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Garbage of the Damned: Temple of the Offal God

I wrote this as an example for my Digital Narratives class to show how to embedded multiple narratives in a game mission. It's silly, but works. I adjusted it a bit to work for actual tabletop play, stripping out the cRPG if/then branching plot implications and references to game narrative and story arcs. It's not statted and I invented a lot of magic items that lack descriptions, but what the hell—have fun with it. At some point I'll post a cleaned-up PDF which will include credits for the maps, etc. Note: The following NOT Open Game Content. Note: updated on 2014-02-28 to fix some minor editing errors. I'm sure more corrections will be necessary. Garbage of the Damned: Temple of the Offal God Designed for a Single Low Level Character Hook The PC is a slave in the Gnomish land. To win his freedom, the PC must retrieve an Ancient Artifact from the Offal Pits of Charn , the traditional sacrificial dumping grounds of the Gnomish clans, for Arlkkklk, the G