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List of D&D Module Walkthrough Maps by Jason B. Thompson

Wizards of the Coast updated the backend software on their site again and a lot of links now 404. I had bookmarked many pages of  Jason B. Thompson's walkthrough maps that now error out. I spent some time plumbing the depths of Google to come up with direct links to the highest quality images still on WotC's servers, including the new maps for Fifth Edition adventures. Here is the list: Warriors of Waterdeep ( PDF here ) A New Map of Hot Springs Island Call of Cthulhu: The Haunting (low resolution only)  ( upscaled via AI -- see comments below) D&D  5e - Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen 5e - Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden 5e - Temple of Moloch (Extra Life 2019: Infernal Machine Rebuild) 5e - Nine Hells (Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus)  5e - Daione Gloine Player's Handout 5e - Six Faces of Death adventure 5e - Six Faces of Death numbered map 5e - Port Nyanzaru: Carousing Capital of Faerûn as Explored in Tomb of Annihilation 5e - The