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Friday, May 22, 2015

WIP: Hex 03.05

More from the WIP:

Hex 03.05 - Morad’s Farm 
Morad’s farm is a small vegetable & wheat farm nestled in the woods to the northwest of the village. The farm consists of a small four-room house and a two-horse stable. 

Morad’s widow, Thala, and her 11-year old son, Damor, do not know if they will be able to maintain the farm and meet the Baron’s field fealty in Morad’s absence. The horse Morad rode to visit the Uksubs has come down with some strange malady and Thala is worried that it might infect the other horse. 

STR 12, DEX 10, CON 9, INT 9, WIS 11, CHA 12 
HP 6, AC 9 (10), Save 19, 
Armor: None, Weapons: Pitchfork (1d6) 

STR 7, DEX 8, CON 10, INT 9, WIS 9 CHA 10 
HP 4, AC 9 (10), Save 19, 
Armor: None, Weapons: Axe (1d6) 

AC 7 (12), HD 2, AT 1 bite, D 1d2, XP 30; Special: Bitten PCs must Save vs. Disease or lose additonal 1/2 HP due to infection 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

WIP: Ma's Sewing Room

Another snipped from my Work in Progress

6E. Workroom
This area houses Ma’s sewing room, including a large table for cutting bolts of cloth. A table and stool lay smashed in one corner; the broken tabletop has goblin graffiti recently carved on its surface and smells strongly of ale. 

A large dresser with several drawers houses various sewing notions, including a few pairs of scissors, a Thimble +1 and Bilox, a sentient Self-Threading Needle +1. Bilox is stuck in a cabbage-shaped pincushion alongside other, non-sentient needles. Bilox likes to complain. A lot. Especially about the drudgery of being a sentient needle. 

Bilox has the mind/personality of a halfling tailor and is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of his trade. He can only communicate audibly with his bearer. 

BILOX, Self-Threading Needle +1 
INT 11, WIS 13, CHA 7; never needs threading; when used in conjunction with a Thimble +1, a seamstress/tailor can sew 20x normal speed.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Forever Free Games Modules

This is an archive of the modules previously released and hosted at Forever Free Games. All modules are written by Mark Morrison, and he retains all copyright to his work. These are posted with his permission, given to me back in 2010 to host on my old Google Sites page.

These are optimized PDFs, reduced in file size to 150 dpi. The original files exceeded the individual file size for hosting on Google Sites (where I had previously hosted them), so this is alls I gots.