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Marvel Superheroes RPG -- NEW Fan-Created Nth Edition!

Dude! You know I love me some MSHRPG . So I was stoked to see that a fan has undertaken to update my favorite supers game to the modern era. Take a look at the MSHRPG Google+ Community and see what Jayson Jolin has created. I mean, just look at it: Jayson Jolin is one proud papa! Jayson is using Scribd to host his files. I hate Scribd with a rabid passion. Just google " rip-off" to see why there is a significant problem with its entire business model. Since Jayson has released his materials for free download, I've placed the files in a Dropbox folder for you. You can find them here. Jayson has them available for download here.

D&D Cartoon View-Master Slides

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Three-fer Bookface Thrifty Finds

Swamp Thing vol. 2 Annual #1 This cost me 25¢ in the clearance bin at my local comic shop . Great B-movie, even better B-comic. Marvel's Conan the Barbarian #145 Another 25¢ find! This was in fair shape, too, so I'm surprised it was in the clearance bin. It was the only Conan comic there, so I grabbed it. In this issue, Conan kills a dude and then realizes some unsettling implications about that dude's provenance. Quite frankly, this story line would be really cool to see in the new Legend of Conan Schwarzenegger reboot . Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Gamebook #14: Trail Sinister Got this at the local Savers for a buck. If you've never heard of Savers, it's like a for-profit Goodwill or Salvation Army store . Actually, it's the place where people dump the stuff that doesn't sell at garage sales. Still, I've had good luck finding books there. The book is in pretty good condition, but it was missing its character