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I'm a Winner!

. . . of NaNoWriMo, that is. Using a random string generator called JanusNode , I clobbered together a 52,185 word opus that makes no sense whatsoever. In fact, it isn't really a "novel" at all. But it's a book. A strange book, divided into sections based on The Hero's Journey . But it's designed to be nothing more than language without meaning. Think of it as words vomited on a page. In fact, before downloading, make a Save vs. Insanity. Seriously. Don't even download this if you are thinking that things need to make sense. Gosh it feels good to be a Winner. But I'd rather be an Achiever . Conversurrealizations.PDF

Attention Folks Who Use the Google "Friend Connect" Widget

I just read that Google is shutting down several of its non-core services, and one of those is Friend Connect -- the little "Join this Site" widget that many of us use to keep track of RPG/OSR blogs. It seems Google is trying to funnel even more users to Google+. I'm not going to be one of them. When Google kills Friend Connect, I'll follow your blog via good old RSS--even though Google made Google Reader as ugly as hell, too.

Update to The Goblin Market PDF

I've tweaked some punctuation, spelling, and formatting errors in The Goblin Market pdf. The file is at the same link: The Goblin Market PDF

Old School Heretic's Motivational Dysfunctions

Looks like today is a 2-fer! Here is another PDF, this time from Old School Heretic : Old School Heretic's Motivational Dysfunctions

The Goblin Market

Back in August, Greg over at Gorgonmilk sponsored another community project that quickly spiraled into realms of fantastic weirdness: Stuff You Might Find at the Goblin Market . This soon became a series of three treasure tables. Herewith, in handy PDF format, is the result of those posts: The Goblin Market

Iron Chef Adventure Challenge!

The gauntlet was thrown by Mike Monaco over at Swords & Dorkery : design an encounter/adventure/scenario using at least half of the cards in a pack of TSR 1992 AD&D Collector Cards. He managed to round up some folks to contribute prizes, and Mike was even kind enough to mail contestants a pack of cards from his own stash at his own expense. Once I opened the card pack and saw what I had to work with, I grabbed this map by Tim Hartin over at Paratime Design and got to work. Well, not really. I let the cards and map and preliminary notes sit on my desk for almost a month while I doodled out ideas on a notepad. And then this past Monday (which happened to be my 41st birthday), I decided to chuck all my brainstorming and pre-writing and mindless mulling and just start writing and see what happened. In short, I pulled this out of my ass at the last minute. So, what did Mike get from me for his $1.71 mailing costs? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Everyone's Grumpy

New Issue of Infinite Stars

A new issue of Infinite Stars , the Stars Without Numnbers fanzine, has been released. Go check it out!