Ghostbusters RPG - Legit Downloads & GBFans Scanned Modules + Sniderman's Fan Modules

Note on 2021-09-25: Google Drive changed the way files are shared. I updated the link to the shared folder, but if you have problems accessing it, drop a line in the comments and I will see what I can do.

So I'm on a Ghostbusters kick right now.

First, you can find scanned PDF copies of the original West End Games Ghostbusters RPG here:

Modules for the first edition of the game AND a shitty scan of the second edition of the game (called Ghostbusters International) along with some more supplements can be found here:

For alternate scans of the above rulebooks here, along with better scans of the Ghost Toasties and Hot Rods of the Gods modules, check out this link:

Also, you can buy Ghost dice and some more GBRPG goodies here:

Second, there are some online-only galleries of additional scenarios here:

Ghosbusters RPG Module

Ghostbusters International Modules

The interface for viewing these online galleries is kinda clunky. So I sucked down every single image and combined them into PDFs, which you can find here in my Google Drive folder:

Ghostbusters Fans Module Scans

Every page is watermarked with the Ghostbusters Fans logo, but they are still readable and useable.

Finally, Tim Snider (aka Sniderman) has made three of his fan modules available. These links are to Tim's Savage Afterworld blog posts:

How Dry I Am & Shadows over Yonkers
Ragnarok-A-Bye Baby

A rules summary and a few more fan-made modules for you:

Forever Halloween, by Jason J. Patterson, adapted from the Real Ghostbuster's cartoon episode "When Halloween Was Forever" by Michael J. Straczynski

The Collect Call of Cathulhu, by
The Pizza Problem, by Rik Kershaw-Moore
The Ooze Brothers, by Chris Hodgson

Kristine Chester's Ghostbusters Resource Page has some excellent pre-gens, equipment cards, and a quick character creation summary

Ghostbuster Sheets from

Ghostbusters RPG House Rules by torturedartist745

Cyborg Cow Adventures by Lester Smith:
Attack of the Ice-Age Cyborg Kamikaze Holsteins
Apocalypse Cow (or Close Encownters of the Third Kine)

Ghoulblasters rules-lite "fan re-statement" by Jason J. Patterson

Here's a GURPS 4th edition fan conversion
Here's a d20 fan conversion by Michael Tresca
Here's a Savage Worlds fan conversion, by Greywolf

And another fan module/game genre mashup: Advanced Ghostbusters: The Blue Blazes, by Michael C. Miller. This combines Ghostbusters with Buckaroo Banzai!

I found scans of an article from Gateways Magazine #5 called "Ghostbusters Approved," which was written by Richard Tucholka, the author of the Bureau 13 RPG. I pdferized them and placed them in the Fan Modules folder on Google Drive.

The article references a random haunts generator from a Bureau 13 adventure, and I managed to grab scans of that article from the same source as above. So that's in the folder, too.

Found another resources for you!

Here's an employment Questionnaire for Starting Ghostbusters!