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Temple of the Ghoul

Rended Press is proud to announce its first complete adventure module,  Temple of the Ghoul: Something has been pillaging farms and leaving no living thing behind. Merchants have disappeared on the roads and the Tinker now refuses to make his circuit. All of this trouble started when a party of adventurers went to investigate the old temple on the hill. Five adventurers went up the hill to Lilanora’s temple and never returned. Who will follow those foolhardy five and discover what danger lies beneath the temple ruins? Temple of the Ghoul is a FREE adventure module; written specifically to be compatible with OSRIC, it is easily convertible to Original Edition or Advanced Edition rule sets of the world's most popular fantasy roleplaying game.  Designed for low-level characters and available in both hi-res and lo-res versions, it is easily dropped into any beginner-level fantasy roleplaying campaign.  Please download and enjo

Building the Sample Dungeon

Remember what it felt like to flip through the Dungeon Master's Guide for the first time and try your hand at stocking the sample dungeon that Gary Gygax so thoughtfully included on page 95? Yeah, me too. And so do a lot of other folks. So, a bunch of people over on the Dragonsfoot forums decided to have a go at stocking the dungeon as a group project. I volunteered to pull it together. Here's the result. It's a work in progress, and still needs a lot of editing, but it is shaping up nicely. Building the Sample Dungeon v0.0a PDF


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