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AD&D 2E "Lite" for Free via Beamdog Game Manuals

Want quick and free access to a light version of AD&D 2e rules and a few free gazetteers of the Forgotten Realms? Gotcha covered! Just download the following game manuals available on the websites for the enhanced editions of Beamdog'sBaldur's Gate series of AD&D PC Games:

Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition
Adventurer's Guide - Contains all the rules you need to play

Sword Coast Survival Guide - Gazetteer of the Sword Coast

Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Edition
Amn Survival Guide - Gazeteer of Amn

Mastering Melee & Magic - Contains all the rules you need to play

Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition
Feature Guide - The actual game manual; skip it if you don't need an overview of the cRPG

Survival Gu…

Crowdsource Project -- Barbarian Prince Hex Hack!

Remember Barbarian Prince? Sure you do! Here's the map. It's free to download on the Dwarfstar Games website, located here:

The map is still under copyright by Dwarfstar Games, so go grab a copy for yourself.

Man, that map is perfect for an old school sandbox! Time for a crowdsourced project!

Here's the link to a Google Sheet: 

This is a list of all the numbered hexes, the terrain, and any special features.

Your job is to fill in an encounter for each hex. Please fill in your contact info and a link to your social media account of choice.

I'll leave the sheet up or maybe we could turn it into an awesome website like the Hexenbracken.