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Gammarauders (Extremely Tiny) Roleplaying System, Redux

Back in March of this year, I posted scans of the Gammarauders (Extremely Tiny) Roleplaying System , which was written by David "Zeb" Cook.  In that post, I commented that it would be nice if someone typed up and re-formatted the rules. No one did. Until now. Last week I needed a break while grading papers. I took the scans from issues 1, 3, & 4 of the Gammarauders comics and sat there with one window open in my comics reader and another in a minimal word processor and went to town. In typing this up, I realized: This isn't truly "extremely tiny." You really need to read the comic to understand a lot of the references. For a ruleset, it's rather incoherent. I'm sure there are useable rules in here, but man, there is a lot of worldbuilding backstory that clutters the rules. It really needs to be stripped down to just the useable bits, which at its heart is an rules-light free-form d6-based mechanic. Quite frankly, this is an "anything g

Resource: Hipster Business Name Generator = RPG Tavern Name Generator

This Hipster Business Name Generator also does double-duty as a Tavern Name Generator:

Mining the Internet Archive: Space Gamer/Fantasy Gamer Scenarios for your Old School Game

The Internet Archive Magazine Rack has 25 issues of The Space Gamer (later titled Space Gamer/Fantasy Gamer). This started out as Metagaming Concept's house zine, and then later was handed off to Steve Jackson Games and then later spun off again and now seems to be stuck behind a paywall at a website that seems to have been designed in 1995 (although the forums seem to be active ). Anyways . . . I flipped through the issues available from the Internet Archive and found a few adventure scenarios that might be of interest to old school gamers. I've linked to the issues in the Internet Archives AND I've extracted the relevant pages from the PDFs of each issue for easy access, and those extracts are hosted via my DropBox account . **Links removed due to DMCA Copyright Complaint on 2018-06-06 regarding a different post.** Space Gamer/Fantasy Gamer Issue 77 (January/February 1987) AD&D Scenario - A Plague in Westerbrook Paranoia Solo Scenario - One of the Best PARA

Speaking of Star Wars . . .

NOTE:  A NEW VERSION HAS BEEN POSTED!: SEE HERE: Check out this totally sweet, fan made update to WEG's d6 Star Wars 2nd Edition RPG: Star Wars 2nd Edition: Revised, Expanded, and Updated You can read more about the project here: Hmmm...the site got deleted! Check out the Star Wars d6 Holocron in the meantime!

Bootleg Chinese Star Wars Comic

This is a PDF of a scan of a bootleg Chinese Star Wars comic from the pre-Internet days. And here you can find the translation, spread over 6 blog posts. This thing is totally gameable. Some select panels: Darth Vader & The Bounty Hunters force Princess Leia to belly dance. Ben Kenobi: Motorcycle Knight Rider Darth Varder. Wielding a Laser Sword. On the Moon. In Thor's armor. WITH A TRICERATOPS! The rebel scum have taken refuge in . . . Florida?! Chimpbacca in chains . . . Princess Leia gets a tour of the Yavin 4 installation from a young Steve Jobs.

Bitterroot: A Swords & Wizardry Outdoor Adventure for Low Level Characters

Bitterroot: A Swords & Wizardry Outdoor Adventure for Low Level Characters You'll need the Google Earth plug-in installed for your browser in order to access the above link. Built with Google Earth's Tour Builder and Wizardawn's RPG Tools . Be sure to use the zoom-in tools!

Today is My Birthday. And Also Donutsmas!

image courtesy of James Stowe And so, as Tiny Tim would say, "A Happy Donutsmas to us all; Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!"