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On Hiatus . . .

As you can tell from the lack of updates since January 26th, I'm taking a break from blogging; I've decided to stop actively participating in RPG forums, too. I have too much on my plate In Real Life, and need to step away from the computer for an extended period of time. I'm also in a bit of a creative low point at the moment and need to recharge my batteries, sort out priorities, and spend time doodling on paper instead of the screen. There are several projects I started on this blog that I never completed, and maybe I should take some time to finish those before I start posting again. In the meantime, I'll keep the zine list and the 5e link lists updated, as those get a lot of hits on a regular basis. The 4e resource list is the most visited page on the site, so that's not going to go away anytime soon, either. I'm not on social media sites—no Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ for me. But I still follow several blogs via RSS using Feedly . I'll chime