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Have You Reinvented the Wheel Lately?

Today on his blog, Zak S. highlighted an equipment list layout by Shawn Cheng  for Zak's Demon City project as if it was something new and revolutionary. I would like to point out I did a similar thing back in 2015 . Twice . Only I altered public domain comic book images and made them die drop tables. I'd mention this to Zak by leaving a comment on his post or G+, but he & I have blocked each other for reasons having to do with me being me and Zak being Zak in an online argument. I refused to  apologize for insulting Zak and refused to entertain Zak's argument tactics, thus landing me on Zak's "bad person" list. I mention this in the interest of full disclosure. That said, Shawn Cheng's layout is pretty damn awesome, and Zak's Demon City project will definitely be on my "buy" list when it is eventually published.


Downloads hosted in my Dropbox account are temporarily unavailable because Steve Jackson Games is run by a bunch of douches who would rather file a DMCA Complaint than email me and request I remove one fucking file that was a fan re-design of one of their out of print games. Update: Access to downloads has been restored after I deleted every last damn SJG-related thing from my Dropbox account, and a few more possibly-infringing PDFs just to be on the safe side.