Petty Gods: R&E Ed.

So I helped make this thing with Greg Gorgonmilk & Richard LeBlanc. I'm even credited as a co-editor.

This project started as a suggestion in a post at Planet Algol by Blair Fitzpatrick in 2010. Then James Maliszewski at Grognardia picked it up and ran with it. In 2012, Patrick Gifford of Headless Hollow volunteered to do layout and started working on it before Maliszewski disappeared from the internet for a few years after a personal crisis. While Gifford spent time toiling away on the manuscript he had received from Maliszewski, Gorgonmilk got tired of not hearing anything and decided to kick some life into what he thought was a dead project by starting it up again on his own in 2013, which is when I got involved as a contributor. When Gifford got wind of Gorgonmilk's efforts, he contacted Gorgonmilk and they hashed out their differences. In 2013, Gifford released a free PDF which he called Original Petty Gods, while Gorgonmilk continued to work on what was now called Expanded & Revised Petty Gods. Eventually the project became too unwieldy for Gorgonmilk to handle alone, so LeBlanc stepped in to take over design & layout in late 2014. The final product was released in May 2015. As of this writing, it is still one of the top 50 free products on

This is one of my proudest contributions to the DIY/OSR RPG scene.

You can find several of the entries that make up my personal mythos on this page, but I wrote a lot of material that's exclusive to the book. In fact, I think I contributed the most written material, judging by my index entry: