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Teleportation Gone Awry Die Drop Table!

I'm at it again: See below for PDF Here's the PDF .

d30 Challenge: Entry 30

d30 Gonzo Encounters Suitable for Dungeon Sandbox Crawling Exploration 30. An ogre (his name is Dwarm) is trying to milk three flail snails and failing miserably. He will explain that a powerful alchemist has tasked him with collecting sixteen barrels of flail snail mucus and the ogre can't figure out how to do it. The flail snails need to be highly agitated in order to produce mucus. HIGHLY agitated. The alchemist needs the mucus as a component for an anti-aging formula . If the PCs decide to help and accidentally kill one or more flail snails, the ogre will get upset and attack. If the PCs successfully help the ogre, he'll be so impressed he'll ask them to help collect 150 giant cockroach carapaces from a nearby insect nest, too. The ogre will pay the party 7d30 x 10sp for their help. If the ogre is killed, they'll find directions to the alchemist's shop in his pack (which contains nothing else of value). The alchemist will pay the PCs 400g

The Terrifying Hedgebard: A Weird NPC for Your Gonzo Game

Ok, not a die drop table, but I'm still messing around with old comics: See below for PDF You can find the PDF here .

d30 Challenge: Entry 29

d30 Gonzo Encounters Suitable for Dungeon Sandbox Crawling Exploration 29. A troop of 3d20 flying monkeys wearing red bell boy outfits take a smoke break from their union meeting (Flying Lackeys Local 316) and pick nits. They all smoke unfiltered cigarettes: Lucky Strike, Pall Mall, Camel, etc. Two of the monkeys have Zippo® lighters and one of them has a box of 500 kitchen matches. Some of the monkeys are chain smokers. The union boss is a hefty, older, greying monkey named Larry Justlarry. All of the monkeys are employed in the tri-realm area and are meeting to hammer out the specifics of current contract negotiations with the Association of Quasi United Wizards, Witches, & Alchemists. Each monkey is armed with 2d6 throwing darts and a spear. There is a 50% chance that one of the monkeys isn't a flying monkey at all but a disguised chaotic dwarf assassin hired by the AQUWWA to eliminate Larry Justlarry and derail the negotiations. If the PCs can suss out the d

Have Another Die Drop Table . . . IN SPAAAACE!

Here, have another die drop table, this one space-themed: PDF is linked below! The above picture is just a screencap. Here's the PDF .

d30 Challenge: Entry 28

d30 Gonzo Encounters Suitable for Dungeon Sandbox Crawling Exploration 28. David Bowie. Treat as Vampire Lord. Cannot be staked if singing "Let's Dance". d30 Alphabetic Modifiers WILD #2. Before or after the rolled encounter, a Halfling disguised as a very short Elf runs into the area waving a short sword and carrying a glass jar containing a human heart. The heart is still beating. The Halfling (whose name doesn't matter) is on the verge of tears. He will explain that this is the heart of his beloved and it is all that remains after the Halfling tried and failed to rescue his beloved from the deepdark elves who roam the Overandunderdark. Although the Halfling is penniless, if the PCs can help with a resurrection, the Halfling will indenture himself to them for a period of no more than three years. He has a valid and legally binding simple contract ready to sign. He is literally begging on his knees, desperate for help. As he begs, the heart beats slower a

d30 Challenge: Entry 27

d30 Gonzo Encounters Suitable for Dungeon Sandbox Crawling Exploration 27. A maroon Land Octopus triple-wielding swords duels an alpha male Octorilla . If the PCs join the Land Octopus, the Octorilla will become even more enraged and gain a +3 to all damage rolls. If the PCs join the Octorilla, the Land Octupus will pull out three more swords and start swinging. He can target three PCs at once, and gets two attacks at each. If the PCs take on both of the tentacled creatures, The Land Octopus will disappear in a huge puff of inky smoke (treat as Darkness 20ft Radius) and scramble away as quickly as possible. The Octorilla will then let out a death howl, calling in a pack of four more male Octorillas. If the PCs ignore the fight, the Land Octopus will handily beat the Octorilla and then thank the PCs for not getting involved. He will tell them the duel was a family matter best left unexplained, and then invite the PCs for some tea and crumpets. If the PCs accept,

d30 Challenge: Entry 26

d30 Gonzo Encounters Suitable for Dungeon Sandbox Crawling Exploration 26. 12d6 Blink Dogs play a furious game of Ultimate Frisbee. If the PCs join in for a friendly game, there is a 20% chance one of the blink dogs will take a liking to a PC and become their familiar. If the PCs attack, the blink dogs will summon 12d6 phase spiders to their defense. Other teleporting non-divine creatures within 1d6 miles will also hear the call and show up to battle the PCs. d30 Alphabetic Modifiers A. During the encounter, there is a 33% chance that missile weapons will never hit their intended target but instead hit the PC nearest the intended target.

d30 Challenge: Entry 25

d30 Gonzo Encounters Suitable for Dungeon Sandbox Crawling Exploration 25. The PCs stumble across a gigantic 30ft tall tapered ceramic vase decorated with mindbendingly obscene non-Euclidean bas-relief. If the PCs can climb to the top and look inside, they will see a shadowy maelstrom of dark swirling waters. Any light source (except natural sunlight) used to examine the inside of the vase will be immediately extinguished as the streaming light is sucked into the void. Even something imbued with a Continual Light spell will begin to dim and eventually fail and the spell extinguished while examining the slippery void. Anything dropped into the vase will disappear. Anyone climbing into the vase must make a Save vs. Death, or immediately cease to exist. PCs who make successful saves are whisked to the Jale God's palatial chambers, where they will find themselves standing behind a huge pile of things that have been dropped into the vase. If any PC touches the pile of stuff

Evil Gnome Die Drop Table

I couldn’t resist, so I made another die drop table from an old comic. Here is a two-page spread. You need to print out both pages and lay them side-by-side: click to embiggen This is just a screenshot. Use the PDF, here .

Angry Mob Die Drop Table

Inspired by  +evandro novel 's post here ,  I made this for you: JPG version - click to embiggen PNG version - click to embiggen Edit: Here's a PDF , by request. This is based upon the 1953 Classics Illustrated Junior #504: The Pied Piper comic, from Gilbertson Publishing. The company no longer exists, so I've appropriated the art. I think I've transformed it enough to count as fair use. At any rate, I'm not claiming any credits for this other than regular copyright over the text. Do with it what you will.

d30 Challenge: Entry 24

d30 Gonzo Encounters Suitable for Dungeon Sandbox Crawling Exploration 24. Hundreds of thousands of small scorpions hitch a ride on the backs of 5 giant scorpions. The scorpions are currently eating 2 giant spiders that are still half alive. A pack of sentient giant Grasshopper Mice ride herd over the scorpions, protecting them from harm as the mice drive them to their lair. The Grasshopper Micemen (treat as orks + ability to leap 15ft with ease during melee) are willing to trade needed goods for scorpion poison. d30 Alphabetic Modifiers C. There is a 60% chance a foe/NPC encountered in this area immediately develops an incredible streak of vampiric bloodlust for a particular PC, although it may not be noticeable. They will do anything possible to kill that PC and drink and/or bathe in their blood, even if the foe/NPC must wait patiently to do so.

d30 Challenge: Entry 23

d30 Gonzo Encounters Suitable for Dungeon Sandbox Crawling Exploration 23. A team of 8 dead mules is harnessed to an overturned wagon, blocking the party's path. Root vegetables are strewn all over the ground, including some never before seen by the PCs. A dead female cleric of chaos is trapped under the wagon, her skull crushed by the axle. She is dressed for travel; on her left leg is an iron cuff with three chain links still attached. A 7 or 8 year old boy lays unconscious a few feet away. The boy has a broken arm and a broken leg; the non-broken leg wears an iron cuff with single link of chain dangling from it. He is emaciated, filthy, and in need of a haircut; his body is covered with bruises and scars. If the PCs heal the boy, when he awakens he will tell them his name is Samwich Everflame and he was stolen from his father 21 full moons ago by the now-dead cleric, whose name is Forvalla Drey. Forvalla treated him like a slave and forced him to do many despicabl

d30 Challenge: Entry 22

d30 Gonzo Encounters Suitable for Dungeon Sandbox Crawling Exploration 22. A Cobalt Klutz * , its blue skin glowing with waves of internally self-generated gamma radiation, munches on a handful of baby giant purple worms torn from their nest. PCs getting within ten feet of the Cobalt Klutz must Save vs. Death Ray or suffer 1d6 points mutating radiation damage and develop one of the mutations from the Weirdlands of Xhuul Random Mutation Table  OR The Metamorphica . The creature is in a friendly mood, as it has sated its hunger. It will not attack the party unless provoked, and prefers to flee rather than fight. The party will find that the Cobalt Klutz cannot lie. It has the innate ability to detect lies and delights in pointing out even the most minor of mis-truths. Finally, the Cobalt Klutz is lost. It is originally from the Overandunderdark (the deepest level of the Underdark where time and space collapse into the Mirror World that forms the edges of the Hollow World

d30 Challenge: Entry 21

d30 Gonzo Encounters Suitable for Dungeon Sandbox Crawling Exploration 21. A WWI-era Sopwith Camel hangs upside down from a decaying tree, its frame battered and slightly torn, its propeller broken, and its engine smoking. A strange blunderbuss-like contraption is located where the machine-gun box should be. The pilot sits beneath the tree, eating a ham sandwich and drinking lemon-water out of a red thermos. The pilot is a mutated dwarf gnoll with floppy black ears and beady eyes. A chittering, hyperactive parakeet sits on the ground next to him, begging for crumbs. The gnoll is generous with the crumbs. If approached, the gnoll will explain he was chasing Crimson Earl, a rogue wizard with a death warrant in three kingdoms. They engaged in an aerial duel and the gnoll was shot down when his SpellSlinger 2000™ jammed with three spells left and Earl was able to fire off six spells in quick succession, crippling the gnoll's craft. He was able to guide the plane to a cushioned ye

WIP: The Caverns Below

Okay, folks, this is the last of my Work-in-Progress entries. I should have the final version ready in a few weeks. As usual, it will be a free download. It will be released using either the GFDL or a non-commercial use CC license (but I'll give explicit permission for at-cost commercial printing). I use Pages, Word, & LibreOffice for editing and such, but my layout skills are by no means professional. I can't afford InDesign and Scribus is too much of a learning curve. If anyone has pointers, PM me on the G+. 7. The Caverns Below Outside the house, 2 doors in the ground open on a short staircase that leads to a 10ft x 10ft root cellar filled with potatoes, beets, and other root vegetables. One wall of the cellar is collapsed; two shovels and a pick lay nearby. 2ft in front of the fallen wall is a 3ft-wide hole in the floor. A length of stout rope dangles from a wooden ceiling support down into the hole. A cool breeze issues from the hole, bringing with it an acrid odor

d30 Challenge: Entry 20

d30 Gonzo Encounters Suitable for Dungeon Sandbox Crawling Exploration 20. Six black goats stand in a circle licking a block of salt. If any of the goats are touched by a PC, Blorcus, the youngest and weakest half-step-brother of Orcus the Demon Prince, will immediately manifest, standing on the salt lick. He will demand the PCs pay him homage by slaughtering the goats and pouring their blood on the salt block in libation. The goats will ignore Blorcus and continue to greedily lick the salt block. Try as they might, the PCs can't kill the goats. They are under the protection of Curdle, the Petty Goddess of Blind Milkmaids (see link or Expanded Petty Gods ). Any weapon-based attack will merely bounce off the goats' hides and spells will have no effect. If the PCs spend too much time trying to kill the goats, Curdle herself will manifest. Blorcus is afraid of her and will immediately dissipate. The salt block is worth 10sp. d30 Alphabetic Modifiers G. The

A Comparison & Some Kerflufflily Thoughts

So, the whole White Star OGL kerfluffle. Let's look at something. This is in no way an indictment of  +Mark Hunt ; in fact, he has already deleted this one page adventure I'm using here as an example and two others like it from the White Star Google+ Community. I don't know if he removed them or if the community mods did. But they were up anywhere from a few days to a few hours before they disappeared. Anyway, here is a one-page adventure he posted. It is gorgeous: click to embiggen Let's see what's going on here: Slick, cool looking, appropriated artwork that might be transformed somehow from the original, uncredited. Use of White Star Compatibility Logo. No declaration of any kind of use license: no CC, no OGL, nada nothing zilch. No specific mention of White Star IP (at least as far as I can tell). Now, here is my one-pager that caused the kerfluffle. This is v3, which corrected a few typos: click to embiggen Let's see: Slick, cool lo

d30 Challenge: Entry 19

d30 Gonzo Encounters Suitable for Dungeon Sandbox Crawling Exploration 19. A large purple tureen inset with intricate golden filigree rests on the ground. Nearby are a stack of wooden bowls and spoons—enough for the entire party. The tureen contains a delectable chick pea soup with a chicken broth base. Eating the soup restores all lost HP and instantaneously restores all spells used so far that day. As soon as any PC goes back for seconds, the tureen is empty. It will never refill. The tureen itself is worth roughly 50gp to collectors. d30 Alphabetic Modifiers H. A large war dog wanders in during the encounter and pops a squat. If the PCs check the steaming pile, they'll find a goblin finger bone with a Ring of Exaggeration . The ring is cursed and can only be removed with a Wish or a boon from a minor or petty god (the major gods have no time for such tuck). The ring forces the wearer to exaggerate every third truth they speak to the point of unbelievability. Ther

My recent thoughts on use licenses, etc.

This is a public post of some private G+ messages. I like to keep my G+ messages off of public mode, so here is what I posted last night, slightly edited for clarity. Note: for the record, I'm not anti-OGL as some people claim. It's a good framework for people who want to charge money for their work.  For everyone else, it's not. After the kerfluffle I inadvertently started in the White Star: White Box Science Fiction Roleplaying circle regarding the publisher of White Star wanting the entire OGL included in a one page adventure/dungeon contest a community member was running for shits & giggles, I've been wondering if there is a better way to release work online. (You can go look it up -- my stance is that it goes against the spirit of the OPD and introduced too much legal bullshit into a fun fan project, but others--mainly the mods and publishers--vehemently disagree). I'm not really in favor of the OGL and I have issues with Creative Commons, too -- b

In which I respond to Erik Tenkar

In response to this: And this: Thanks for having the decency to include me on a discussion of my work, +Erik Tenkar . Right nice of you. Please let me respond. 1. If you have access to the entire original PDF (I can email it to you if you want) you'll see that the whole damn thing is gonzo and intentionally full of juvenile snark and in-jokes. Taken out of context in a small snippet in the graphic posted on your post, sure, it looks like I am being flippant. Taken in the context of the document as a whole, the snippet that you show wherein I provide credits and links fits the overall tongue-in-cheek tone of the thing. Did you ever stop to consider that the whole point was to be asinine? If you can't see the tongue-in-cheek jokiness of the whole damn thing, from the opening title to the "an unsuitable adventure for any level"

Updated: Freebie for OSR Space Fantasy

Let's try this again: Zombie Retronauts in Spaaaaace! v4 Updated to reflect changes to avoid run-ins with overzealous OGL shocktroopers. Comments on this post will be proactively moderated to avoid drama that I, in all fairness, started and kept poking. Since I started it, I'm ending my involvement in it and won't allow it to bubble over to this post.

d30 Challenge: Entry 18

And now for a change of pace because I need to get my mind off the previous post*: d30 Gonzo Encounters Suitable for Dungeon Sandbox Crawling Exploration 18. An elderly couple emerges from a 1-story, 3-room house made entirely of normal-sized playing cards. The couple is nervous and eager to see the PCs on their way and will not invite the PCs inside. If the PCs gain entry to the home, they will find an Alice or Alistair bound to a chair and gagged. The Alice/Alistair is nearly Exasperated. The elderly couple did not capture the Alice/Alistair themselves but are merely babysitting for someone else they are too terrified to even mention. If pressed, one of them will try to say who this is, but as soon as the first syllable is uttered, they will both melt into horrifying puddles of flesh. The Alice/Alistair may wish to join the party if rescued. Hidden in the walls of the house is 3/4 of a Deck of Not a Lot of Things . d30 Alphabetic Modifiers I. If there are magic-users in t

New Freebie for White Star: White Box Science Fiction RPG OSR Space Fantasy-type Games

NOTE: Updated file available in new post. Here, have this: Zombie Retronauts in Spaaaaace! Link removed until I edit it to remove the White Star references because some people want to be all lawyerly and shit. One moderator even went as far as to accuse me of theft. Check out the White Star Google+ community. They didn’t even have the courtsey to accuse me in a private message. It ain't theft if you cite your sources and provide links. It might be sloppy reuse/remixing, but it ain't theft. Especially if it ain't for sale or profit. Sure, it might be infringement, but it's good infringement (like fan fiction) versus bad infringement (like fake Rolex watches). It's cool, though. Space is infinite. You can't take the sky from me. Loosen up, dudes. Talk about taking something that was light and fun and shitting on the parade. Also, people have a hard time reading sarcasm.

d30 Challange: Entry 17

d30 Gonzo Encounters Suitable for Dungeon Sandbox Crawling Exploration 17. Five witches eat cheese curls and drink lukewarm bottles of Bitches Brew while a toad and a hamster, both wearing plated mail and wielding miniature broadswords, fight in the middle of an empty kiddie swimming pool . The witches cheer on the fight, encouraging both animals equally. There is a large outlay of coins on the line (2d10gp, 2d30sp, 4d30cp). Outside the kiddie pool, a red squirrel and an emperor tamarin , both sporting boiled leather armor and bucklers, take practice swings with gaffi sticks as they warm up for the next battle. If the toad wins the fight, he'll take on the red squirrel. If the hamster wins the fight, then the tarmarin and the squirrel will fight each other (the squirrel as 3:1 odds). The witches encourage the PCs to place bets. If the PCs attack the witches for any reason whatsoever, the animals will immediately transform to human size and defend the witches. The witc

d30 Challenge: Entry 16

d30 Gonzo Encounters Suitable for Dungeon Sandbox Crawling Exploration 16. A grill rests over an enormous campfire; several thick steaks and burgers fill the air with tasty smells. An ogre stands by the fire, occasionally prodding and flipping the meat with a trident. Two trolls sit at a busted  chrome dinette set , eating ribeye sandwiches slathered with red onions and spicy mustard. There are two empty tables. If the PCs sit at the table, it's 1sp for a steak and 50cp for a burger (the only available toppings are red onions, spicy mustard, and pickeled harpy gizzards). There is no waitstaff, so PCs must pay the cook. The cook enforces a strict "no fighting" policy while food is being cooked by calling on the fire elemental hiding in the flames beneath the grill. d30 Alphabetic Modifiers K. One of the foes/NPCs is deathly allergic to dwarves. If there is a dwarf in the party, that foe/NPC must fight at a –3 penalty to hit. However, all the other foes/NPCs know of

d30 Challenge: Entry 15

d30 Gonzo Encounters Suitable for Dungeon Sandbox Crawling Exploration 15. A dilapidated blue 1972 Volkswagen Super Beetle sits on four worn, flat tires. The engine has been yanked out of the boot and several jagged claw marks scar the engine block. Worn belts and parts litter the ground. The interior of the car is pristine, except for the emaciated corpse of an Avon Sales Representative , her sample case neatly arranged on the passenger seat. The Avon Lady is actually a wight. She will attempt to sell the PCs her wares (which are rotten with decay). If the PCs refuse to entertain her sales pitch, she will summon 1d6 fellow representatives and attack the party. If the PCs attempt to fix her car and are successful (10% chance; 40% if there's a tinker gnome in the party and spend 1d6 hours trying), they will find a Soap on a Rope +2  and a Fresh and Glow Face Mask +1 against Vampires under the engine block. The car's gas tank is empty. d30 Alphabetic Modifiers L. If the P

d30 Challenge: Entry 14

d30 Gonzo Encounters Suitable for Dungeon Sandbox Crawling Exploration 14. Orphaned twins torture a small cat. The children are about 8 years old and plainly dressed. They claim they were abandoned by their parents. They are lying. Their mother is the cat. Polymorph Other  was infused in their brains by a vengeful petty god, and the twins have gleefully been turning people they hold grudges against into small mammals and killing them slowly. The twins are symbiotic; if one gets injured, the other feels it. d30 Alphabetic Modifiers M. One of the foes/NPCs points out the concealed entrance to a one-room cave containing two gnome-sized wooden coffins. The coffins are engraved with alien sigils. The coffins are empty. Whatever is put in one coffin is teleported to the other coffin, but inside out.

d30 Challenge: Entry 13

d30 Gonzo Encounters Suitable for Dungeon Sandbox Crawling Exploration 13. 3d4 bandit leaders accompanied by 4d4 bandit bodyguards attend a leadership retreat lead by a hobgoblin shaman; they are in the middle of a trust-building exercise. If the PCs interrupt the exercises, there is a 25% chance the shaman will invite the PCs to join in and learn the Orgo Ogotto Method of True Leadership℠ for a small one-time fee of 19gp; membership includes a course completion certificate on 100% real sheepskin parchment and access to an entire catalog of reasonably priced motivational totems and tchotckes to further motivate and lead a team. d30 Alphabetic Modifiers N. Two of the foes/NPCs are lovers; if one of them is killed, the other goes into a berserker rage, gaining a +5 to all to-hit and damage attacks.

d30 Challenge: Entry 12

d30 Gonzo Encounters Suitable for Dungeon Sandbox Crawling Exploration 12. 2d6 Vampire Crabs are dining on a Rodent of Unusual Size. In the stomach of the RoUS is a sentient duck named Sonya, who was separated from her friend Peter, a dwarf given to bouts of depression and binging on pork and pork byproducts. Peter has been missing for a month, and Sonya and her friends Ivanhoe (a cockatoo) and Sascha (a dacshund) have been looking for Peter for the past two days. Ivanhoe was eaten by a python and Sascha fell to a werewolf. Peter was last seen chasing after a goat. In Sonya's gizzard is a ruby worth 156gp and a rare star sapphire worth 532gp. d30 Alphabetic Modifiers O. It's raining for no explicable reason whatsoever. Maybe it's magic. Maybe not. All melee attacks suffer –2 because of the weather.

d30 Challenge: Entry 11

d30 Gonzo Encounters Suitable for Dungeon Sandbox Crawling Exploration 11. d24 bugbears, d24 gnolls and d24 kobolds are in full melee, duking it for control of an elegant oversized horse-drawn coach capable of carrying six people. The six horses are dead, and so are the occupants of the coach:  a queenly figure dressed in a fine silken sky-blue evening gown hangs halfway out of the coach and a once-handsome raven-haired man in a military dress uniform is sprawled on the ground beside her. Her throat has been cut and her feet have been lopped off; his head has been bashed in. If the PCs attempt to intervene in the fight, two rounds into combat one of the the following will happen: if the PCs fought against every group, the horses turn into dead mice and the coach turns into a pumpkin squeezed around the dead woman's body, and all the enemy combatants turn into a swarm of flies and maggots on the corpses. if the PCs joined the bugbears, the kobolds and gnolls will flee. if the

d30 Challenge: Entry 10

d30 Gonzo Encounters Suitable for Dungeon Sandbox Crawling Exploration 10. A goat and a feral pig root around a large mud puddle, munching on whatever they find. The goat pulls out all sorts of weird things, including tin cans, car parts, lava rocks, and cedar mulch. The pig turns up unusually sized moldy rutabagas, rotting cabbages, and other such deteriorating vegetables. They eat it all. The mud puddle is a multi-dimensional gateway to a slosh pile on a farm in Osage County, Missouri. If the PCs dive in and go deep enough, they will emerge on Fred Samuelson's Pretty Pride Pork Products and Hog Farm in 1983. There's a 50% chance Fred will be tossing stuff in the slosh pile when the PCs emerge and he won't be surprised at all. He'll invite the PCs to clean off up at the house, where the PCs will find Fred's wife Sally, 2 orks, 3 hobgoblins, and a dwarf named Pete eating barbecue ribs and pulled pork sandwiches with cold bottles of Vanilla Coke®. d30 Alphabeti

d30 Challenge: Entry 9

d30 Gonzo Encounters Suitable for Dungeon Sandbox Crawling Exploration 09. Two angels hold a minor demon in chains, the demon moaning and struggling as the celestial chains that bind it scorch and burn and flame. It is an illusion; it's really two halfling thief-magicians escorting an enslaved hobgoblin maiden to their nearby secret redoubt where they plan to ransom her back to her family. d30 Alphabetic Modifiers R. There is a 50% chance that the foes/NPCs speak only French, which is odd because France does not exist in this multiverse.

WIP: Pregenerated 0-Level Characters

From my Work in Progress, here is a file of 40 zero-level characters for Swords & Wizardry Whitebox. I used a modified version of the Swords & Wizardry funneling system developed by  +Stelios V. Perdios  mashed-up with the Basic Fantasy RPG character tumbler created by  +Austin Schaefer Get the file as a PDF from my Google Drive here: Pregenerated 0-Level Characters

d30 Challenge: Entry 8

d30 Gonzo Encounters Suitable for Dungeon Sandbox Crawling Exploration 08. An ork strokes the head of a wounded warg partially trapped in a pit trap; the animal's rear legs are impaled on spikes in the trap. The warg is clearly on death's doorstep and the ork is visibly upset. The ork is armed with a warclub and a jagged falchion; two sawtoothed spears, a warg saddle, and the ork's other equipment are in a loose pile nearby. The ork is ready to slit the throat of his warg. If the PCs attempt to kill the warg, the ork will claim the PCs robbed him of his solemn duty and take a blood oath to kill the PCs, but realizing he is outnumbered will flee on foot, taking only his club & sword. If the PCs heal the warg, the ork will reward them with a Spear of Spearing . There is a 10% chance that future ork encounters will include this ork, who will remember the party's kindness (or lack thereof). d30 Alphabetic Modifiers S. Any attempt to use non-divine magic s

WIP: Dead End

7E. Dead End This area contains the remains of three dead goblins, their bodies horribly burned and covered in a thick, white, crusty gel. They’re missing their heads. One of the goblins wears a money belt with 32sp and a set of goblin rune stones; the stones are worth 20cp and are 34% accurate.

d30 Challenge: Entry 7

d30 Gonzo Encounters Suitable for Dungeon Sandbox Crawling Exploration 07. Six dead elves, their faces horribly burned and their extremities gnawed away, are arranged in an outward-facing circle, their backs leaning against each other. A single golden thread encircles their waists and binds them together. If the thread is removed, the elves will explode (Save vs. Death or else), revealing a small cache of rubies and sapphires worth 1,543gp. The elves cannot be moved without removing the thread. d30 Alphabetic Modifiers T. Sounds made during this encounter draw the attention of a wandering troubadour, who will show up and record the PCs' deeds in a ballad worthy of the mightiest of heroes. Unfortunately, he's not that good at rhyming. Or singing.

WIP: Layers of Bone

7B. Layers of Bone The floor of this entire area is covered in bone fragments veined with corroded copper. The top layer is covered in a viscous, corrosive white slime. Anyone whose bare skin comes in contact with the slime must make a Save vs. Poison or suffer 1d4 points acidic burn damage. Two dead goblins, their feet eaten away by acid, are slumped against one wall. They carry nothing of value. The southeastern wall of this area consists of a huge rockslide; a 12ft long silvery wedge is embedded in the wall. This is the edge of a spaceship wing. It is firmly embedded in the wall and buried under tons of rock.

WIP: Scrubroom

6K. Scrubroom A small iron wood-burning stove, a dressing bench, and a beaten-metal scrubtub fill this room. Anders’ body lies in the scrubtub, his lower extremities and torso dissolved into a thick, fleshy goo. His face sports several whip-like acid burns that seem like something tried to caress him. One of his hands, the flesh eaten away so that nothing but bone and tough sinew remain, clutches a chunk of fleshy, white, down-covered tentacle, its underside covered in row upon row of sharp hooked claws.

On the Ecology of the Ghthhth

On the Ecology of the Ghthhth Name: Ghthhth Nomenclature: Ghthhth, Gith, That Which Devourers, The Yawning Mouth Stats: HD 7 AC 2 [17] Atk 1 bite (3d6) Move 12 Save 9 XP 800 Special: Immune to fire and cold, half damage from electricity, travel through mud, sand, and dry earth. Description: Ghthhth are small, tough, boulder shaped creatures with the chameleon-like ability to assume the coloration of their surrounding environment. They have three compound eyes set into their spheres, allowing them to see in front, behind, and above them at all times. Although they lack legs, they have two three-toed feet and can hop extremely fast. They prefer to propel themselves by rolling to their destinations. Things that are known: Ghthhth is both singular and plural. They are ravenous eaters and must constantly eat to remain alive. They can devour rock and metal just as easily as organic matter. They do not excrete bodily waste, as they have an extremely high metaboli