Old School Zines

ZineQuest zines are generally not included in this list, as they are one-offs. I try to focus on on-going zine titles, although there are a few older one-offs from the early 2010s still listed here because, hey, it's my list.

Here is a long list of non-comprehensive links to old school and new school fanzines, most of them free, published as PDFs and in print. If you know of some that I haven't included here, please email them to me at mwschmeer (atty-at) gmail (dotty-dot) com.

I still need to re-organize new zines to sort things by system, as I've just been adding new zines to the top for the past few years. I need to strikeout out discontinued zines or zines that are no longer available, too. If you hit some dead links let me know in the comments.

Non-free zines are marked them with three dollar sign symbols ($$$).

NEW Recently Released & Announced RPG Zines & Fanzines

Quest Fronts @itch.io
FivE Magazine (5e) @DriveThruRPG
The Killing Fields ($$$) @DriveThruRPG
The Twisted Stave (5e) @DriveThruRPG
Ravaging Plague (Mork Borg)
The Plebeian @DriveThruRPG
Arcadia (5e) ($$$)
Aquilus @DriveThruRPG
Flipping & Turning @ DriveThruRPG
The Pit Zine (General OSR) @ DriveThruRPG (PWYW)
FEAR the DARK (HeroQuest) @DriveThruRPG (PWYW)
Knucklebone Magazine (5e-ish) @itch.io ($$$)
Worlds Without Master @itch.io ($$$)
Skeleton Wizard (5e) @itch.io ($$$)
28-Mag (Wargaming zine) [incredibly slow download speed at present]
Parallel Worlds (UK Tabletop General Interest) @DriveThruRPG (PWYW) (alt link - $$$)
Flame Princess Cult @Google Drive
Dan Dies in the End (for DCC RPG) ($$$) @DriveThruRPG
The Arsonist's Almanac (Spire) @ itch.io
The Dungeonscape (Mork Borg) ($$$) @ DriveThruRPG
Badlandszine (Russian OSR)
MaximumHP (1e) ($$$)
High Fructose Hyperspace @ itch.io ($$$)
Low Country Crawl ($$$)
Mothership: Hivemind @ DriveThruRPG
Alarms & Journeys @ DriveThruRPG ($$$)
Harrowings from the Rime @ DriveThruRPG (PWYW)
Bexim's Bazaar (Pathfinder) @ DriveThruRPG ($$$)
Crawl-thulhu @ DriveThruRPG ($$$)
Nuggets @ DriveThruRPG (PWYW)
Psionic Platypus @ DriveThruRPG (PWYW)
Worldbuilding Magazine
After World
Gruechute @ DriveThruRPG (PWYW)
The Ubix @ DriveThruRPG (PWYW)
Parasitic Magician @ DriveThruRPG (PWYW)
The Adventurer's Journal (Star Wars d6)
Basic & Advanced Magazine ($$$)
Bayt al Azif: A Magazine for Cthulhu Mythos Roleplaying Games ($$$) @ DriveThruRPG
Through Ultan's Door ($$$)
Escalation (13th Age)
O Povo do Buraco (LotFP - Brazilian w/English translation) @ DriveThruRPG
Megadungeon ($$$) @ DriveThruRPG
Mastery Monthly (5e/system agnostic @ DriveThruRPG
Crepuscular (for DCC RPG) ($$$) @ DriveThruRPG
Echoes from Formalhaut ($$$) [HIGHLY Recommended!]
Black Dog 'zine (for LotFP) ($$$) @ DriveThruRPG
Quester's Log (for Dungeon Questing) @DriveThruRPG
Dice Roll ($$$)
Cavalier Attitude @DriveThruRPG ($$$)
The Dark Times (Horror/Conspiracy)
Azurth Adventures Digest (for D&D 5e) ($$$)
The Cities Zorathi (for DCC RPG) ($$$)
Sword & Board ($$$)
Meanderings (for DCC RPG) @ Patreon ($$$) & @ DriveThruRPG
Behold!  (for 5e) @ RPGNow ($$$)
Back to BasiX @ RPGNow ($$$)
Hobbs & Friends of the OSR @ Patreon ($$$)
San Diablo @RPGNow.com
Session Zero (for Dungeon World) @RPGNow ($$$)
Chromatic Soup (free PDF, $$$ for print)
The Twisting Stair ($$$ at select gaming cons)
Imperio for Thousand Suns ($$$)
Sword Breaker (for Dungeon World) @RPGnow.com
Fantastic! Exciting! Imaginative! (for Holmes D&D) @ Drivethrurpg.com
From the Shroud (for Crypts & Things) ($$$)
Into the Mists (for Pits & Perils, Blood of Pangea & Retrospace) @RPGNow.com ($$$)
Yggdrasil (for Pathfinder) @Paizo.com
Plundergrounds (for Dungeon World) @Patreon ($$$)
Vieja Escuela (Spanish)
From the Shroud (for Crypts & Things) @RPGNow ($$$)
Campaigner (Boardgame & Tabletop focus)
The Wizard's Scroll @RPGNow.com ($$$)
The Glory Road (see sidebar at link)
Sanctum Sectorum (sponsored by the Sanctum Sectorum podcast)
Codex (sponsored by The Gauntlet RPG podcast) @ Patreon ($$$)
The Black Hackzetteer @RPGNow.com ($$$)
Troll Gods
Mystic Punks (solo RPG ala Proteus magazine) ($$$)
Adventure Chronicle for 5e
The Peridot ($$$)
The Gazebo Gazette (PWYW @RPGNow)
A Letter from Yuggoth @RPGNow.com ($$$)
Splintered Realms Magazine (PWYW @RPGNow.com)
A Random Encounter ($$$) - A new OSR-themed interview-based zine.
Low Down Dirty Skunk (announced; no issues yet)
Wormskin @RPGNow.com ($$$)
YNGARR ($$$)
Gearing Guide to the Planes
Broken System @RPGNow.com (PWYW)
RND (PWYW @RPGNow.com; $4.50 print)
Tales from the Game Tavern ($$$)
Mystic Pangolin @ RPGNow.com ($$$)

One-shot Zine-like Things
Black Sun Death Crawl ($$$)
Demon Drums (Crawljammer) (@RPGNow, $$$)
The Null Singularity ($$$)
Secret Party House of the Hill Giant Playboy
Something Stinks in Stilton ($$$)
The Well of Souls (@RPGNow.com, $$$)

1-Page Zines
Boarding Action ($1US+)
Dark Ruin ($1US+)
Outpost Owlbear ($1US+)
The Pillars of Pang ($ - Donation to support +Corey Brin)
The Ten Foot Pole ($1US+)
The Scarlet Sorcerer's Sanctuary ($1US+)
Tolling of the Great Black Bell ($1US+)

Actual, Lovingly Hand-crafted, Printed Old School Zines For Sale
AFS Zine ($$$)
Alarums & Excursions (35+ years of issues; order by snail mail) ($$$)
DELVE! ($$$)
Dungeon Crawl ($$$)
A Letter from Los Angeles (I'll have an archive of this soon; previous link now a spam site)
LOVIATAR (back in print as of January, 2016!)
The Manor
6 Iron Spikes & a Small Hammer ($$$)
The Stronghold ($$$)
Wizards Mutants Laser Pistols ($$$)
Zogorion: Lord of the Hippogriffs ($$$)

General Old School Fantasy (0e, 1e, 2e, Classic & Retro-clones)
Another Bunch of Content @RPG.now ($$$)
Burgs & Bailiffs
Delver's Digest
Digital Ogre (scans of a 2e-era fanzine)
The Family Tabletop (announced; no issues yet)
Gygax Magazine ($$$)
The Hanging Garden (EPUB format)
I Want to Live in Los Angeles Not the One in Los Angeles (BRP)
Iridia (PDF compendium of all issues) (my personal archive)
Lapsus Calumni
Lincoln Middle School D&D Club (my personal archive)
Monster Pamphlet ($$$ - Print / PDF) -- OH MY GOD CHECK THIS OUT!
A Most Thoroughly Pernicious Pamphlet ($$$)
Odd Duk (NEW - announced; no issues yet)
Old School Quarterly (announced; no issues yet)
Pacesettings (teased; no issues yet)
Psychedelic Fantasies ($$$)
Travels: A Role Playing Guide Magazine (announced; no issues yet)
TrollCrusher 1977-1985 UK fanzine (currently offline)
Troll! (my personal archive)
Underworld Lore
Unofficial OSR (announced; no issues yet)
Zine-O-Morph @RPGNow.com ($$$)

System & Setting Specific Old School Zines

0e, 1e, & OSRIC
Fight On! ($$$; has announced end of run with issue #15)
The Guildsman (early 1990s fanzine)
Knights & Knaves Alehouse Magazine (in progress)
Oddities (archive @breeyark.org) (mirror @Alderon's Tower)
Old School Gazette @Paizo.com ($$$)
Zor Draxtau @RPGNow.com

The Age of Shadow
'Neath the Shadows ($$$)

Bare Bones Fantasy
Decahedron Magazine@RPGNow.com


Blood & Treasure
NOD ($$$)

B/X & Labyrinth Lord
Back to the Dungeon
Brave the Labyrinth @ RPGNow.com (PWYW)
The Dragon Horde
Dyson's Dodecahedron
Oubilette Magazine ($$$)
Scribe of Orcus ($$$)
Switching to Guns (alt link on Scribd)
Wizardzine ($$$)

Call of Cthulhu
The Arkham Gazette
The Unbound Book
The Unspeakable Oath ($$$)
Shudde M'ell Confidential (CoC)

Castles & Crusades
The Crusader Journal ($$$)
The Domesday Book @ Castles & Crusades Society
The Domesday Book @Dragonsfoot.org (alt link for above)

Creepy Comic Conversion for Cryptworld ($$$)

Delving Deeper
Hyperbarbaria (announced; no issues yet)

Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG
Black Powder, Black Magic: A Zine of Six-Guns & Sorcery ($$$)
CRAWL! ($$$)
Crawling Under a Broken Moon ($$$)
Crawljammer ($$$)
D.A.M.N! - DCC RPG Adventure Magazine and News@ RPGNow.com ($$$)
Dungeon Lord ($$$ @RPGNow.com)
The Gongfarmer's Almanac 2015 v.1-5 (for DCC RPG)
The Gongfarmer's Almanac 2015 v.6 (for DCC RPG)
The Gongfarmer's Almanac 2016 (for DCC RPG)
The Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad (PWYW @ RPGNow.com)

Empire of the Petal Throne
The Book of Visitations of Glory
The Excellent Travelling Volume ($$$)

Forgotten Realms
Forgotten Realms Alternate Dimensions (NEW!)

4C System
Ashcan Edition (alt link to personal archive)
Threat Record ($$$)

Fighting Fantazine
Kai Grand Sentinel (for Lone Wolf)
Lone Wolf Club Newsletters

Glorantha setting
Rule One


Heroes & Other Worlds
Cauldron ($$$)

Hideouts & Hoodlums
The Trophy Case @RPGNow.com
(H&H is a mod of the Swords & Wizardry rules)

Lamentations of the Flame Princess
Green Devil Face ($$$)
The Undercroft (now in print & PDF)($$$)
Vacant Ritual Assembly (PWYW @ RPGNow.com)

Lejendary Adventures
The Portal

Marvel Super Hero RPG (MSHRPG)
The New Marvel-Phile

Mazes & Minotaurs
Minotaur Quarterly

Middle Earth setting
Other Hands (site is slooooooow)
Other Minds (another slow site; a continuation of Other Hands)

The Aether Magazine

Open D6 System
d6 Magazine@ RPGNow.com

Rogue Space
Rogue Transmission

Hearts in Glorantha ($$$)
Rack & Rune
The Log That Flies

SkyRealms of Jorune
Borkelby's Folly
Danstead Traveller
Journal of the Tan Soor Historical Society
Segment Jorune
(all of the above Jorune zines require an account to download)

Star Frontiers
Star Frontiersman
Frontier Explorer @RPGnow.com (alt link for no-account download)

Apocalyptic Post <-- this link acts weird sometimes (personal archive)
Project: Stone Jambalaya (Gamma World 1e/2e) (alt link)
Wisdom from the Wastelands @RPGNow.com ($$$)

Science Fantasy
Phasic (Encounter Critical; my personal archive)

Star Wars d6
Wild Space Magazine

Stars Without Number
Infinite Stars (switched to blog format; my personal archive of PDF issues)
The Sandbox (for Sine Nomine's retro-influenced games) @ RPGNow.com

Swords & Wizardry
The Archmage's Octavo
Knockspell ($$$)
Secrets (now in print & PDF) ($$$)

Tamar (via archive.org)
The Crucible
Shan-Ya – The Madness Known as Talislanta

AAB Proceedings
Freelance Traveller
Frontier Report
Imperium Staple
Into the Deep
Kfan Uzangou
Signal-GK (alt link)
Stellar Reaches
Third Imperium
Tidewater Traveller TIMES / Terra Traveller TIMES
Tiffany Star

TSR World Settings

Forgotten Realms
The Candlekeep Compendium

Canonfire! Chronicles
The Oerth Journal (new hosting site) (old hosting site)

Threshold: The Mystara Magazine

Pelinore Adventure Fanzine (announced; no issues yet)

Bone-Box Rattler (my personal archive)
Eye of Xaos
The Lady's Sharper Eye
Planewalker's Codex

Quoth the Raven
Stygian (my personal archive)
Undead Sea Scrolls

Tunnels & Trolls
Elder Tunnels ($$$)
Pocket Troll: A T&T Microzine ($$$)
The Snollygoster @RPGNow.com
TrollZine @RPGNow.com (if anyone knows of a mirror site, let me know)

White Star
Radiotapes Intercept for White Star
Nova Scream (announced; no issues yet)
Planetary Transmission @RPGnow.com ($$$)

New Schoolish, But Worth Mining for Ideas

5e D&D
Enworld En5ider ($$$)
The Spire ($$$)

13th Age

Colonial Times @ RPGNow.com ($$$)(alt link)

Action Check
Action Check + Supplements
Last Resort

Ars Magica
Hermes' Portal (link to my personal archive)

Basic Action Super Heroes
BAM! Basic Action Magazine @RPGNow (alt link)

Basic RolePlaying
BaZAR (French)
Uncounted Worlds

Battlefleet Gothic
Warp Rift

Argent Fire (my personal archive)
Commando Quarterly

Campaign Cartographer's Guild
Campaign Builder's Guide (my personal archive)


d20 (3e/3.5e) & GSL (4e)
Almanac (my personal archive)
Asgard Magazine (my personal archive)
Combat Advantage @RPGNow (**highly recommended**)
d20Zine! @RPGNow.com
Explosive Runes
Free Hack (site is slow, requires registration)
4e Forever!
Game Geek @RPGNow.com ($$$ - used to be free . . .)
Houserule (for 3.5e, 4e, & 5e) @ RPGNow.com
Journal of American Paranormal Research
Kobold Quarterly (new school, but damn!) ($$$)
Knowledge Arcana (**highly recommended**)
Knowledge (Current Events) (my personal archive)
Open Game Bazaar
Phoenix Lore
Poor Gamer's Almanac @RPGNow.com
Portable Hole Full of Beer
Shadows of the Tower @RPGNow.com
Silven Trumpeter (link coming soon)

Dark Conspiracy
Demonground (requires registration)

Dr. Who
Diary of DWRPG

Dungeon World
Grim Portents

Book of Tomorrow
Tableau Infractus

Eclipse Phase
The Eye

Ink Monkeys

The FATE Codex ($$$)

General Interest (mix-n-match of systems)
Randomocity (first issue PWYW, others $$$)

Generic (reviews, talk, theory, etc.)
Call to Assembly @RPGNow.com
Daedalus (my personal archive)
Flagship Magazine
G.A.M.E.R.S. Newspaper @RPGNow
The Gazebo (@issuu.com -- Flash required)
Imazine (pdfs via Google)
International Journal of Role-Playing (academic/scholarly research)
Roleplaying Tips (**highly recommended**)
The Way, The Truth, and the Dice (zine for Christian gamers)

Generic Sci-Fi
Infinite Horizons @RPGNow.com

The Rap Sheet (my personal archive)

Heavy Gear
Gear Up! Magazine

Clix Addict
Critical Hit (my personal archive)

HS Codex (alternate link coming soon!)

Hero System
EZ Hero free samples

Hollow Earth Expedition (Ubiquity engine)
Danger Magnet!

Protodimension Magazine (ceased publication 2017-03)

Bite Mark

Steel Heart

Layonara (Neverwinter Nights fan setting)
Dragon's Whisper @RPGNow.com

Legend of the Five Rings
Musha Shugyo

Lord of the Rings
Hall of Fire

Lord of the Rings: Strategy Battle Game
Grey Havens

Midnight (d20 fantasy campaign)
The Tome of Sorrows

Modern d20

Following Fire

Mutants & Masterminds
Sinners & Saints (my personal archive)
Super Samurai (my personal archive)

Mutant Epoch
Excavator Monthly ($$$)

CypherCast (@RPGNow.com $$$)


Adventure Quarterly ($$$)
Enworld Trailblazer ($$$)
Pathways @RPGNow.com (**highly recommended**)
The Rite Review @RPGNow.com (became Pathways)
Tattlebox @Paizo.com
Wayfinder @Paizo.com (**highly recommended**)

Dragons of Britain @ RPGNow.com

The Gifter (link to my personal archive)

Romance of the Three Kingdoms
Revisiting the Three Kingdoms (my personal archive)

Savage Worlds
Savage Insider
Shark Bytes (**highly recommended**)

Dumpshock Datahaven
Neo-Anarchists Guide to Everything Else (NAGEE) issues 1-6
NAGEE issues 1-6, collected & edited
NAGEE issues 1-9 (my personal archive)
Shadowrun Supplemental (my personal archive)


SLA Industries
SLAIndustries.net Monthly Collection
The Big Picture (TBP)

Star Trek (CODA engine)
Beyond the Final Frontier

Swords Without Master
Words Without Master ($$$)

Outre Realms (my personal archive)

Go Wherever! @RPGNow.com ($$$)

Astro Mag
The Bellower
The Chapter Standard (my personal archive)
The Citizen Levy (list is on lower left side)
Dark Magenta
The Doom Seeker (must register to download)
Firebase (Issue 1-6) (via archive.org - filter by pdf)
Firebase (Issues 7 & 8) (via archive.org - filter by pdf)
(I'll have a personal archive link for the Firebase issues soon)
The Invocation
Irresistible Force
Liber Fanatica
The Portent Oracle (my personal archive)
Skavenblight Gazette
Strike to Stun (bottom of page)
The Invocation
The Watchman (via archive.org - filter by pdf; my archive link coming soon)
The Word of Hashut

The Remnants (my personal archive)

World of Darkness
Apocryphus Woods
Inner Voice

Forever Folio

Miniatures & Wargaming

The Ancible
CH Online Magazine (buried in link list)
Fictional Reality(links to zines disappeared)
Irregular Magazine
No Turkeys (bilingual - Italian/English)
Portal (dedicated to painting)
Wargames Bloggers Quarterly (@Google+ Community)
Wargames Journal (Issues 1-6 only)
Warning Order (historical military)


Anduin (German)
DM Magazine (Italian)
Den Sorte Dværg (Danish; a continuation of Psuedo-Dragen, below)
Eastenwest (French) (direct link to pdf directory)
Éditions La Saltarelle (French)
Grottzine (Swedish; some content in English) ($$$/free pdf when print run sells out)
Mjolnir (Swedish/English[from issue 7>])
Petit Dragon (French; 4e)
Pseudo-Dragen (Danish)
Rebel Times (Polish)
Reduto do Bucaneiro (Brazilian/Portuguese)
RolePunkers @RPGnow.com (Brazilian/Portuguese)
Rollespilsmagasinet ÆRA (Danish)
SLV Zine (Finnish)
SpielxPress (German)
Spotkania Losowe (Polish)
Weltenbote (German)
WunderWerk Online (German)
Zunftblatt (German)

Play-by-Mail (PBM)

Suspense & Decision

Publisher Newsletters

Addiktion Monthly - GameAddikts - @RPGNow.com
The Circular - Contested Ground Studios
Duty & Honor Almanac - @RPGNow.com - Omnihedron Games
Epitaph - @RPGNow.com - White Wolf
Mire End Tribune - Contested Ground Studios
RPGNow Downloader Monthly @RPGNow.com
Signs & Portents - Mongoose Publishing
Silver Gryphyon Monthly @RPGNow.com
Skirmisher Update @ RPGNow.com - Skirmisher Publishing
Skulls and Crosses - Scaldcrow Games
Troll's Tusk - Troll Lord Games
White Wolf Quarterly / Sword & Sorcery Insider (via archive.org)

Story Games (a bit off the mark for this list, but so what)

ME&R Zine (PWYW @ Gumroad)


David Key said…
Great list, thank you. This has given me a lot to add to my campaign.
Matthew Schmeer said…
@TMMG: You're welcome!
Jaap de Goede said…
Thanks for the list! Excellent for inspiration.

Just posted a link to it on http://www.darkdungeon2.com/2011/08/pick-65-free-zines-and-more-zines.html

Thanks for the mention of NOD - I appreciate it!
Mike said…
Wow...this is an amazing list! Thanks!!
Great list!
Long live the Zine!
John Y said…
I was hoping someone had done this. Awesome and thanks!
Lum said…
This right here, is why the internet is awesome.

I like how you put the physical zines at the top of the list.

Also; not one, not two, but FIVE different Skyrealms of Jorune Zines: wow!
grodog said…
For CoC, you can add The Unspeakable Oath to the list of zines (publishers are Pagan Publishing and ArcDream Publishing) @ http://www.arcdream.com/zencart/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=2

Thanks for linking my zine!
Sizzaxe said…
Good stuff! Thank you!!
beasterbrook said…
Can you tell me how many issues of "A Letter from Los Angeles" were made? do you have a conact that did them.. I collect printed zines thats all and would like a copy..Thanks.. Brette:)
beasterbrook said…
hmm.. can't follow this thread for some reason..if you can take the time to email me when you post that would be great, my email is beasterbrook at hotmail dot com

Matthew Schmeer said…
@Beasterbook: I have six issues. It was a one-page zine, double-sided. The last issue I have promises a continuation of the encounter in the next issue, but I never saw that continuation.
beasterbrook said…
Thanks.. now to track em down;)

Reverend Dak said…
BTW, my zines are all still available in PRINT! http://crawlfanzine.blogspot.com/p/buy-now.html
Matthew Schmeer said…
@Dak: Hmm. Good point. Maybe I need to start pointing out which zines are availble in both formats.
Daniel Sell said…
Thanks for adding my zine. It's a nice blog you have here.
Excellent all-encompassing list, brings back a lot of memories to a 60-year old true Old School Gamer.
carl said…
Thank you for compiling and maintaining this terrific list.
Unknown said…
Thanks for adding Mystic Pangolin, although as you note the webpage is not available at the moment. It was only available as a print zine, and I thought it was an Actual, Lovingly Hand-crafted, Printed Old School Zine ;) One day, issue 2 will surface.
Matthew Schmeer said…
@Blackie: I've moved the listing to the print category. It was originally mixed in a long list of new zines, but I since the page was down, I had no way to confirm where to list it.
Tom Stephens said…
And for the Frontier Explorer, the zine's website is http://frontierexplorer.org where you can get the PDFs, plus full size copies of all the art and the individual articles in HTML format (well most of them at least. I'm a bit behind on getting them all up).
Matthew Schmeer said…
@Terl: Added the link.
The Malum said…
The Iridia archive appears to be down. :( I've got my own collection of the PDFs, but I'm missing a couple.
Matthew Schmeer said…
@The Malum: Thanks for catching the 404! The link should be fixed now. The URL shortner link didn't work anymore, so I updated it with the full URL.
Alexey said…
WMLP! Update: Issue #7 is in the works. Thanks for listing us!
Vicg61 said…
Matthew, Thanx soooo much for adding SkullFuck to the list! A big fat #2 will be available soon, like early summer '16!
See ya.
Donnie Ewald said…
Are there any active print zines in English?
Matthew Schmeer said…
@Donnie Ewald: ...ummmm.....did you even click on any of the links on this list? Almost all of the zines here are published in English and a great many of them are still active.
Jason Hubbard said…
Thanks for listing Irregular Magazine
Unknown said…
Thanks for the list! A few more to be added if you can find sources.

BattleTech: BattleTechnology, Future Wars, Heavy Battle, The War College of Goshen Review, The Tech Factory (Was called the Mech Factory for the first 3 issues), ComNet, Freedonian Herold, Life Support, Mech, MechForce, MechForce Quarterly, MekTek.

Need to continue curating my library to see what else I can list for you. Some of those are print only officially, some are electronic. Most can be found soft copy if you look around.