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OWLBEAR!, part 4


OWLBEAR! part 3

If an Owlbear and a Bearowl interbred, what would we call their offspring ?

OWLBEAR! part 2

The Original Owlbear & his creator, the mad Sorcerer Guvner Lugosi the Blind


Yeah, they totally got it on back in the '70s. And the result was this:

Free D&D-ish Webcomics You Should Be Reading

The Clandestinauts SideKick Quests Marvin the Mage Got more? List them in the links. And please, no Elfquest .

Magical Monstrosity Press

If you haven't checked out this website yet, what the heck are you waiting for? Magical Monstrosity Press

Learn to Write and Play RPGs for $1,420.00 per Credit Hour, Plus Fees!

I really wish I could teach this class at the University of Southern California (links to a PDF): Game Studies Seminar: Role-playing Games Note: the dude is using the FLAILSNAILS conventions in class ! (note: the cost per credit hour info is from this here PDF)

Hârn: Dark Rethem

If you havent' been keeping up with what's going on over at, the official portal for all things Hârn, then you might have missed this work of "fanon" (fan canon): Dark Rethem What we have here are 15 downloads for a 3-part adventure arc, with the promise of a 4th installment in the future. There are lots of great stuff to mine for other fantasty adventure games in this series. Seriously, go check it out.

The 2000 Coin Dungeon

Consider this my 2¢. Weaver Bob's Hole A Map & Key That Might Not Fit But Any DM Worth His/Her Salt Can Make It Work KEY Room 1 The area looks average compared with other sections of this place. Tossed around the area are a gold music box worth 2000cp, a dagger hilt, a painting of a city, pottery shards scattered around, and a brass spoon +1. Located inside the gold music box  is a white cloth sack containing 2000pp / 2000gp / 2000ep / 2000sp / 2000cp. Room 2 The area is pretty unextraordinary at first glance. Throughout the area are rusty metal pliers, bent metal ladle, a corroded brass dented shield, 3 blank scrolls, a corroded iron pail, and an iron kettle. Room 3 The area has a stillness in the air with an average temperature for the area. You can make out a loud splintering sound coming from somewhere. Throughout the area are purple thread (50 feet), useless quill, mat, cracks in the floor, blue pillow, 6 bent brass hooks

I Really Wish I Knew French So I Could Read This


Novos Akros = Omegakron

Whoa. Check out this stuff inspired by Lords of Creation , Tom Moldvay's rpg from back in the day! Go check this out: History of Novos Akros from Steve Felix on Vimeo . And then check this out (it's ambient electronica; be forewarned!): Novos Akros by Novos Akros Now how cool is that? Man, I would have LOVED to have seen this movie!