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Dungeons & Dragons Supplement V: Playboys & Bunnies

James Mishler said it a few days ago . About this . So I pulled all the images into a PDF . You're welcome.

*this post contains 100% shameless self-promotion

I was one of the winners of Trey's Weird Adventures contest! Awesome. I did not expect this. I struggled to come up with something, and was inspired at the last minute with a gonzo idea . I knew there would be a lot of creative adventure seeds submitted (I read all your blogs!), and from the brief descriptions of a few entries Trey offers, it sounds like the judges had a tough time coming to a decision. I was surprised my entry was selected as a winner because it is just so far out there. I mean, giant pygmy pigeon golems made of bird poop? That has "winner" written all over it, right? Right?!? Yeah. I'm looking forward to the eventual publication of the Weird Adventures Companion , whenever that might be!

Turn Any Web Page Into an .epub or .mobi File!

So, remember when I stumbled across the little button that will turn any web page into a PDF? Today I've got another neat little trick for you along the same lines. Here's a web service with a browser button that will turn any web page into an epub file suitable for reading with iBooks or on the Nook OR a mobi file for reading on your Kindle. Be sure to read the directions (mostly in the green boxes on that web page) to learn how to install it on your bookmark bar or directly on your blog. I'm not going to add this to the blog right now, however, as I don't want to add anymore cruft. Instead, I keep this in my bookmark bar and use it to turn articles and posts into files for later off-line reading--for example, the short stories posted on . Still, I thought it was worth sharing.

Another 1981 Flashback!

Back in January, I posted two files by WEBMikey that were assembled from images posted on his Flickr account . Lads & Ladies, today I have another treat from WEBMikey's photostream! Today, I give you a file compiled from another of his photosets : The Golden Scepter of the Trollfens & Other Miscellaneous Juvenilia Written when the author was in 7th grade, this is full of DIY goodness, including some great sketches and NPC lists. Most of the module is here, along with several pages of unrelated hand-drawn maps, new monsters, and some great monster sketches. Be sure to check out that centaur! This PDF is image-only, and weighs in at around 30MB. I took the original file scans posted by WEBMikey, pulled them into a PDF, and then compressed the PDF to 150dpi. This should be good enough to read on screen. Enjoy! And if you do enjoy stuff like this from back in the day when our hobby was enjoying its largest growth spurt, be sure to check out the THE HABITITION OF TH

Goodbye, Old Friend & Resource

Looks like Huge Ruined Pile has been hijacked by a blog spammer (and really, you shouldn't click that link). Sigh. Another good blog with lots of resources has disappeared into the electronic ether. The good news? Scott had moved his blog to awhile back. Still, the old posts will be missed.

I Got Your Swingin' Bachelor Pad Right Here

So you're playing Top Secret or Marvel Super Heroes or Mystery Men! or Villans and Vigilantes or ICONS and you need a bad-ass bachelor pad for your suave master spy, playboy secret identity, or lecherous evil villian. I got you covered: This is a scan from a 1961 or 1962 issue of Playboy . I don't know which issue; I just stumbled across this link. Dig that cross-section! And the text describes the pad enough that it's almost playable right off the page. Add some treasures, hidden weapons, a secret passage or two and you are good to go. BONUS LINK! Here's a site that provides a virtual fly-through of the house!

An Old School Kickstarter We Should All Support

GREAT GOOGLY-MOOGLY! THE HABITITION OF THE STONE GIANT KICKSTARTER!!! The fine folks at PlaGMaDA-- The Play Generated Map & Document Archive --are running this campaign to raise funds of a book collecting homebrewed adventures from back in the day. Although I host both PDF and CBZ versions of Habitition of the Stone Giant on the downloads page , I am not affiliated with this Kickstarter in any way. I heartily encourage you to sign up and back this awesome project!

Scooby, Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?

This morning, Dave over at The OSR Library posted a fantastic write up of a Scooby-Doo adventure for Savage Worlds. This baby has it all--a spooky mansion, Old Man Smithers, zombies, and pre-gens of the Scooby Gang and write-up for the Mystery Machine. And he even has a playlog of his first run through. Go check it out! I liked it so much I threw the adventure minus the playlog into a Google Doc. You can view it and download it here . If Dave asks me to yank it, I will.

Three Videos You Must Watch

1. Knights of Cydonia, by Muse: 2. Roland, I Feel You, by Get Well Soon: 3. Italian Spiderman, by Alrugo Entertainment: *props to S.P. at How to Succeed in RPGs or Die Trying for links to the first two.

My entry in Trey's Weird Adventures contest

Trey over at From the Sorcerer's Skull is running an adventure seed contest that ends today. Here is my entry: Flesh-eating Golems of the Pigeon King The roofs are alive with the sound of screaming! The Set-up: In a shabby part of the city, the PCs are startled to see a small child carried off into the sky by a flock of birds. The child's hysterical parent begs for help. As the PCs investigate, they find that a deranged association of pigeon fanciers have built a series of interconnected pigeon lofts, perches, and flypens on the rooftops of an entire block in order to house a bizarre creation: Pygmy Pouter Golem Pigeons . Crafted from dung and magic, the flock feeds on the flesh of children during unspeakable worship ceremonies. Vera Cruz, the city's Building Inspektor, has been trying to take down the Underground Association of Pigeon Enthusiasts for the past six months. She has a Code Enforcer on the inside under deep cover. If the PCs cross Cruz or blow her a

Things I'm Working on When I Have Time to Work on Them

You know what's still unfinished? THIS. Please add your cool shit to this community project. I'll be adding some later today this weekend. Let's see if we can get this done over the weekend. The Book of Lairs III and IV . Yes, these are the top priority. 2 years overdue. Man. . . The OSR BLOGOSPHERE MONSTER PROJECT . The file is complete. I just need to edit it, organize stuff, etc. I haven't forgotten it. A compendium of all the cool shit I've posted on the blog--tables, magic items, etc. In progress. . . THE ZINE . I've got all the content, I just need to put it all together. Let's just call this one delayed a bit. I was hoping to have it ready as a sort of a "back to school special" but it looks like it'll be a Halloween special at this point. I had this weird dream about a swamp-themed adventure/encounter/module/sandbox. It had something to do with an evil wizard in his tower enslaving frog people who worship a giant

A Little Something For YOU.

The Great Khan is having a One-Page Dungeon Contest . The theme is "vikings". Here is my entry: click to embiggen You can grab a PDF of this thing here .

Best DM Screen EVAR!

Go here:

Zandor, Tara, Dorno!

Oh, Sniderman's Thundarr supplement for Mutant Future is cool & all (as are his con modules ), but I also like the original mutated future cartoon heroes: The Herculoids ! So does Tim Hartin of Paratime Design . And you can find his write-ups of most major and minor characters and creatures on his website by clicking right here . You're welcome!