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You MUST Check Out This Blog!

GO NOW and check out the illustrations at this blog:

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Note: Removing Some Files From My Dropbox!

EDIT: The files have now been removed. Back in March, I made around 500MB of fan-created campaign materials available for download via my Dropbox account. At the time, I said I would leave those files available for a week or so. And then I promptly forgot about them. Until now. I'll be removing the files this weekend. I've had them up for a while, so if there's anything you want to grab, get it before Friday, August 31. Here's the link: Big Honking Archive of Free, Fan-created Campaign Material Of course, if you join Dropbox via this referral link , and then install and set-up the Dropbox program on your computer and/or smartphone or tablet, you can increase my storage space so I don't have to take this offline . . .

Awesome New Tool at

Go check out the Hex Map & Gazette r Generator at With a click of a button you get a hex map and location list of major points of interest! This makes for an awesome prep tool, or a creative aid to get your campaign creation juices flowing. Here's the output from my first click of the button. Note that I didn't write a lick of what follows between the horizontal rules—it's all generated. click to embiggen An old battlefield, a major conflict once occurred at this site. The site is haunted by the spirits of the fallen. A ford provides safe crossing here. A toll of 11cp must be paid to cross. Erestir is ruled by Lord Ighammo the Broad-backed, who consorts with a Copper Dragon whom the populace adore. Roughly half of the population is devoutly neutral, with the remainder vigorously opposing this philosophy. Predominantly human, dwarves make up only 4% of the population. The city is fearful, due to the turf wars between a larg

How to Make a Bunch of d6s

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Download Links Fixed

I have finally updated all the download links on past posts to point to files in my Dropbox account. I've also updated the downloads page . If you come across a broken download link, let me know and I'll try to fix it.

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I'm so glad all you OSR bloggers are back from GenCon. My RSS feeds are once again populated with cool stuff to read.

RPG Zine Update/Roundup!

A few new zines I've discovered in the past month or so: & . The names Dungeon and Dragon were taken, so what was left? I'm unsure if this name is pronounced "and" or "ampersand", but either way it's worth checking out. Frontier Explorer , which focuses on Star Frontiers . Star Frontiers is still my favorite old school space ruleset from back in the day. Yes, even over Traveller. A Letter from Los Angeles ,  a new one-sheet zine from Christian Walker that focuses on "a pair of friends who served together in Viet Nam and have remained close. They cruise around in a pimped out 1977 Dodge van, breaking hearts and slaying monsters." The Planewalker's Codex . I never understood Planescape, but evidently a lot of people do. And they've churned out a really cool zine, too. PocketTroll , a new microzine for Tunnels & Trolls . Psychedelic Fantasies , a new zine/module thingy from Geoffrey McKinney, the mad genius behind th

My Mailbox Overfloweth!

Behold the Paper Hydra! Top row, left to right: Wizards Mutants Laser Pistols #2 A Letter from Los Angeles #1 Psychedelic Fantasies #1 Bottom row, left to right: DELVE! #1 The Manor #2 CRAWL! #3 The Veiled Invocation LOVIATAR #12 Now I have enough gaming-related reading material for the month! Thank you, OSR!

What is this GenCon whereof you speak?

I'm not at GenCon. In fact, I've never been to GenCon. I'd like to go, but alas, our budget does not allow it. So, I am going to resort to some begging. illustration via Sarah's Portrait Sketches Mr. Snookums requests that you pick up some extra OSR-related swag and mail it to me for him. Pretty please?

Human Powered Trebuchet

video via Would one of these change the dynamic of your campaign?

WARNING: Wil Wheaton Photo Enclosed

Wil Wheaton says you aren't a real DM until you have a d20 Fez. image via   Go get your d20 Fez here!


After closing the file yesterday around 6:30 pm CST, I did a final tally and we have 54 creatures in the project compendium! Excellent! Over the next couple of weeks or so, I'll work on organizing these in alphabetical order, cleaning up typos, normalizing fonts, etc. and making a useable PDF for download. Until then, you can still view and download the raw file that everyone contributed to here: OSR OGL BLOGOSPHERE MONSTERS PROJECT . I'm no layout wizard (I use Pages on the Mac for most of the PDFS I turn out), so don't expect something as fantastic looking as Secret Santicore . It'll be more on the level of the Hamsterish Hoard of Monsters or the Mikeez Wurld Hackmaster Monster files hosted on the download page : readable & workable. I just realized I need to move that Hackmaster file to my Dropbox account--I'll change the link when that gets done. I'm on a library computer now and can't remember my Dropbox password! . Done! And don&#