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More d20 Freebies from the Internet Archive

I've dredged up some more stuff from old d20 websites. You might be interested in these. You can find them in my d20 Freebies Dropbox . 0one: 7Avengers - Heroes & Magic Sourcebook v2 Basement Games: The River Rat Children of the Grave: Aten: City of Life Dire Kobold: When Dire Kobolds Attack Dragon Scale Counters: An Irresistable Offer [sic] Forgotten Honor Grinning Goblin: The Secret of Tallow Falls Inner Circle: Fools Abbey (new) Jim Gillispe's Module Workshop: Bounty Hunters Dead Man's Party Magist Entertainment: A Simple Job Sovereign Stone: Escape into Darkness (3 parts) The Forge (Poland, files in English): 01 Fish Side 02 Ygron's Bridge 03 Crypt of Devil Flame 04 Winereg's Storehouse 05 The Forge 06 Rakan Forest 07 Temple of Sallos 08 Evil and Dangerous 09 Swamp Witch 10 Woodland Cut Tavern 11 Cartographer 12 Iron Valley 13 Egon Clockmaker Tenement 14 The Cozy Hearth Inn 15 The Broken Coin Inn Goblins'

Lo Pan Style

My Kickstarter Tally

RPG Kickstarters I've backed, plus estimated delivery dates: 1. Mystery Men! A Rules-Lite Comic Book Hero Game - COMPLETED Number of backers: 14 Total raised: $290 Goal: $210 My pledged amount: $20 Rewards: name listed as Golden Age Patron name inserted as NPC in mini-setting included in book PDF collection of public domain Golden Age comics Successfully funded: 2010-10-12 Estimated ship date:  N/A Final product shipped: 2011-05 Number of updates posted: 12 Notes: Kickstarter by John Stater of Land of Nod fame. Raised funds to pay artists. I had to buy the book, so I was actually out $30 total, but it's a great little game and I have no regrets, as it was clear this was to fund a specific production need. The PDF, by the way, was available on Lulu for free, but has been pulled as Fat Goblin Games will soon be releasing a revised 2nd edition . 2. DugeonMorph Dice - COMPLETED Number of backers: 379 Total raised: $20,620 Goal: $6,500 My pl

Bimbo's Initiation

Check out the awesome D&D-ishness of this old Betty Boop Max Fleischer cartoon from the 1930s: "Bimbo's Initiation" Aside from its obvious racist stereotypes of the creatures in blackface, this thing is full of funhouse tricks and traps. Steal away friends, steal away.

That Goblin's Got One Hell of a Punch!

If you aren't already reading or following +Arnold K's Goblin Punch , what the hell is wrong with you? Seriously, this man is a genius. Here's links to a few posts to get you started: A Spell Called Catherine Inventing the Tiger Taming the Mouse The Goblin Library (has updated pdfs for the Tiger and Mouse posts)