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Community Project: The Trouble With Troglodytes

[EDIT #2: IT IS DONE! Well, almost. It still needs a wandering monsters/random encounters table. I'll pull that together for the final PDF.] [EDIT: A big fat "HELLO LADIES!" to those of you link-jumping from YDIS . Please feel free to follow pixie whistlebritches's lead and add your own distorted/gonzo/potty-humored room to the mix.] How about a community project? You guys fill this thing out, and I'll compile it into a PDF when it's done. Note #1: I reserve the right to edit entries. Note #2: I'm thinking we need to call this the Marc Pavone Project if the rest of you bastards don't step up soon. Some guidelines: The theme is Troglodytes . Make of this what you will. Use whatever retro-clone stat block you like for monsters & spells & magic items: Swords & Wizardry, Labyrinth Lord, or OSRIC. Everything you post is considered to be Open Game Content, freely offered and free to be reused or remixed once the whole shebang is co