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Free Pirate Resources for Your Game

First, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Merry New Year and all that jazz. Second, over at the Piazza's 3e forums, Nate Christen announced that in celebration of the third anniversary of his d20 Pirates blog , he's compiled all three years of posts into three PDFs for download . Although created for 3e, these adventures, encounters, and assorted resources are worth idea mining for any RPG. I heartily encourage you to visit his blog and download these bad boys. And here are direct links to his downloads: D20 Pirates Blog 2009-10.pdf D20 Pirates Blog 2011.pdf D20 Pirates Blog 2012.pdf Character Sheet Addendum.pdf Stop by Nate's blog and say thanks!

A Question for All You Booklet Makers

Okay you guys out in DIY OSR land: which long reach stapler do you recommend for booklet making? I'm finally getting around to printing out a lot of PDFs into table-ready booklets and want to staple these bad boys. And maybe I have a special project or two up my sleeve, too. So, which stapler do you recommend? EDIT: Okay, so Geoffrey recommends this one: But then take a look at these: Which one would you get?

A New Zine Has Appeared

DwD Studios has released a new zine, Decahedron Magazine , for their BareBones Fantasy RPG . Not to be confused with Dyson's Dodecahedron , DwD's Decahedron features material from a handful of fans and from the creators of the BBFRPG, Bill Logan and Larry Moore. What do you get? A totally random d100 table with no theme beyond "description" that is a nice thought exercise but otherwise totally useless in play, a new spell, a few house rules, a creature, and a character race. In other words, a mixed bag. But. . . But what really makes this zine worth downloading is a sweet little island-based adventure by Matt Jackson , "Cavern of Kul'Thoru", which centers on a hydra lair replete with lizardman underlings. Matt provides a few story hooks to make the game suitable for any campaign, too. Those of you familar with Matt's work on his own zine, Lapsus Calumni , and his series of Moleskine Maps won't be disappointed. And those just discovering

Updates to The YGDOtNH

The ever creative Chris Cree l has fleshed out areas 11 through 16 of Community Project #2: The Young Green Dragon Over the Next Hill . Areas 18 through 22 and areas 29 through 45 still need some love. Come on by and fill in those blanks! Once my semester is over and winter breaks begins, I hope to get to my backlog of PDFerizing projects' most notably, the first community project and the first issue of RENT ASUNDER! need to be finished. My goal is to get both of these out before the new year.

I Have Found the Rock Anthem for the OSR!

Lads & Ladies, I present to you "Dungeon Hustle" by Mississippi Bones: "Dungeon Hustle" by Mississippi Bones Bring on your goblin hordes and band of orcs, hulking zombies and kobolds. No gnoll or troll gonna slow me down oh no. Dodecalicious ever vicious. Oh so many possibilities when I swing. Armor class won’t mean a thing 'cause again and again, every time my friend the outcomes always the same. I roll the die of 20 sides and cleave your ass in twain. Because I’m rolling 20s like a 68 Impala. AC doesn’t matter, critical damage from my war hammer. I throw the big 2-0 against every single foe and they’re crushed by the force of my mighty blow. I lay em low, yeah I lay em low. There’s a bugbear down there, I ain’t scared. Gelatinous cube, split in two, reduced to ooze, I can’t lose. Go ahead, boy, make your move, 'cause you're all fodder for the slaughter, Don’t need no modifier to compensate. It’s too late, icosahedrons