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Underworld Lore mirror

Just a quick note to say that I've got a mirror of Gorgonmilk's zine. 

Harnly's Hole: An Adventure for S&W WhiteBox

UPDATE on 2014-02-03: An updated version of this adventure in PDF format can now be found on the downloads page ! Why do I like Swords & Wizardry WhiteBox ? It's deadly, that's why! It makes for gritty, dangerous dungeon crawls at low-level where the spectre of death is ever-present. This scenario was created using only the monsters found in the WhiteBox ruleset. My preferred version of these rules is the no-longer-available 2nd printing by Brave Halfling Publishing , although you should have no problem running it with the freely available 3rd printing PDF from the Swords & Wizardry website . The stat block are for the monsters as found in the 2nd print and differ slightly from those found on . This scenario is a grind; there is much risk and slight reward in the way of treasure (but there are treasures!). It is also designed to have 2 of the player characters join the game after their discovery; the DM may opt to run these as NPCs. The Hs