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Friday Bookface

Tim Shorts thinks he's so clever. So very, very clever. He will RUE THE DAY he taunted Bookface! Actually, maybe Bookface will rue the day he taunted Tim, as Tim is much more productive than Bookface. Now Tim's done a bang-up job taking his one-page dungeon Where is Margesh Blackblood? and turning it into a booklet. He's devoted two pages to each encounter area--descriptions on the left, map on the right--and added stats for Swords & Wizardry rather than keep the generic orginals. This is a nice little "capture the bandits" encounter session--just right for a one-off or a drop-in. You can grab it and Pay What You Want at .

Interesting Concept in a Music Video

Ok, so it's Avril Lavigne. Turn down the sound. Watch the video. So. Channeling Tank Girl . Visual references to Mad Max and Maximum Overdrive and Repo Man . Got the motion comics thing. Winnie from The Wonder Years with voice over action. References to W.A.S.P. (the saw axe) and Guns 'N Roses' "November Rain". PLUS BEARSHARK! I would seriously play this game. (via )

Oh Yeah!

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Bookface Print Your Own Booklet Time!

Millenniums & Mutations for Tunnels & Trolls, by Wizardawn . This is a post-apocalyptic ruleset to use with Tunnels & Trolls 5th or 7th edition. Think Thundaar the Barbarian or Gamma World rather than Fallout. Be sure to grab the World of Zendynn supplement (available at the same link). The supplement provides a world map, bestiary, and other extras. Brave the Labyrinth , Issue 1 , by Pete Spahn. Read Tenkar's review, here . The Dragon Horde , Issue 1 , from New Big Dragon . The Lost Lair of the Lizard Laird, a DELVE! zine special issue , by Johnathan Bingham .

Bookface -- AEG Edition

So back on July 22, Tenkar asked if anyone knew anything about the d20 adventure booklets published by Alderac Entertainmnet Group under the Adventure Booster title . I had never heard about them. But I had a credit balance at RPGNow, so I grabbed four in PDF: Bring Him Back Alive , Castle Zadrian , The Crypt of St. Bethesda , and The Heart of Amun Khonshu . The PDFs were crappy scans. The content was decent albeit a bit railroady (boxed text and all), but the scans made for difficult on-screen reading, two of them wouldn't open in Preview on my Mac (the default PDF viewer), and printing them to create a booklet was nearly impossible. So I popped over to Noble Knight Games and grabbed a few that were low priced and in good condition . The modules themselves are designed to be drop-ins in a current campaign -- side treks or encounters that should take only a session to complete. Rather than bore you with my reviews, here's a link to an article by Jim Bishop from Dragon M

Bookface Mail Call!

Why look what came in the mail! The Manor #4 ! Great googly-moogly! And what's this? A bonus! An excellent picture of corpse flies! That reminds me . . . it's lunchtime! Crank up the soundtrack , because Planet Motherf***er has landed! Many, many thanks to Zach Z. for this, who backed the Kickstarter and decided to pass on his Free RPG Day copy to me. I owe him much beer. Does that make a good baby shower gift? From Dylan Hartwell comes Verloren ! Read this review , then go buy it ! The Fungus that Came to Blackeswell , by Yves Geens (the dude who brought us the Fallout fan conversion for the Savage Worlds system ). This is Module #3 in the Psychedlic Fantasies series. You can read a review over here . Also, if you missed it, please check out yesterday's post , as I thought I was particularly clever.

Four Long Lost Beasts of Legend Newly Revealed!

(This announcement brought to you by Gunther Taxidermy, conveniently located in Walthamthorp. Gunther Taxidermy: Preserve the Adventure! ) Their existence has been whispered about for generations, to the point they were thought to be things of legend spoken of around campfires merely to spook green recruits. But now, Gunther Taxidermy is proud to reveal the truth about these rare creatures! Their pelts were found deep in the family vaults on Baron Walthamthorp's estate and their provenance puzzled the Baron's chief archivist. Upon request from the Baron himself, Gunther Fishkiller has spent the past seventeen mooncycles tracking down the sources of these pelts, gathering and confirming the known lore to positively, once and for all reveal the truth about the animals from whence they came. Gathered here in one location is the sum of our true knowledge of these fearsome creatures of the under dark. The Snickerjack Occasionally it happens that inexperienced dungeo

Bookface Bookstore Finds

So here are some books I've picked up recently. First up is this 3E Fast Play from the d20 System Dice package that was sold by WoTC back in 2000. This is the "Free Game" which wasn't really free because these dice: were waaaaay overpriced ($6.95) and came in a big-ass box: That's right. Seven dice and a sixteen page booklet were the only things in that box. For $7. I paid less, of course. The PDF of this Fast Play is still available on the WotC website . Still, it's nice to have a print version. The Practical Guide to Monsters . This was published by a WotC imprint, Moonstone Books, and is aimed at the middle-grade reader (6 to 9 year olds). It's got descriptions of D&D monsters and acts as a gentle introduction to the monsters of fantasy games. What's great is that it is all description, no stats. Here, for example is a shot of the Manticore entry: As you can see, it is brief, focuses on description, and lacks stats. Also, the

Bob the Cat?

So this is Bob the Cat: Bob is kind of a big deal. Seems this James Bowen dude is a musician who was struggling to makes ends meet and whose life turned around when he started taking care of the cat. The book is supposed to be a feel-good memoir, evidently. Here's an excerpt . Before this book was published in the U.S. last month , I had never heard of that cat or the book about him. And here's what's weird. Back in March, I created a minion for Petty Gods named, you guessed it, Bob the Cat . Here's the opening line of that write-up: Bob the Cat is a two-legged bald cat that rides on the shoulders of Ywehbobbobhewy, Lord of Waters, etc., etc. , when His Lordship manifests as a one-eyed, lute-playing hunchbacked midget during the Dark Moon Festival and other high holy days. Look at the book cover again: The cat is riding on that dude's shoulders! Bowen is a busker who plays the guitar! Maybe I was tapping into some Amber-ish shadow world for

Petty Classifieds

MINIONS WANTED! God of Abject Poverty needs lackeys for entry-level field positions managing ruination portfolios. Must like body vermin and travel by foot. Apply at the Sign of the Crooked Foot in Lochnamsh next full moon. Serious inquiries only. No elves. PUNY MAN! Bow before the Goddess of Wonderous Strength and be the master of your muscle! You are called to a special meeting of the Muscle Cult at the next nexus of the twin moons of Joon at Temple Square in Portown. Only the first ten applicants who fail the feats of strength will be admitted. No dwarves; farmboys need not apply unless partially crippled. LOST: Small, ruby, triple-headed goat statue inscribed with the name “EMKILM” on base. Last seen behind the bar at the Sign of the Wrinkled Tit. If found, please return to Faroo the Magnanimous in Harnthorp for special reward. Note: DO NOT attempt to milk the statue! RUM MAIT WANTTED! Slorg need rum mait. Nice layer. Tastful decorated with skuls. Must not be orc. Cum to brid