Goodbye Google Plus, Hello World

I'm deleting my Google+ account in two weeks, after I turn over a few communities I own to new owners.

I have no desire to join another social media platform. I'm sticking to blogs. I tried Discord, but couldn't figure it out. I feel old.

From now on you can catch me at these places:

Rended Press

Poetry Midwest+

Me & Alfred Roanoke

@mwschmeer (I rarely check Twitter, but there it is)

MeWe, YouWe, WeAllWe for WeWe

So a lot of the DIY/OSR RPG folk & funsters are moving to MeWe. I created an account to check it out, but decided it is not for me and deleted my profile a few days later.

While the "privacy is everything" mantra of the site is admirable, the ability to discover new people, new shared interests, and new content is limited in such an environment.

There has also been a lot of chatter about MeWe actively courting white supremacist groups and the alt-right, but conservative groups & radio personalities are also actively complaining that MeWe is courting antifa and liberal groups. So which is it?

It's both. MeWe's CEO, Mark Weinstein, and Jason Hardy, MeWe's Vice President of Product Development, are more than happy to talk with OSR gamers, conservative radio hosts, & Fox News to extol the benefits of their platform. And for good reason--they need users.

MeWe needs to convince anyone and everyone to use their platform in an effort to gain users and win ano…

Dead Island Hex Map Redux

Back in 2015 I created the following hex map, which I promptly named Dead Island:

Two years later, I asked students in my Digital Narratives class to come up with encounters for each hex.

It took 15 students 45 minutes to fill in all the hexes. Here is the result:

This spreadsheet has NOT been tightly edited for grammar, etc. It's pretty gonzo, too.

edit: direct link to spreadsheet:

Mudwarren Zine!

A project I had a hand in was released yesterday.

Evyln Moreau has released the Mudwarren Zine, a final compilation of a community project started on two of Karl Stjernberg's Google+ threads. Out of the goodness of her heart, Evlyn pulled it all together and released it yesterday as a free PDF and as an at-cost print version at

Download links at her blog!


The creature pictured below is not an owl. It is not a bear. It is not an owlbear or bearowl.

What is it? Use the following format to tell me what the hell this is.

Actual name of the creature:

What people call it:

Description: (5-8 sentences!)

Things that folks know about it for sure (3 short sentences each!)

Things that are rumored about it (3 short sentences each!)