Leaving Dropbox

Dropbox has recently made changes to their app & free-tier service offerings which make it unusable for me to reliably sync files I offer on this blog. I no longer recommend Dropbox as a folder-syncing & file-sharing service for individual users, as their focus is shifting to aggressively pursue business clients.

I will be moving to another file-syncing and link-sharing service soon. In the meantime, download links on this blog will be broken.

I'm seriously looking at both Google Backup & Sync (which uses Google Drive) & as replacements for the Dropbox service.

3d6 Random Magic Item Table

Here's a little random table I created for one section of the final exam in my Digital Narratives class. The students had fun with it.

Roll 3d6 on the table below to create a strange magic item. Describe the item’s power(s) & lore in under 250 words.

First PartSecond PartThird Part1. The Spoon1. of Magnanimous1. Bubbles2. The Breadcrust      2. of Unceasing2. Fire3. The Wand3. of Temperamental      3. Flavor4. The Jar4. of Most Excellent4. Goblins5. The Spear5. of Prismatic5. Bees6. The Helm6. of Soggy6. Spoons

released under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license

Toss Off Issue 5

Want a gonzo village with a lot of plot hooks & 38 low-level NPCs/meatshields? I got you covered.

Grab the new issue of my worthless little zine here: Toss Off Issue 5

Toss Off Issue 4

So if you haven't seen it yet, there is a website called This Person Does Not Exist which uses deep learning and AI to generate fairly realistic selfies of non-existent people. It's great for generating NPCs.

But did you also know there is a website called This Cat Does Not Exist? Its results are . . . pretty unsuccessful in most cases. Cats are evidently more difficult for an AI to fake at this point. Most of the results are very unsettling.

But they make great mutant creatures:

With that in mind, I present the next issue of my worthless little zine. This issue is dedicated to wizard cat experiments that went wrong.

Grab the new issue here: Toss Off Issue 4

Toss Off Issue 3

For this installment of my worthless little zine, I took inspiration from Dan Felder's reddit post One-Page-Setting: The Echoing Woods, which presents setting information in a slick systemless format.