Lasers & Feelings & Assorted L&F Mods

Note: Hi, Reddit, especially those of you who came here from r/LasersAndFeelingsIf you have link updates or additions to this list, drop me a line in the comments! I'm monitoring the subreddit & will add links to any L&F hacks posted there, too. FYI, sorting the hacks by theme is on my to do list. I'll get to it . . . eventually.

I have a soft spot in my heart for Lasers & Feelings. I use it in my Digital Narratives class to introduce narrative design to my cRPG-loving students who have never played an analog RPG before, and they grasp it right away.

I didn't think anyone had compiled a list of all available Lasers & Feelings mods that are out there, so I decided to do it myself. I have since learned that there is another list over at that started in January 2018 that is organized by theme. 

This list, however, is straight-up alphabetical because I am lazy. These are English-language only because that's the only language I speak & read, too. 

So, here we go:

The Original

The Hacks & Mods
* Everyone Is John - Game + Character Sheets


Rui said…
Would you like to add Weird Wild Wuxia West to this list?
Matt Bohnhoff said…
Is this list being updated? If so, I’d like to add my L&F hack.

“The Mice-Men of Mirewald” mashes up L&F with Mouse Guard (and ends up pretty close to the premise of Luchadoraton). It diverges more from L&F than many other hacks I’ve read and ends up being more complicated as it tries to incorporate some Mouse Guard tech, but I think it’s L&F ancestry is still evident.
HawaiianBrian said…
I just wrote an L&F hack if you'd like to include it.

"Fortune & Glory" is a 1930s pulp action one-sheet in the vein of Indiana Jones, the Rocketeer, and Hollow Earth Expedition.
Matthew Schmeer said…
@HawaiianBrian: It was already listed. I saw your reddit post earlier.
Exsisto Vir said…
A MATRIX Mod/Hack I wrote. Only in doc form - not as nicely laid out.
maxcan7 said…
I'm the creator of Pixels & Platforms: The Platform Crawl RPG. Thanks for the plug!
Anonymous said…
There's also Police Procedure:
Kurt Potts said…
I'd love to add my game Guns N' Sharks
It's here to make all your deep blue dreams come true.
Technomagos said…
Hi, I just posted what I believe is the only polished Star Wars hack (original trilogy themed) of Lasers and Feelings.

Google drive link:

Will appreciate if you include it in your list

Many thanks!
CuriousCat said…
May I add my own hack to the list? "Magical Pets" (available in English and German)
Thank for including my game Performance Review! It's awesome to see it out in the world!
Dwiz said…
Howdy, I'd like to add a Halloween-themed hack called "Tricks & Treats" created by Octava Oculta (u/shardsofcrystal on Reddit) last year. It's unrelated (but quite similar) to the game on this list also titled Tricks & Treats.
photostyle said…
Hello, I'm the creator of the "another fan-made character sheet" file. Due to Google's security changes, please update the old link with the following: ""