Friday, August 29, 2014

Bookface: Underworld Lore Edition


My name is Bookface and I approved this message.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Where Have You Been, Bookface?

Summer is over. Bookface is back. He's just getting through the backlog of mail. Here are some highlights.

Tim Shorts' excellent sixth issue of The Manor. The seventh issue just dropped, so I need to re-up by subscription.

This is definitely one of the gems of the bloggers-turned-zinesters scene. Worth every penny and then some.

Rev. Dak's Crawl! #10. This issue is all about new class options. Definitely something to steal for your game here. The first of the DCC RPG fanzines is still one of the best.

Of course I say this not having subscriptions to the others, so if Crawljammer and Crawling Under a Broken Moon want to comp me subscriptions so I can make a fair and honest comparison,  I have no problems with that.

Wizards, Mutants, Lazer Pistols #5 & #6.

If you haven't checked out this old school photocopied zine, you are in for a treat. Issue 2 is sold out, but the other issues are still available.

You gotta dig the hand-drawn covers and Xeroxed vibe of this baby. It's like an old junior high school zine, but written by adults mixing Xanax and tequila watching early Sam Raimi movies to a Rob Zombie soundtrack. That's a compliment, by they way.

(In writing this post, I mistyped the title of this excellent zine as "Wizards, Mutants, Lizard Pastels," which sounds like a random table in Underworld Lore.)

New Big Dragon does good work. Richard LeBlanc sources and ships his own print books and they are cheaper and better than the POD versions that he used to sell on

The Ogress of Anubis is a solid adventure scenario for levels 4–6 (BX/LL) and crams a lot of goodness into 16 pages. Richard does a great job at layout and production, and the design quality of both the adventure and the physical product is among the best I've seen in the self-published OSR scene.

If you don't have a copy of both the d30 DM Companion and the d30 Sandbox Companion, your DM toolbox is incomplete.

If you want to check out just how useful his d30 tables are, hit this link and download every damn thing labeled under this tag.

Remember, if you order stuff direct from Richard, he throws in cool metal buttons, too. Collect them all!

Also, Richard runs the Order of the d30 G+ Community and the Classic Microgames G+ Community, so join up or check those links for even more old school goodness.

John Yorio's 6 Iron Spikes & A Small Hammer has a cover that just screams "old school" and delivers on the goods inside, too.

Stalin's Tanks & Rommel's Panzers. Picked these up at Half-Priced Books sometime at the beginning of summer. Mint, minus the dice. These are great micro war games and I don't have the heart to cut them up and play them, so they are merely displayed on my office game shelf.

I played the hell out of Dragonmaster when I was 12. Saw it on eBay and grabbed it at a ridiculously low price. I love the art. Check it out this site, which has high-rez scans of all the cards (also be sure to check out that dude's Dark Tower pages!).

Mechanically, it's a trick-taking card game that uses plastic gems to keep track of points. It plays fairly fast, but given the age of the games, I need to get some card sleeves to protect the art and I haven't found a size that fits yet. See more about the game at the Board Game Geek entry.

Tune in later this week for another Bookface post. The mailbox overfloweth!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Underworld Lore #4!

Get it here:

A Weird Thing To Drop In Any Dungeon

Note: Here's a PDF of this post for easy printing.

You’ve Been Schooled
A Stop, Drop, & Roll Adventure Seed Dice Table
(You’ll need a d4, a d6, a d8, and a d10)

The PCs have stumbled into a schoolroom in the middle of the dungeon. The teacher is having a bit of trouble with the students. Can the PCs give Mrs. Winterwitch a hand?

Drop a d4, a d6, & a d8 on the Class Picture.

If any die lands on Mrs. Winterwitch, drop all the dice again.

If more than one die occupies a square on the chart, leave one and drop the other(s).

The d4 is X
The d6 is Y
The d8 is Z

Roll the d10 and consult the Situation Table

Situation Table

1. Z convinced X to place a whoopee cushion on Y’s chair just before the PCs entered the room. Hilarity ensued. Y has asked Z to help beat up X. X is claiming innocence. Can the PCs help sort it out?

2. Z forged a mush note and signed it with Y’s name, and passed it to X. X wrote a response and got caught passing it back to Z. Mrs. Winterwitch made X read the note aloud. Now Y is seething mad at X and things are about to get out of hand. . .

3. X and Y were caught playing “seven minutes in heaven” in the coat closet by Z, who spread the news around the classroom. X and Y are actively trying to beat the crap out of Z, and Mrs. Winterwitch is having trouble restoring order.

4. Z has copied test answers from Y. X ratted out both of them to Mrs. Winterwitch. Y is having an emotional breakdown about how this mark on their record will affect college scholarship offers. Z is actively attacking X while Mrs. Winterwitch tries to console Y. Can the PCs get to the bottom of all this?

5. Three new students have transferred into the class and have decided to make things tough on Mrs. Winterwitch. Of X, Y, and Z, one is an honor student, one is a juvenile delinquent, and one is always confused. The honor student always tells the truth, the juvenile delinquent always lies, and the average student can either lie or tell the truth.

Y says Z is a juvenile delinquent.
X says Y is the honor student.
Z says “I am an average student.”

Mrs. Winterwitch can’t figure out who is the honor student, who is the juvenile delinquent, and who is the average student. Can the PCs?*

6. Z has eaten all the glue in the classroom (and does not regret that decision). Mrs. Winterwitch sent X and Y to the supply cabinet to get some more. When they opened the supply cabinet, they were sucked into a time portal to Cleveland circa 1976. If they’re not back before school is dismissed, Mrs. Winterwitch could lose her job. Can the PCs go get them?

7. X and Z won’t allow Y to sit with them for in-class lunch (it’s too dangerous in the dungeon right now to go to the cafeteria). Y ate lunch with both of them all the time before today and doesn’t know why they are acting this way.

8. Z & Y used to be BFF, but today Z claims that Y is nothing but a dimwitted banded skink and is claiming X is now his/her BFF. Y is crushed and mad at Z more than X, but is trying to woo X away from Z with bribes of candy & other sweets.

9. Y has been having an affair with Mrs. Winterwitch. Mrs. Winterwitch thinks X suspects something. Z is the one who actually knows something and has been writing lewd notes & stick-figure drawings on the chalkboard hinting at that knowledge, but has tried to frame X by leaving chalk in X’s desk & chalk dust on X’s coat in the coat closet, etc. Y is madly in love with Mrs. Winterwitch and is plotting to whisk her away from the dungeon during the Beltane break. X has a crush on Y and hates Mrs. Winterwitch because she’s recommending X be held back a year because of poor math grades.

10. Mrs. Winterwitch has lost it. She’s imprisoned X, Y, and Z inside an isolation orb (a flaming sphere set on simmer) because she’s sick of their constant bickering over who said what about whom and all the snarky, gossipy, whining noisy-noise. What’s going on in the orb? Look at the result of the d4:

1. Y claims X secretly likes Z, but Z says that X really likes Y, even though Z secretly likes them both. Oh, man, the arguments . . .

2. X and Z say Y’s mother wears combat boots. Even though she does indeed wear combat boots as a member of the Demon Lord’s Fighting Fifth Regiment, Y was offended and has started an epic “Yo’ Mama” rant in reply and won’t shut up.

3. Z has made 1000s of rubber cement boogers and is flicking them at Y. X is attempting to stop the assault by shooting rubber bands at Z. Y, caught in the crossfire, is whining. Loudly.

4. X and Y are siblings. Z’s dad accidentally ran over their pet rust monster. X and Z engaged in a shoving match and things escalated to a fist-fight and so . . . isolation orb. Everyone is pouting and not talking to each other.
Resolutions & Rewards
If combat ensues, treat all students as Humanoid Thugs (they are 3rd graders, after all). Mrs. Winterwitch is a 6th level wizard working out the tail end of a community service sentence (for littering) and has two months left on her sentence. As part of her sentence, she is supposedly limited to only casting cantrips but has a trick or two up her sleeve (see #10, above).

If the PCs can successfully resolve the rolled situation without resorting to violence, reward them 1000XP and roll 1d20 on the below treasure table (all treasure is worth 1d10 cp, but are priceless to the school kids . . .):

  1. Fortune Telling Mystic Medallion (with Zodiac symbols!)
  2. Skin Head Wig
  3. Joy Buzzer
  4. Trick Black Soap
  5. “How to Become a Ventriloquist” informational booklet
  6. Phony Cast
  7. 1 pack Onion-flavored gum
  8. 1 pack Hot Pepper gum
  9. Sling Shot
  10. Sneezing Powder
  11. Itching Powder
  12. Luminous Wrist Compass
  13. Hypno-Coin + 25 lesson “How to Hypnotize” pamphlet
  14. Exploding Fountain Pen
  15. Whoopee Cushion
  16. 100 Monster Stickers
  17. Jiu+Jitsu Nerve Center Chart
  18. Finger Guillotine
  19. Snow Tablets
  20. 1 pair X-ray Specs

*Solution to #5
Y is the honor student.
Z is the average student.
X is the juvenile delinquent.

Z is not the honor student, since if she/he is, then Y would also be the honor student.

X is not the honor student, since his/her statement would then be a lie.

Therefore Y is the honor student. Hence X is the juvenile delinquent, and Z is the average student.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

5e Resource List

(Edit on 2015-March-05: I've deleted the links to fan resources; EN World has an ongoing list that's better.)

So Wizards of the Coast released an updated version of the free Basic rules, splitting them into a Player's version and an DM's version. And you probably know there are some other free resources for 5e floating around WotC's new craptastically designed website (I say craptastictally because all legacy content seems to have been nuked).

Anyway, I've gathered those links here, plus some great goodies from around the interwebs.

Homebrew Extravaganza



Official 5e Resources

5e SRD
D&D 5e System Reference Document v5.1
D&D 5e System Reference Document v1.1

Magic: The Gathering Campaign Settings for D&D
Magic: The Gathering - Plane Shift: Dominaria (D&D setting)
Magic: The Gathering - Plane Shift: Ixalan (D&D setting)
Magic: The Gathering - Plane Shift: Amonkhet (D&D setting)
Magic: The Gathering - Plane Shift: Kaladesh (D&D setting)
Magic: The Gathering - Plane Shift: Innistrad (D&D setting)
Magic: The Gathering -  Plane Shift: Zendikar (D&D setting)

DRA20 - The Adventure Zone: Return to the Test of Initiation (comic + adventure)
DRA19 - Fedifensor 2 (sword stats updated for 5e)
DRA19 - Fedifensor (AD&D 1e reprint)
DRA19 - Ruins of Matolo
DRA18 - The Crypts of Kelemvor
DRA18 - Gribbit's Detective Agency: A Dragon's Friend Adventure for 1st-Level Characters
DRA18 - The Risen Mists
Nicholas the Gift-Giver's Northern Palace
Planescape Torment Enhanced Edition Bestiary for 5e
Frost Giant's Fury comic Character Sheets
The Best of the DM Guild: The Haunt
Dino Wars
The Hangover - A Rat Queens Adventure
Rat Queens Character Sheets: Betty Dee Hanna Violet
Best of the DM Guild: Trouble in Waterdeep
DRA5 - The Barber of Silverymoon + walk-through map by Jason B. Thompson
Banquet of the Damned (removed)
2017 Valentine's Day Card
2016 Holiday Card #1
2016 Holiday Card #2
2016 Giants Halloween Card
2016 Demon Lords Halloween Cards
Red Dragon
Mind Flayer
Gelatinous Cube

Rage of Demons Blank Halloween Cards
Rage of Demons Halloween Cards
Conversions to 5th Edition v1.01
Conversions to 5th Edition v1.0
OotA Modifying Backgrounds
D&D Extra Life Media Kit
D&D Extra Life Toolkit v2
Sample Trinkets
St. Patrick's Day D&D Encounters Certificates
12 Days of Christmas
12 Days of Christmas (text-only)

Sage Advice Column Compendiums
Sage Advice Column Compendium 2.2 (previous compendiums have been rolled into one document)

Player's Handbook
D&D Spell Lists (version 1.01)
D&D Spell Lists (version 1.0)
Player's Handbook Errata (version 1.22)
Player's Handbook Errata (version 1.21)
Player's Handbook Errata (version 1.1)
Player's Handbook First Printing Errata

Free Player's Basic Rules
Player's Basic Rules v3
Player's Basic Rules v3.4
Player's Basic Rules v3.4 Printer Friendly
Player's Basic Rules v2
Player's Basic Rules v2 Printer Friendly
Basic Rules (original July 2014 release)

Stripped Down 5e for Kids
Monster Slayers: Champions of the Elements v3
Monster Slayers: Champions of the Elements v2
Monster Slayers: Champions of the Elements

Volo's Guide to Monsters
Hag & Hag Lore
Slithering Tracker
Stone Giant & Giant Lore

Monster Manual
Monster Manual Errata v1.2
Monster Manual Errata v1.0

Dungeon Master's Guide
Dungeon Master's Guide Errata v1.1
Dungeon Master's Guide Errata v1.0

Free DM's Basic Rules
DM's Basic Rules v5
DM's Basic Rules v4
DM's Basic Rules v3
DM's Basic Rules v3 Printer Friendly
DM's Basic Rules v2
DM's Basic Rules v2 Printer Friendly
DM's Basic Rules v1
DM's Basic Rules v1 Printer Friendly

WotC Character Sheets
Zip file
Version 3
Version 2
Version 1

Pregenerated Characters
All Pregenerated Characters, Levels 1-10

Dragonborn Sorcerer
Drow Rogue
Dwarf Cleric
Half-Elf Bard

Halfling Monk
Halfling Rogue
Half-Orc Paladin
High Elf Fighter

High Elf Wizard
Human Barbarian
Human Cleric
Human Druid

Human Fighter
Human Paladin
Tiefling Warlock
Wood Elf Ranger

Unearthed Arcana
Unearthed Arcana 55: Races of Ravnica
Unearthed Arcana 54: Races of Eberron
Unearthed Arcana 53: Giant Soul Sorcerer
Unearthed Arcana 52: Centaurs & Minotaurs
Unearthed Arcana 51: Order Domain
Unearthed Arcana 50: Into the Wild
Unearthed Arcana 49: Three Subclasses 
Unearthed Arcana 48: Elf Subraces
Unearthed Arcana 47: Fiendish Options
Unearthed Arcana 46: Race Options: Eladrin and Gith
Unearthed Arcana 45: Three Pillar Experience
Unearthed Arcana 44: Greyhawk Initiative
Unearthed Arcana 43: Revised Class Options
Unearthed Arcana: The Artificer Class (5E) @ DM's Guild
Unearthed Arcana: The Mystic Class (5E) @ DM's Guild
Unearthed Arcana 42: Revised Subclasses
Unearthed Arcana 41: Feats for Races
Unearthed Arcana 40: Feats for Skills
Unearthed Arcana 39: Downtime
Unearthed Arcana 38: Starter Spells
Unearthed Arcana 37: A Trio of Subclasses
Unearthed Arcana 36: Wizard Revisited
Unearthed Arcana 35: The Mystic
Unearthed Arcana 34: Traps Revisited
Unearthed Arcana 33: Mass Combat
Unearthed Arcana 32: Warlock & Wizard
Unearthed Arcana 31: Sorcerer
Unearthed Arcana 30: Ranger & Rogue
Unearthed Arcana 29: Artificer
Unearthed Arcana 28: Paladin - Sacred Oaths
Unearthed Arcana 27: Monk Monastic Traditions
Unearthed Arcana 26: Fighter - Martial Archetypes
Unearthed Arcana 25: Druid Circles & Wild Shape
Unearthed Arcana 24: Clerics & Divine Domains
Unearthed Arcana 23: Bards & Bard Colleges
Unearthed Arcana 22: Barbarian Primal Paths
Unearthed Arcana 21: Encounter Building
Unearthed Arcana 20: Revised Ranger
Unearthed Arcana 19: The Faithful
Unearthed Arcana 18: Quick Characters
Unearthed Arcana 17: Feats
Unearthed Arcana 16: Gothic Characters
Unearthed Arcana 15: Psionics & the Mystic v2
Unearthed Arcana 14: Kits of Old
Unearthed Arcana 13: That Old Black Magic
Unearthed Arcana 12: Light, Dark, Underdark!
Unearthed Arcana 11: Prestige Classes & Rune Magic
Unearthed Arcana 10: Ranger Options
Unearthed Arcana 09: Modern Magic
Unearthed Arcana 08: Order of the Awakend Mystic v2
Unearthed Arcana 07; Order of the Awakened Mystic
Unearthed Arcana 06: Psionics
Unearthed Arcana 05: Variant Rules
Unearthed Arcana 04: Waterborne Adventures v3
Unearthed Arcana 03: Modifying Classes
Unearthed Arcana 02: Battlesystem

Unearthed Arcana 01: Eberron Material v1.1
Unearthed Arcana 01: Eberron Material v1

Dungeon Master's Guide Previews
Magic Items by Rarity
Magic Items by Rarity Printer Friendly
Monster Appendix
Downtime Activities
Poisons Table
The Multiverse
Creating a Dungeon
Creating a New Race Example: Aasimar
Magic Items Table

Monster Manual Previews
Monsters by Type v1.0
Monsters by Challenge Rating
Bone Devils
Clay Golem
Intellect Devourer
Kobolds & Tucker's Kobolds
Umber Hulk

Farideh; Medium humanoid (tiefling), neutral good, v2
Farideh; Medium humanoid (tiefling), neutral good, v1

Published Adventure Supplements
Starter Set
Starter Set Pregenerated Characters v2
Starter Set Pregenerated Characters v1

Tomb of Annihilation
Tomb of Annihilation Primer
Surrogate Log Sheet
Tomb of Annihilation Tier 1 Surrogates
Tomb of Annihilation Tier 2 Surrogates

Storm King's Thunder
DDIA05 Storm King's Thunder: A Great Upheaval
Form-Fillable Character Sheet
Storm King's Thunder Character Portraits
Storm King's Thunder NPC Character Portraits
Storm King's Thunder Appendix A; Linked Adventures
Storm King's Thunder: Giant Options
Storm King's Thunder: Random Wilderness Encounters
Storm King's Thunder Appendix D: Special NPCs
Hekaton's Lament
Items in a Giant's Bag

Curse of Strahd
Curse of Strahd Introductory Adventure: Death House
Curse of Strahd Character Sheet
Curse of Strahd Player Options
Haunted One Character Background
Curse of Strahd Handouts (Appendix F)

Sword Coast Legends
Sword Coast Legends NPCs
Sword Coast Legends Pregenerated 3rd Level Character Sheets

Elemental Evil - Princes of the Apocalypse
Princes of the Apocalypse Errata v1.0a

Princes of the Apocalypse Online Supplement v1.0
Princes of the Apocalypse Online Supplement v1.0 Printer Friendly

Elemental Evil Player's Companion (updated 2016-May-16) (
Elemental Evil Player's Companion v2 (
Elemental Evil Player's Companion (
Elemental Evil Player's Companion (

The Rise of Tiamat
The Rise of Tiamat Excerpt
The Rise of Tiamat Council Scorecard (for organized play)
The Rise of Tiamat Supplement v2
The Rise of Tiamat Supplement v2 Printer Friendly Version
The Rise of Tiamat Supplement
The Rise of Tiamat Supplement Printer Friendly Version

Hoard of the Dragon Queen
Hoard of the Dragon Queen Errata v1.0
Hoard of the Dragon Queen Supplement v3
Hoard of the Dragon Queen Supplement v3 Printer Friendly Version
Hoard of the Dragon Queen Supplement
Hoard of the Dragon Queen Supplement Printer Friendly Version

Legacy of the Crystal Shard
Legacy of the Crystal Shard Monster Statistics

Murder in Baldur's Gate
Murder in Baldur's Gate Launch Weekend Adventure
Murder in Baldur's Gate Events Supplement
Murder in Baldur's Gate Monster Statistics
Dead in Thay map
Return to the Caves of Chaos

Adventurers League Materials
Storm King's Thunder
DM Quests for SKT
Adventure League Player's Guide v5.1
Adventure League DM Guide v2.1
Blank Character Sheet for SKT

Curse of Strahd
Curse of Strahd Dungeon Master Rewards
DDAL04 Curse of Strahd Player's Pack (Player's & DM Guide)
DDAL04 Expanded Dark Gifts Table
DDAL04-02 The Beast Expansion
Curse of Strahd Amendment v1.1
Half-Elf Rogue (Folk Hero)
Human Cleric (Cloistered Scholar)
Dwarf Fighter (Urban Bounty Hunter)
Halfling Bounty Hunter(Urban Bounty Hunter)
Half-Elf Wizard (Cloistered Scholar)
Curse of Strahd Backgrounds v1.1

Rage of Demons Storyline
Demonomicon of Iggwilv - Belaphoss
Adventurers League Quick Start Guide: Rage of Demons
Adventurers League Player's Guide: Rage of Demons v3
Adventurers League Player's Guide: Rage of Demons v3 Printer Friendly
Hillsfar Regional Character Options
Character Sheet
Wood Elf Cleric
Human (Illuskan) Wizard
Stout Halfling Two-Weapon Fighter
Hill Dwarf Rogue
Drow Elf Duelist Fighter

Elemental Evil Storyline
Adventurers League Quick Start Guide: Elemental Evil
Adventurers League Player's Guide: Elemental Evil v1
Adventurers League Player's Guide: Elemental Evil v1 Printer Friendly
Elemental Evil Pregenerated Characters
Mulmaster Backgrounds & Bonds
State of Mulmaster (with character logsheet for joining the Cloaks)
Character Sheets
Adventurers League DM Log Sheet

Tyranny of Dragons Storyline
Adventurers League Quick Start Guide
Adventurers League Player's Guide v1
Printer Friendly Version
Character Sheet
Adventurers League DM Log Sheet

Gamma World Fan Creation
Gamma Five (Gamma World for 5e) which includes:

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wizards of the Coast Broke the Internet Wayback Machine

Attempts to use The Internet Wayback Machine to search are now broken.

Here, try it:*/

Where it used to give a huge listing of files, there is now a "cannot be displayed because, robots" message.

I think this changed happened when Wizards of the Coast updated the D&D website to the god-awful navigational mess that is the new D&D site. They introduced a robots.txt file which excludes websites from crawling certain directories.

This represents a major break with the ability to search & retrieve old material from the domain in an easy-to-navigate interface.

Site-specific Google searches still work, but only bring up current content, not older, "disappeared" material.

Luckily, I have ALL the free 3.0 & 3.5 free adventure PDFs downloaded. I even managed to snag the d20 Modern and Star Wars d20 & SAGA freebies (well, most of the Star Wars stuff). This weighs in at roughly 1GB of data. That's a lot of free material Wizards released over the d20 years.

I'm not in the mind to check all of the links to free 4e material that I had previously compiled. I think most of it is still accessible, but it most likely won't be for long.

Also, the new CMS that is using to manage the updated D&D site hosts most of its downloads on They do not have a consistent file directory system or naming scheme for files, either. I'll be posting a 5e resource list soon.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Updated: Receeding Goblins & Gremlins

Please see this post to download a new version!

I've updated my gonzo Goblins & Gremlins sandbox encounter thingy to correct a few formatting issues and several typographical errors. I still gotta go through and clean up a bunch of typos on this thing. . .including the friggin' name! I'll get to it someday. . .

not so pretty cover

click here to download!
orginal map source