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Look What Came in the Mail Last Week!

I tried to line this up so I looked a bit like Skeletor .   The Manor #3 , by the most excellent Tim Shorts . I will honestly say I do not remember ordering this, so either I have a faulty memory, Tim made a mistake, or Tim comped me an issue. At any rate, this is a most excellent issue. The Mine of Rot & Disease is a great low-level one-shot adventure for Swords & Wizardry that focuses on a small villlage and the strange goings on in a local mine. I dig the old school aesthetic of the art. Here's what I mean: Beware the Legless Skeleton of Death! There is also a nice write-up of a Goblin NPC merchant & his wares, and another article detailing a new class for John Stater's Blood & Treasure RPG . For a great in-depth review, go over here to Tenkar's Tavern or here, to Tabletop Diversions . Why lookee here! It's CRAWL!zine #6 ! This issue is devoted to new Character Classes for the DCC RPG.  You get complete write-ups for the Bard,

Bookface Returns!

Greg Gorgonmilk made some wicked-ass covers for a bunch of PDFs , so I made some more booklets! Beyond the Black Gate 2010 Blog Compendium Hack & Slash's Psionics Booklet Philotomy's Musings Gorgonmilk's Lovecraftian Supplement

Need a Random Table of Stuff Found in a Biology Lab After the Apocalypse?

Reddit has you covered. You're welcome. 105 Things Found in a Biology Lab After the Apocalypse  (a cut-and-paste dump from the above link) 1. Dull, Rusty Scalpel Why don't you just replace the blade? There are a ton of fresh blades in the box right next to it. Oh, right, because all of your lab members have never been able to get this fucking thing to work, and last time you tried you wound up nearly slicing the top of your thumb off. You're terrified of even trying again. Maybe you should take your chances with a single-edge razor instead. 2. Rusted, Bent, Misshapen Dissecting Needle This thing is probably older than you are. There are at least ten of them in the lab and they all look like they're been through a woodchipper. Why is that? And how the hell did the handle get charred that badly? You guess it is serviceable enough for the task you have to do. You just feel bad when you use it since it clearly has wanted to be put out of its misery for t