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Complication Deck

Here, I made this thing for you: Complication Deck PDF

Another Hex Extrapolation Quick Hack - OSR Pocket Monsters

I made another die drop table using +NateMcD's  excellent Hex Extrapolation Matrix : You can grab the PDF here .


In my previous post ( a review of Tales from the Tavern #1 ), I mentioned the game Ghoulash . Ghoulash is an old solitaire pen & pencil game from the 1980s, originally sold in pads. The creator and his son have tried to re-invent it as a card game, but the Kickstarter failed miserably . So it looks like they're re-designing the classic game instead , which strikes me as a smarter way to go. There used to be a lot of free scenarios on the old Ghoulash site. I trolled the Internet Archive and was able to retrieve a lot of the PDFs. I'm missing Scenario 13, Scenario 14, Webpack 2, Webpack 3, Webpack 4, and Webpack 5, but otherwise I think I've collected all the freebies here . I've renamed the non-scenario files by prefixing a release date to their name.

A Bookface October Special

Well look what came in yesterday's mail! Why, it's Tales from the Game Tavern  #1 , a new zine from  +Grand DM  over at the Ultanya blog! You can buy it direct from the blog or as part of the October 2015 Mythoard box. So what do you get for your $5? First up is "Flesh Golem Redux," an article explaining how  +Grand DM  mixes up the brides of Frankenstein for his game. This is an essay, not monster descriptions with stat blocks, but it makes for an interesting read on how to spice up and extend standard Monster Manual creatures. It would have been nice to include a quick old-school flavored-stat block and description for each of the brides for quick reference, but there is still plenty of ideas to steal from here. Next up is "Haunted Armor," four quick write-ups of armor that is "tormented by the spirits of their prior owners." Great ideas here and each of the items is briefly described and includes a note on game use. What I like about