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WIP: 5D. Oak Tree

Another piece of my work-in-progress: 5D. Oak Tree The single tree to the east of the walled compound is an oak tree that is home to a Dryad; her name is Kaonroca. She is in mourning, as she was in love with Harper and he with her. He had promised to enter her tree with her for a hundred years and a day at the end of the current growing season. She knows little of what transpired here and refuses to speak of it unless someone were to volunteer to abide with her in Harper’s stead. If someone steps forth and accepts this offer, she will instruct the PC to place his/her hands on the tree and the PC will be suddenly yanked into the heartwood. The dryad will then tell the remaining PCs one of the following and then disappear in waves of chilling laughter: (Roll 1d6) 01. Anders and Harper had a falling out when Anders learned of Harper’s plan to join the Dryad. They brawled and as Slack ran to intervene, Anders killed Harper with a blow to the head. 02. Pa Uksub overheard Har

WIP: Bob's Room

From my Work in Progress: 1B. Bob’s Room This room is immaculately clean except for what appears to be a slightly decomposed corpse tucked into bed. On the floor near the headboard, a pile of neatly folded clothes sits on top of a worn pair of boots. Any PC inspecting the body will recognize it as Bob. He is naked under the bedclothes. If a PC touches the body, there is a 50% chance Bob will rise from the bed and begin getting dressed; a few of his appendages might fall off in the process. If/when he is completely dressed, he will offer to make the PCs sausage and eggs. If the PCs accept, he will scrounge around the garbage in the main room for a frying pan and fry up several cockroaches and a handful of maggots in the embers of the fire. If the PCs eat the meal, Bob will entertain as many questions about the farm and his family as he can. However, his answers will be about mundane farm life, as he knows nothing about the strange goings on. His last memory is of rinsing off at

WIP: Slack's Room

4C. Slack’s Room This room contains an unmade bed, a small trunk, and a chair with a broken leg. The bed is covered in dried blood; the hay inside the mattress is still slightly damp, too. There are bloody footprints all over the floor and bloody handprints on the walls. The chair’s back is covered with bloody handprints as well, and the broken leg seems to be recent, as splinters are scattered on the floor beneath it. The trunk is unlocked and is also covered in bloody handprints. The clothes inside are spotted with blood. On the top of the clothes, wrapped in a burlap sack, are three bottles of Dr. Charnaw’s Fortified Gitterup Syrup™. The label reveals it is a cure for male impotence and “all around sluggardness”. Two of the bottles are open, and a close inspection will reveal that one of them is infused with cabbage and beet seeds. Wrapped up in sackcloth at the bottom of the trunk is what seems to be a dead baby with a red cabbage for a head. If any PC picks up the bab

WIP: Hex 04.04

Another entry from my Work in Progress Hex 04.04 - Morad’s Body Morad’s burnt and mangled body is entwined in a large oak tree ten feet above the ground. His body is pierced by one large limb, as if it grew through the center of his chest, and several smaller branches snake through his arms, legs, and skull (one branch in particular enters through his ear and protrudes out an eye socket). While the body shows evidence of fire damage, the tree does not appear to have suffered any burns. Morad’s brass wedding ring is melted around his finger. The PCs won’t find definitive answers to how or why Morad was killed. GMs should encourage rampant speculation. Morad’s death is simply a MacGuffin to give the PCs a reason to sally forth.

WIP: Office/Storage Room

From my current Work in Progress. 2B. Office/Storage Room  This room contains a writing desk and the account books for the farm. The accounts are kept in a neat, tight hand in the common tongue and show that the farm has either broken even or made a slim profit for the past fifteen years. Each account entry is signed in Anders’ name, and there are signature lines for each of his brothers and his father, each signed with various scrawled Xs. Anders is the only literate member of his family, as Red Thanek will attest.  A large barrel, a small barrel, and a large crate also occupy this room. The crate is empty. The small barrel is full of rye whiskey. The large barrel is half full of pickles. Floating under the top layer of pickles are two female human hands wrapped in a rubbery placenta.

WIP: Hex 03.05

More from the WIP: Hex 03.05 - Morad’s Farm  Morad’s farm is a small vegetable & wheat farm nestled in the woods to the northwest of the village. The farm consists of a small four-room house and a two-horse stable.  Morad’s widow, Thala, and her 11-year old son, Damor, do not know if they will be able to maintain the farm and meet the Baron’s field fealty in Morad’s absence. The horse Morad rode to visit the Uksubs has come down with some strange malady and Thala is worried that it might infect the other horse.  THALA   STR 12, DEX 10, CON 9, INT 9, WIS 11, CHA 12  HP 6, AC 9 (10), Save 19,  Armor: None, Weapons: Pitchfork (1d6)  DAMOR   STR 7, DEX 8, CON 10, INT 9, WIS 9 CHA 10  HP 4, AC 9 (10), Save 19,  Armor: None, Weapons: Axe (1d6)  INFECTED RIDING HORSE   AC 7 (12), HD 2, AT 1 bite, D 1d2, XP 30; Special: Bitten PCs must Save vs. Disease or lose additonal 1/2 HP due to infection 

WIP: Ma's Sewing Room

Another snipped from my Work in Progress 6E. Workroom This area houses Ma’s sewing room, including a large table for cutting bolts of cloth. A table and stool lay smashed in one corner; the broken tabletop has goblin graffiti recently carved on its surface and smells strongly of ale.  A large dresser with several drawers houses various sewing notions, including a few pairs of scissors, a Thimble +1 and Bilox, a sentient Self-Threading Needle +1. Bilox is stuck in a cabbage-shaped pincushion alongside other, non-sentient needles. Bilox likes to complain. A lot. Especially about the drudgery of being a sentient needle.  Bilox has the mind/personality of a halfling tailor and is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of his trade. He can only communicate audibly with his bearer.  BILOX, Self-Threading Needle +1  INT 11, WIS 13, CHA 7; never needs threading; when used in conjunction with a Thimble +1, a seamstress/tailor can sew 20x normal speed.

Forever Free Games Modules

This is an archive of the modules previously released and hosted at Forever Free Games . All modules are written by Mark Morrison, and he retains all copyright to his work. These are posted with his permission, given to me back in 2010 to host on my old Google Sites page. These are optimized PDFs, reduced in file size to 150 dpi. The original files exceeded the individual file size for hosting on Google Sites (where I had previously hosted them), so this is alls I gots. You can find the modules here.

WIP: Random Wilderness Encounters

Two encounter tables from my current Work in Progress: Random Wilderness Encounters (1d10) While PCs are travelling, roll once per non-labeled hex on the encounter table below; if a result has already been encountered, roll again or insert your own encounter:  Giant Bee: AC 6 (13), HD 3, #AT 1 sting, D 1d3 + poison, XP 240 Black Bear: AC 7 (12), HD 4+1, #AT 2 claws/1 bite, D 1d3/1d6, XP 120, Special: Hug (1d8) No encounter Hungering Vine: AC 9 (10),HD 8, #AT all within 10 ft. or 1 “tail”, D 1d8/4d10, XP 2000, Special: Destroys weapons successfully hitting it, generates darkness, partially immune to lightning, causes fear No encounter Goblin Scout: AC 6 (13), HD 1d6 hp, #AT 1 weapon, D 1d6, XP 10, Special: -1 to hit in sunlight Feral Sow: AC 7 (12), HD 3+3 #AT 1 gore, D 3d4, XP 120; Special: continue attacks 2 rounds after death No encounter 3 Goblin Raiders: AC 6 (13), HD 1d6 hp, #AT 1 weapon, D 1d6, XP 10, Special: -1 to hit in sunlight Mad Cow: AC 7 [12]; HD 3, #AT 1 g

d30 Table: Weird Books on a Shelf

Reading any of the below books invokes a PERMANENT penalties of –1 INT because reading might be fundamental, but reading these books is downright painful. What's Hidden in the Book? In any book listed below, there is a 15% chance of finding one of the following (1d10): 01. Inaccurate and unlabeled map of the surrounding countryside. 02. A handwritten list of errata for the book. 03. A random spell scroll (roll on whatever damn spell scroll table you like). 04. Three pages of erotic self-portraits of the book’s owner. 05. A treaty between a local goblin tribe and the book’s owner; the treaty has been torn in half. 06. A recipe for a lovely cabbage and garlic radish stew; when read backwards, it’s a curse that saps 1d6HP after every night’s rest. 07. A dry-pressed flower; it’s a wintersweet blossom—one sniff and a PC is knocked unconscious for 1d4 hours. If the PC eats it, instant death, no save. 08. An inventory list listing every book on the shelf. 09. Two counterfeit

Something I'm Working On . . .



I'm happy to announce that Expanded Petty Gods has been released! With contributions from Jennell Jaquays, Jim Ward, M.A.R Barker, Erol Otus, and a slew of old school blogggers, writers, and illustrators, this is a nearly 400 page beast of a monster manual for your old school flavored games. As the blurb says: EXPANDED PETTY GODS COMPENDIUM provides Old School referees with a slew of new, weird minor deities and godlings, for use in rounding out their campaigns. This book includes over 325 petty gods, plus over 115 minions, knights & servitors. It also includes information for a dozen cults, over 60 divine items, and over 55 new spells, along with a host of other petty-god-related gaming material! This product is a work of the generosity of the Old-school Role-playing Community. All contributors to this work volunteered their time and effort without pay. This book is being sold at cost, and no profit will be made from it. And I'm one of the credited ed