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OSR D&D Haiku #1

moonlight black pudding shimmers sweet sweet death

National Haiku Writing Month

February 1 marks the start of National Haiku Writing Month. Despite what you might have learned in school, haiku DO NOT have a 5-7-5 pattern —sorry, that was bad translating way back in the late 1800s. In honor of this NaHaiWriMo, I will attempt to write a D&D-ish haiku for every day of the month. This might not mean daily posting, but I'll try to get 29 of these little suckers done. You can find them under the label NaHaiWriMo12 .

My Favorite Game Console

Saw this image over at Daniel Solis's blog. He's a graphic designer and a game designer who focuses on story games. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Still, if you like the image, you can buy a shirt from him here .

Drafts on Tap in Process

Over at Gorgonmilk's new pad , we finished another community project: The d20 Table of Weird Drafts , also known as D20 Drafts on tap at the Sign of the Wrinkled Tit . Since the table is done, I'll be pulling everything into a PDF soon. In the meantime, here's a link to a little gallery of beer labels I pulled together in honor of the project. These will make their way into the PDF, too. EDIT: Here's a sample! EDIT 2: Most of these lables were made with the excellent Beer Labelizer and Jam Labelizer . A few were made with EDIT 3: This project is now complete!

And the 1981 Flashback Continues!

From a link in the comments on BoingBoing , I bring you Michael M. Hugh's homebrew module from his childhood: The Catacombs of He Who Never Sleeps.pdf This was originally posted on his blog ( ), in this post right here . The above link is hosted via my Dropbox account with his kind permission.

Even More Goodness from 1981!

WEBMikey has been kind enough to let me assemble two PDFs from images posted on his Flickr account . Lads & Ladies, I give you: Mini Module M1 - The Maze of Death.pdf Mini Module M2 - The Priest of Evil.pdf Both written when the author was in 7th grade, these are just full of the DIY goodness that only the fevered mind of a 13-year-old D&D fan can create. Both of these PDFs are image-only. I took the original file scans posted by WEBMikey, pulled them into a PDF, and then compressed the PDF to 150dpi. This should be good enough to read on screen. Enjoy!

PlaGMaDA hosts Fan Module from 1981!

Did you guys see this on BoingBoing ? The module in question is hosted on PlaGMaDA . Yeah, well, I pulled the images into PDF and CBZ (comic book zip) formats. You're welcome. (Üdvözlet, kedves magyar barátaim!) I hope Google Translate got this right.

Vermin Supreme

I think I just found the perfect model for the next wizard I run.

A to Z Blogging Challenge Compilation

In April of last year, I tried my hand at the A to Z Blogging Challenge. At that time, I mentioned my plan to pull everything into a PDF and post it on this page. And I finally have. Enjoy the Tome of Silly Verse ! You might need a unicorn chaser after reading this. Try here .

Eldritch Spell Attempt Cthulhu Die Table

Inspired by Greg Gorgonmilk's latest community project on Wizard Madeness , I came up with the following table which I've posted as a PDF via Dropbox . You'll need a Cthulhu Die . The images are blatantly borrowed from this rules variant at Enjoy! Eldritch Spell Attempt Cthulhu Die Table

SOPA/PIPA Blackout

As some visitors have noticed, Rended Press is participating in the Internet protest against the SOPA/PIPA bills that are being considered by the United States Congress. The proposed laws are fatally flawed (which is what happens when you let the lobbyists who line campaign coffers write the laws). These proposed laws would fundamentally change the technology that runs the Internet and have long term, chilling effects on free speech by granting Orwellian-levels of control and power to nameless, faceless bureaucrats while suspending the right of due process afforded citizens by the Constitution and established laws of the United States of America. These bills are bad laws and are backed by the entertainment industry. Instead of changing their business models and innovating their way to dealing with the sweeping technological changes of the past twenty years, the entertainment industry--led by Hollywood production companies, the MPAA, the RIAA, and other producers of mass-produced corp

A Word About the Announcement About the Announcement of the Announced Development of Dungeons & Dragons 5E

Why do I need WotC when I have the OSR?


Under the Moons of Mars: New Adventures on Barsoom edited by John Joseph Adams

OSR Conservation Process

Have you heard about the OSR Conservation Process ? I've added many Rended Press releases to the site.

Pulp Inspiration

If you like your RPGs with plenty of weird pulp, you definitely need to check out this site for a wealth of inspirational material: Zapato Productions Intradimensional Be sure to chip in a few bucks to help save the Endangered Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus from extinction!