This Blog Is Now In Maintenance Mode

As the post title indicates, I am sunsetting this space.

I am not actively updating this blog. Links will rot and return to free electrons floating in the ether.

I do not update this blog as much as I used to in the early days. When G+ came along, my posting here slowed and in the post-G+ era, it barely registers as a trickle.

The plain truth is that I don't game much now. I don't think I've even sat in or ran a game in the past several years. Plus, my interests have shifted away from tabletop adventure gaming. It is no longer a hobby I enjoy following even from a distance. Social media has turned most public online spaces into cesspools of performative personality and petty grievances and I no longer wish to participate.

I miss the old internet.

It is time to move on.

2023-06-16 Update

Photos on this site have broken. Google sent me a notice that something called "Google Album Archive" is being sunset. Apparently, this Album Archive is where images uploaded to Blogger have been stored all these years. Who knew?

I checked my Blogger media storage (it's buried down in the settings of Blogger) and saw that my pictures were there, too. I downloaded the Album Archive via Google Takeout and then deleted the albums stored in the Album Archive. Big mistake.

When you delete the photos form the Album Archive you also end up deleting the photos in Blogger's media storage. It would have been nice for Google to explain this, but no. 

Replacing 10 years of graphics is not in the cards. Given that most of my posts are now broken, I've switched the vast majority of posts to draft mode to hide them from public view. What's left is the bare bones of this blog: around 25 posts that still get traffic. I've fixed the images in these posts so they are still useful.

This Album Archive thing might end up breaking a lot of blogs. Oh well. That's Google for you.

2023-11-11 Update

Due to the increase in spam comments, post comments have been turned off.