Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WTF Internet Archive!?!

EDIT #4: Folks, you might also want to take a gander at all my posts on this by clicking here.

An eagle-eyed poster on the ODD74 forums spotted an interesting find on the Internet Archive: all 19 issues of Ares Magazine.

After some digging on the site, I also found the archives of the following:

Dragon - 384 issues!

Polyhedron - 145 issues!

The Space-Gamer - 75 issues!

EDIT: above links removed, as these are no longer available for public access.

In the non-gaming category we have:

CRAZY, Marvel's attempt at a Mad Magazine knock-off - 91 issues!

Galaxy Magazine, the classic magazine of American science fiction - 104 issues!

Starlog Magazine - 208 issues!

Holy crap! How can these even be legal?

Edit 1: Some of these files have been siting on the archive for about a month and a half. Check out the "this just in" box at the bottom of the Polyhedron link above for example.

Is this the work of a pirate, uploading a torrent to the site? I don't know. Many of the files are available in PDF, OCRed PDF, epub, and other formats. This kinda look official, but also kinda doesn't. What do you think?

Edit 2: Obviously, if these links turn out to be illegal and the files are removed from the Internet Archive, I will remove these links and the links on any subsequent post about these magazines, as I do not want to link to pirated material.

That said, the Internet Archive is recognized as a non-profit library by the state of California and is a member of the American Library Association, so these materials might be perfectly legal.

Edit 3: According to the XML files located in each of the directories for the individual files, these were uploaded by someone using the email address "".

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

All Hail Cris Creel! An Update on Community Project #2

Lads & ladies, thanks to the superhuman efforts of Cris Creel, there are only three rooms lefts to fill for Community Project #2: The Young Green Dragon Over the Next Hill!

Rooms 18, 19, & 22 await your descriptions. Let's give Cris a break. Hey Gorgonmilk & McCauley--I'm looking at you!

EDIT: And Gorgonmilk cuts it down to 2 empty rooms! Almost there!


Monday, January 28, 2013 I don't need no stinking!

Doc's Holmes Campaign Setting, from here, formatted as a booklet by Greyharp, here. What looks like a digest of the Holmes rules is actually Nicoló Maioli's Dungeon Master Reference Sheets for the Holmes edition, which you can also find at Greyharp's site. The cover can also be found there.

Oedipussy Rex's Sorcerer Character Has Warrior Adventure, from this thread on You can also find a support forum here:

First, a fan-edit compilation of two Len Lakofka articles from the dipzine Liaisons Dangereuses, simply called Liaisons Dangereuses.  Included here are a specialist class called the Pyrologist (or Fire-User) and an article on Dwarves & Hobbits & Magic. The other booklet, The Pyrologist, is a fan-edit only containing only the pyrologist class. The orginal articles can be found in issues #74 & #76 of Liaisons Dangereuses.

Sadly, neither PDF is currently available online, as the links I had saved for them are 404ed.

 Jason Vey's Forbidden Lore and Doc's Warriors of Mars, both from here.

Jason Vey's The Age of Conan and The Age of Conan: Secrets of Archeron, both from here.

And finally . . .

A fan-edit of Dave Arneson's The Temple of the Frog. The PDF is, sadly, no longer available.

To be fair, I did download B1: In Search of the Unknown from but only because it was free. I own two beat up paper copies.

Also, apparently, I need to proofread before posting . . .

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Okay, I'm Done For Today

Jack Shear's 13 Flavors of Fear, here. The World of Thundarr the Barbarian sourcebook, from The Savage Afterworld, here.

(Okay, technically these aren't meant to be booklets, as the typefaces in both are almost too small to read when printed like this. But I couldn't resist.)

Delving Deeper Free No-Art Version

Delving Deeper Reference Rules, no-art version, by Immersive Ink.  Free, from One Bookshelf outlets, like

Two From Tsojcanth

Burgs & Bailiffs, released today, here. Transcription of the Lost Pages: Supplemental Rules here.

You Definitely Want These in Your RPG Toolkit

Challenge of the Frog Idol, by Dyson Logos, here. The Freecity of Haldane by Christian Walker, from my archive, here.

Jeff's Booklets in Booklet Form

Grab Ye Olde Book of Spells here. Cover for The Miscellaneum of Cinder here. The free version of the Miscellaneum itself is part of the OSR Conservation Project.

I Finally Got Around to Making These

I love, love, love Encounter Critical. The Opponent Opuscule can be found here.