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Blog Clean Up

Things have been quiet on the creative front the past month or so. I am in "hunker down & grade" mode at the moment, but I was sitting in an exam this afternoon and decided to do a bit of maintenance on the ol' blog. First, I removed the "Google FriendConnect" widget, as Google discontinued it back in 2011 and was all but abandoned in 2012 -- and almost everyone who was signed up on the Friend Connect thing is also in my circles on Google+, so it seemed a bit superfluous. In fact, once I removed it, I couldn't even figure out how to get it back if I wanted to, so that's that. I also dropped the "Join Dropbox" widget and the link to the Expanded Petty Gods project in the sidebar. I also dropped the stylized OSR image. The blog looks cleaner without them. I notice that the huge swarm of tags at the bottom of the blog is hideous and needs to be pruned to something more manageable. I need to devise an easy tagging system and stick to it,