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Life After Google+

Do I miss Google+? No. I was late to the party anyway, having only joined in mid-2015 (I can peg the date I joined to the immediate lack of posts to this blog). Since deleting my Google+ account at the beginning of December 2018, I've been more creative than I have in the past few years. It's amazing what a life away from social media will do for you. I no longer feel the need to check in on my phone every day, trying to keep up with the latest & greatest in the never-ending stream of RPG chit-chat. Instead, I've moved on. I allot about forty-five minutes a day to checking up on the news, which includes scanning my RSS feeds. Thanks to the great  OSR OPML file over at Save vs. Party Kill , I added over 250 RPG blogs to Feedly  & I can quickly scan titles to see if anything whets my interest. I follow lots of other sites this way, too--mostly online magazines & a few writers ( Chuck Wendig is hilarious, y'all). Although I have Twitter & Reddit acco