hack
Story Cubes Die Drop Table
Magical Crowns Die Drop Table
Zero-Level Con Game Rules & 72 Zero-Level Pre-gens
DCC RPG Magic Ring Die Drop Table
Three Clerical Items of Renown
Unique Magic Gem Die Drop Table
June 2015 d30 Challenge Compilation
Potion Pill Die Drop Table
Magic Ring Die Drop Table
Wasteland Emporium & Wonderama Die Drop Table
Miracles of the Gnome Workshop Die Drop Table
What's In the Room? Die Drop Table
Deep Dungeon Gonzo Encounter Die Drop Table
Drop & Die Die Drop Table
Down in the Dungeon Die Drop Table
Dudebro Die Drop Background Generator
Receding Goblins & Gremlins v2
Teleportation Gone Awry Die Drop Table
The Terrifying Hedgebard
Random Die Drop Table . . . In Spaaaace!
Evil Gnome Die Drop Table
Angry Mob Die Drop Table
Zombie Retronauts in Spaaaaace! v4
You've Been Schooled
2d8 Minor Meddling Immortals (lo res)
2d8 Minor Meddling Immortals (hi res)
3d8 City Encounters (lo res)
3d8 City Encounters (hi res)
1d10 Encounters in the Alkaline Wasted Woods (lo res)
1d10 Encounters in the Alkaline Wasted Woods (hi res)
Rended Press Community Project - 2d24 Pit Trap Table
Rended Press: The Good Stuff 2011–2012
S&W Appreciation Day 2013 Scenario: Harnly's Hole (updated PDF!)
All The Sample DMG Dungeons Connected
The Wizard in the Woods is Up to Something (Maybe)
Gonzo Viking Level
Quick-n-Dirty Body Location Dice Drop Table
Quick-n-Dirty Creature Creation Dice Drop Table
A Hamsterish Hoard of Monsters
0-Level Characters: A Guide
Hitting the Bottle Week
Daddy Grognard's Cloak of Elviskind
Michael Tresca's Crypts & Critters
Gorgonmilk's d20 Table of Weird Drafts
Lazzer Bears!?! for teh Win
Beetle Fire: Haiku (looks weird in Dropbox viewer; download it)
Tome of Silly Verse
Conan vs. Cthulhu: A Cthulhu Dice Hack for Two Players
Eldritch Spell Attempt Cthulhu Die Table
Old School Heretic's Inside the Tome
Old School Heretic's Motivational Dysfunctions
Gorgonmilk's Goblin Market
Everyone's Grumpy Under That Hill (Iron Chef Contest Entry)
Gorgonmilk Dungeon Funk Table
Daddy Grognard's Bugbear Bridge
The Laughing Giant's Secret (entry for the OPD Contest 2011)
Gorgonmilk's Paranoia d20 Table
Nashka's Lair
Building the Sample Dungeon v05
Temple of the Ghoul (hi-res, 15.5MB)
Temple of the Ghoul (low-res, 0.5MB)
Mikeez Wurld Monsters for HackMaster (converted from hack/.net)

DM/GM Guide (early draft)