The creature pictured below is not an owl. It is not a bear. It is not an owlbear or bearowl.

What is it? Use the following format to tell me what the hell this is.

Actual name of the creature:

What people call it:

Description: (5-8 sentences!)

Things that folks know about it for sure (3 short sentences each!)

Things that are rumored about it (3 short sentences each!)

Mid-Week Video Pick-Me-Up

For your mid-week viewing pleasure, a treasure from 1982 starring some meatball & his bosom buddy.

Bonus: The work-in-progress Mazes & Monsters retro-clone posts at Blog of Holding.



Redesigning the Zine List

I'm redesigning the Zine List to be easier to sort, maintain, and edit. The first step is to capture essential data about each zine, which I plan to personally do by hand, checking & updating each current link as I go. To aid in this process, I'm using a Google Form to capture data to a Google Sheet.

Take a look at a screencap of the form below & drop me a comment on what other general data points you think I should consider capturing. I have already decided I am not going to ask for cover prices & shipping costs, as those can easily be found by following the download/purchasing links.

Goodbye G+

So Google is pulling the plug on Google+.

It was a good ride while it lasted.

I'm not sure I will make the jump to another social media platform. I loathe Facebook, and even though I have an account, Twitter is a swamp of snark & shame trolls. All the other platforms RPG folks are considering migrating to have their own problems, too (Diaspora, Discord, Mastodon, MeWe, etc.).

I've been pulling away from most social media except for one or two groups on Google+ anyway, so leaping to a new platform isn't that attractive at the moment.

I plan to stick to Google+ until it's clear that the usual suspects I hang with online are abandoning the platform.

After that, maybe I will just go back to posting here. This blog has been on the back burner since 2015, as the lack of posts can attest.

Until then, here are my other links.
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