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Toss Off Issue 3

For this installment of my worthless little zine, I took inspiration from Dan Felder's reddit post One-Page-Setting: The Echoing Woods , which presents setting information in a slick systemless format.

Toss Off Issue 2

Here's another installment of my totally worthless zine. You can also find the first issue over here .

Redefining My Interests in Adventure Gaming

Using the term "OSR" as shorthand for the style of games I like to play isn't doing it for me anymore. There is too much baggage associated with "OSR," too much arguing about minutiae of the game, too much drama, too many bad actors, too many folks who say "I'm just here for the elf games" as an excuse to ignore and/or enable the bad actors, too many people who think just because we have a shared enjoyment of a certain style of retro gaming that we should share the retro attitudes, too. I think I'm done with that for now. Let other folks "reclaim" the label if they want, but it's time for me to move on. I like to play tabletop RPGs fast & loose. I like fast-paced adventure games. I like to play the character, not the character sheet. I like high stakes where there's a good chance my character sheet will have to be crumpled up & a new character rolled. I like vanilla fudge fantasy rolled in gonzo sprinkles. I

Introducing the Toss Off zine

After a short period of rumination & preparation, I'm happy to introduce  Toss Off , a totally unnecessary, irregularly scheduled, systemless 2-page RPG zine. I'll throw ideas into a 2-page format and post them here. You can download them and use them as you see fit, even if that's to line the bottom of your hamster cage. I'm using Google Docs and public domain images to put these together and then exporting them as PDFs. I'm releasing the zines under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License . This means you are free to use the ideas in your own projects, even copying & pasting my words verbatim, as long as you: give me credit indicate any changes you made give your project away for free You can find the first issue here . All issues will be archived on this page over here.