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A Few More for Gorgonmilk's Gem Table

Gastrolith of the Bugbear Worm God This perfectly 1-inch diameter sphere of highly polished purple fluorite came from the gizzard of purple worm which had been worshiped by a bugbear warren for generations. The worm itself was killed by a band of intrepid retired adventurers now working as interior designers when they were completing a makeover of Danny the Lich's 384 room, six-level dungeon in Lancashire. They accidentally broke into the warren when moving a wall and were immediately confronted by a tribe of angry bugbears and the largest purple worm ever recorded in Lancashire. With a bit of quick thinking and the use of several +2 wallpaper paste trowels, they quickly dispatched the bugbears and subdued and gutted the worm, finding in its gizzard thousands of small stones bubbling and slowly dissolving in the worm's acidic fluids. This stone alone was untouched by the worm's acids. The Gastrolith normally glows with subtle flow of pale purple light which grows br

Gloves of Dwarvenkind

Gloves of Dwarvenkind These dwarven-made gloves are used by dwarves to protect their hands when working their wondrous forges beneath the earth. Made of light mithril chainmail lined with the skin of stillborn ewes and imbued with unknown dwarven spells, they are impenetrable to heat or flame or radiant ray attack and can only be destroyed by being cast into the dying sun of Arnoff or Carcosa. They are rarely seen above the underworld, as dwarves have long kept their existence secret. However, the lucky adventurer might find a pair (or, most often, just a single sparkling glove) in abandoned dwarven settlements. Several single gloves—all left handed—have been spotted about the realms over the ages. Many dwarves say these spottings are all of the same glove, one lost by the legendary dwarven warrior Vlarnan Thundergaff, who lost his left arm attempting to steal a red dragon's fire gland on a bar bet (the story goes that he won the bet but the dragon survived and after his glan

More Entries for Gorgonmilk's Table of Magical Gems Found in the Eye Sockets of Animated Skeletons

Hastur's Tooth This pale, dull trillion-cut topaz is the size of a dwarf's thumb knuckle and radiates a thin, sickly yellow pulse of light that is invisible unless in the darkest of rooms. All who lay eyes upon Hastur's Tooth must Save vs. Insanity or be overcome with madness for 1d6 rounds and run away screaming and spouting gibberish. Those who fall under the gem's effects will see horrible visions of cities beyond the rifts of time and space, filled with the spectacle of the Old Gods feasting on the liquified fear of their conquered subjects. These feverish dreams will occur for several nights, perhaps even enough to interrupt spell preparation. Those who make their save against seeing the tooth must then make a Save vs. Death Ray every 4 rounds they are within the presence of the gem or take 1d12 radiation damage for each failed save. Anyone touching the gem with bare flesh must make this save every 2 rounds. The gem may be safely handled only by those wearin

1d20 Table of Choice Course Dinner Menus (a found table)

Scrolling through Barkham Burrough's Encyclopedia of Astounding Facts and Useful Information , I found the following table that is perfect for tavern menus. This work is in the public domain, so I have no ethical qualms about presenting it here. Obviously feel free to substitute New World foods that don't fit in your fantasy world's milieu. 1d20 Choice Course Dinner Menus 1. Rice Soup, Baked Pike, Mashed Potatoes, Roast of Beef, Stewed Corn, Chicken Fricassee, Celery Salad, Compote of Oranges, Plain Custard, Cheese, Wafers, Coffee. 2. Mutton Soup, Fried Oysters, Stewed Potatoes, Boiled Corn Beef, Cabbage, Turnips, Roast Pheasants, Onion Salad, Apple Pie, White Custard, Bent's Water Crackers, Cheese, Coffee. 3. Oyster Soup, Roast Mutton, Baked Potatoes, Breaded Veal Cutlets, Tomato Sauce, Baked Celery, Cabbage Salad, Apple Custard, Sponge Cake, Cheese, Coffee. 4. Macaroni Soup, Boiled Chicken, with Oysters, Mutton Chops, Creamed Potatoes, Stewed Tomatoes, Pickl

More Petty Classifieds

A THOUSAND USES FOR SOUR ALE! Since ancient times sour ale has been known to ward off ill health and prevent evil wards. Send for a FREE scroll to find out how! Send 12sp to cover courier costs to Upturn Potsherd, Barthian Way, Narlick. FATHER GILGARTH restores luck, love, health, and happiness. Narwith Abbey, east door. Reasonable prices. PSYCHIC READINGS by Malach the Black. Find out who plagues your soul. Helps with love life, health, job, and relationships. Immediate results or no charge. Flargeth Alley, Kingskeep, Brookshire. ROSEBRIAR THIMBTHWIT can change your life overnight. Send 25sp and emergency prayer request via courier to Dimswit Ditch, Doorchester. I WILL BUY YOUR TRINKETS! See Timberbull in Stall 17, Marketsquare. HEMPSTEAD'S CURE-ALL! Doctor Hempstead, the healer's healer, has right potion to cure your ills. Hempstead's Cure-All is excellently adapted to carry off morbid excretions, restore and amend the appetite, and prevent sickness of the sto

Some Entries for Gorgonmilk's Table of Magical Gems Found in the Eye Sockets of Animated Skeletons

Gorgonmilk's latest community project is located here. Here are my first entries. Sharded Jale Pulling out this gem results in a 1-in-10 chance of an aspect of the Jale God manifesting within 20 feet. He will demand the return of the gem to its rightful eye socket upon pain of an impossible Quest (Save vs. Spell –4). The gem itself is worthless to any possible buyer or trader, and the if the gem is given away, it will find its way back into the PC's possession within an hour. However, if the PC gouges out his own eye and replaces it with the Sharded Jale, he will receive the gift of hindsight, being able to simultaneous see what is behind him and in front of him at the same time; his brain will automatically adapt to this new vision system with no ill effect. Once the gem is inserted into the eye socket, it is bonded to the PC's flesh until death. Umber Diamond Removing these causes the skeleton to transform into (roll 1d6): 1) Ghoul 2) Ghast 3) Vampire 4) Mu

Been Away for Awhile

Life decided to kick me and then kick me again when I was down. In the past two weeks, I've had to deal with both vehicles, the home air conditioner, the dryer, the dishwashing machine, and the sewer line all breaking down at roughly the same time. And then I had two temporary dental crowns detatch (and one break) before having the permanent crown installed. And, of course, September is the busiest month for shuffling kids to and from school & activities. And I was trying to keep on top of grading papers late into the evening at the same time. It proved too much for me to handle. Something had to give and I gave up grading papers at home and my hobbies for the past few weeks. I'm not saying I'm back, but I thought I'd chime in and say that I am still alive and kicking. And in that spirit, here are some links to some free HackMaster stuff from the KenzerCo website: Rules HackMaster Basic Free HackMaster Basic Quick Start Rules Interactive Critical Hit Bookle

Lazy World Builder Tip: Adapt the Federal Writers' Project City Guides

During the Great Depression, the Roosevelt Administration came up with a way to put unemployed writers, historians, and other researchers to work for the federal government: these down-on-their-luck wordsmiths churned out guidebooks for various major cities, states, and vacation spots. You can find many of them at the Internet Archive: You can find many of these in facsimile editions on Amazon (just search for "WPA Guide" or "Federal Writers' Project"). But the versions at the Internet Archive are superior in one way: you can grab just the text and edit the hell out of them to fit your game. Here's an example using the Montana guidebook : Montana is too large and diverse for definition or characterization in general terms. Children in its schools are taught that the name Montana means "mountains," but many of them see only prairies rolling to the horizon. They are told that Montana is still