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The 2000 Coin Dungeon

Consider this my 2¢. Weaver Bob's Hole A Map & Key That Might Not Fit But Any DM Worth His/Her Salt Can Make It Work KEY Room 1 The area looks average compared with other sections of this place. Tossed around the area are a gold music box worth 2000cp, a dagger hilt, a painting of a city, pottery shards scattered around, and a brass spoon +1. Located inside the gold music box  is a white cloth sack containing 2000pp / 2000gp / 2000ep / 2000sp / 2000cp. Room 2 The area is pretty unextraordinary at first glance. Throughout the area are rusty metal pliers, bent metal ladle, a corroded brass dented shield, 3 blank scrolls, a corroded iron pail, and an iron kettle. Room 3 The area has a stillness in the air with an average temperature for the area. You can make out a loud splintering sound coming from somewhere. Throughout the area are purple thread (50 feet), useless quill, mat, cracks in the floor, blue pillow, 6 bent brass hooks o