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I'm a 1PDC 2013 Winner!

Awesome news! My last minute One Page Dungeon Contest entry won a prize! I took the "Best Non-Traditional Map" category. And here I was thinking that no way in hell would anyone take this little gonzo scenario seriously. You can grab a copy of it here: The Wizard in the Woods is Up to Something (Maybe) Be sure to check out the list of other winners at the One Page Dungeon Contest page !

YouTube Finds. . .

Doing a little searching on YouTube and found some gems. Don't know how long these will last (title links go to Wikipedia entries): Hawk the Slayer Wizards Fire & Ice (sorry, can't embed) Starcrash Cherry 2000 The Master (aka Three Evil Masters) Jabberwocky The Dungeonmaster The Hobgoblin (Quest for the Mighty Sword) (okay, this isn't a gem!)

Weekend Bookface, Part 2

Bookface (again)! The Gold Standard from the Dragonsfoot forums . Labyrinths of Madness by Gavin Norman of City of Iron . Dungeons & Dragons Variant Edition , by Don Jolly. Be sure to check out his little games Gax & Vox, too! And his book, The Flapjack Canyon , free in PDF from . Options for Swords &Wizardry Complete: Psionics , by Cameron DuBeers . Also, be sure to check out his module There's Something Rotten in Riverton , which I can't get to print in booklet form. The Cave of Nanoc , by Dylan Hartwell . Blood Ceremony of the Voivode , by Ben Djarum .

Weekend Bookface, Part 1

Bookface! Space-Age Sorcery has been updated! Go grab version 1.5! Tarnhelm's Terrible Tome: House Rules for 0e Games from . Lord Gwydion's Beast of the Week Collection , by Dennis Laffey . An oldie but a goodie: The Concordance of the Order of the d30 . Finally printed this sucker out.

Friday Bookface

Mail call! CRAWLzine #7 ! Awesome stuff from Rev. Dak. Also, be sure to check out the web extra ! Christian Walker is back in action with two new one-sheet zines! First up is Shudde M'ell Confidential , for Call of Cthulhu. He's got two issue out so far, and a Pinterest board with extra content (beats the hell out of the usual use of Pinterest, which is fashion and food and mommy advice. Also, best line in #2: "Starlets do not fight. They have people for that." Precious, baby, precious! This next one from Christian is I Want to Live in Los Angeles , which explores a modern setting for Basic Fantasy Role Playing. And check this out: I can write off my long reach stapler as a legitimate business expense: My Creative Writing students made a zine as one of their final products. I only made enough copies for the class. Here's the back cover: Also, the background for future Bookface installments will soon change. I'm moving offices

Hot Damn, Just Go Read This.

This post has nothing to do with RPGs. Just go read this. If you can get through it without getting a lump in your throat, you aren't alive. This is one of the best profiles I've read in a long time. Seriously, click on that link and read the whole damn thing.

Announcement: Conan Contest Winner!

The Conan Contest was held during March and early April, with the winner promised a funked-up copy of this book: The contest garned two entries: The Cave of Nanoc by Dylan Hartwell aka Digital Orc The Cave of Nanoc is a Labyrinth Lord-compatible one-shot adventure ripe with Conan references throughout, both to Ahh-nold's film version and the stories of REH. The main action has the hero donning a pair of boots that lets a PC walk upside down on the ceiling and then sends the party into a cave to battle dangerous Nanoc bats, poisonous scorpion-like Climbers, and a seductive sorceress who hides a bowel-cleansing secret (no, not the secret to bowel-cleansing, but . . . oh, nevermind). While the scenario comes off a bit jokey on first read, this truly has the potential for an early TPK if the players don't make wise decisions early on. Bathhouse of Blood by Tedankhamen, aka Ted Bonnah . Bathhouse of Blood is a Swords & Wizardry / Age of Conan adventure for 3-6

Blogger Troubles

I haven't even logged into Blogger or checked this blog since the first week of May, as I was knee-deep into final exam preps and now I am neck-deep in exam week and exam grading. Needless to say, I'm a bit overwhelmed at the moment. AND now I find out that Blogger decided to eat a post I had scheduled to appear on May 3rd that announced the winner of the Conan Contest. Harrumph! Check back soon for the announcement. Also, I made this: It's a map connecting all of the sample dungeons from TSR-era D&D, from the original edition to The Classic Game of Dungeons & Dragons. You can grab a PDF here .

Petty Foods of the Petty Gods and Other Updates

We now have 39 entries of Petty Foods . I'd love to get this up in the 50 to 60 range so we could have a 2d24 or a d66 (2 d6, one of them rolled for the tens place) chart. See here for submission requirements. I'm also working on finishing up a few more Petty Gods assignments. Also, I left this little list of drinks as a comment on Tenkar's 3000th post: Tenkar's Tavern Drafts du Jour: Brown Muskrat Elven Ale : imparts 1d6 INT for the same 1d6 days. 15 sp. St. Clovis Ignatius Honey Mustard Stout : beloved by dwarves, 1 pint provides 2d8 days raucous farts. 10sp. Barleycorn's Hayseed Light Pilsner : Drink 1 pint, produce 2 pints potable water when you pee! 25sp.   Harpy Queen Molasses Porter : makes even the mop an attractive option for an evening's entertainment! 25 cp (usually avoided by demi-humans, but a favorite of orcs and half-orcs). Fingo Fissselsnap's Whiteapple Maibock : Lightly flavored with ginger for extra zing, provides a +2 to CON