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Zero-Level Pre-gens & Con Game House Rules

I ran a low-magic Swords & Wizardry Whitebox -inspired Zero-level funnel at KantCon on July 24th. We didn't finish it in the 4-hour slot I was allotted, but a few players loved it so much that I ended up running the rest of the scenario the same evening when another game was cancelled. Here are the Con Game Rules I used for the funnel, along with a file of 72 Zero-level pre-gens.

DCC RPG Magic Ring Die Drop Table

(NOTE: I updated the PDF to correct a saving throw error. Please re-download it to replace the incorrect version.) By special request of +Roy Snyder  ! this is just a crappy screen shot —grab the PDF below Grab the PDF here . Also note: I originally cross-posted this to the DCCRPG G+ group moderated by  +Claytonian JP , but after consulting with him, I deleted the post when it was pointed out that it didn't meet the community's posting requirements. This is the second post of mine that has drawn the moderator's ire. I've had enough arguing with mods of G+ communities for the year, so out of respect to the mod & that particular G+ group, I'll refrain from posting there any more because my stuff isn't DCC-only. But feel free to use my stuff in DCC games!